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#1264777 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

Posted by mjdlight on 18 May 2014 - 02:16 PM

I can't stand bandwagon jumpers. They're not real sports fans. They're people who feel the need to latch on to something to make them feel cool, and whenever a team goes on a run, these idiots crawl out of the woodwork. If you don't have a true allegiance to the Rags, just shut your face and don't talk sh!t to me about sh!t- you 'aint a real fan. I don't ever give people like that the satisfaction.

As a Rangers fan, these people bother me just as much, if not more. If you haven't been through the years and years of Rangers futility, YOU HAVEN'T EARNED ANYTHING. :) 

I tell myself the bandwagon jumpers can't enjoy this as much as I can, because I lived through the Dark Days of Quintal, and Gusarov, and Brendl, and Muckler, and Pilon...and God, there are too many to list... 

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