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Posted by PaDevsFan on 31 May 2012 - 07:34 AM

One OT loss and now the team is slacking and needs a kick in the butt?

Really. . . While we had several players not show up tonight this game was there for the Devils to still win which realy tels me alot. the main thing being the Kings didnt look great either. . .

Fayne misses wide open net, Clarkson misses open net shoots over thegoal, etc. We had many opportunities to win this game even though being outplayed for several stretches. When the Devils decided to play a bit late in the second and early third the Kings had no answer. . .

Remember we lost game one to the Flyers and game 1 tot h Rags and were down 3 - 2 to Florida. LaST NIGHT DOES NOT SPELL gLOOM BY ANY STRETCH!!!
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#989743 Rooting Interests Thread

Posted by PaDevsFan on 11 February 2011 - 12:05 PM

I decided I want the Rangers to LOSE tonight. ... Big shocker there, right! :D
Sitting in the 7 spot by only three more points than the Canes, I figure maybe they can be pulled down into the scrum to get into the playoffs.
Plus they're the Rangers, and the Rangers suck. :evil:

Plus lets just look at it for a second. Buffalo is only 5 points behind the Rags for 7th and they have played I beleive 3 less games? I beleive Buffalo will get in they are playing pretty solid right now. That means Rags and Canes could be fighting for that # 8 and I beleive that Atlanta while they may win some games will eventually fall some more. That is why I am rooting for Atlanta tonight, drop the Rags even further...
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