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A Call For Kyydax

08 January 2003 - 03:14 PM

This is absurd. I know that Kyydax guy and while he can be a pain in the butt regarding Brodeur, to ban him and others because they don't tow the party line is a joke. Why would you want everybody to agree and have the same opinion? Where is the fun in that? "The Devils are great", "No man, the Devils are awesome!", "Man, I can't believe how great the Devils are.", "Wow, yeah you're right, the Devils are spectacular.", "Gionta is going to score 30+ goals", "Friesen will score 45 goals!", etc. Correct me if I'm wrong but people are free to use the 'Ignore' feature right? If someone doesn't want to read dissenting posts, they can ignore that particular poster. What is the point of the 'ignore' feature if posters are going to get kicked out because others don't like what they say?
I know I don't post much, but I read alot. And there were some posts that got erased that had no business getting erased. As far as Kydax is concerned, he endured the brunt of the name-calling simply because some fans did not agree with his honest, and in some instances, accurate assessments. I'm curious as to why the posters that instigated the name-calling with Kydax were not kicked off as well? Hmmmm?
It seems to me that he, and others that shared his view, were banned simply because they did not go along with the mainstream opinion of the board.
I've even seen a few instances where some board regulars have even called for Kydax to come back because they were sick of the same old same old rah-rah stuff.
Anyway, its just my opnion, but the board would be alot better for it if fans like Kydax were allowed to voice their opinions and if other fans that don't want to hear it, use the "ignore" feature, that's what it's there for. Also, the place is called "hell," which I thought implies a certain amount of free speech, for whatever that's worth. I thought it might be as open about language as the NY Times Devils board. Kyydax doesn't even use vulgarities or personally insulting language. I find it appalling, and I am certainly NOT Kyydax.

Honeymoon's Over

30 October 2002 - 09:56 AM

After 3 weeks (and only 8 games, in the Devils' case), the NHL ref's close calling of obstruction rules is over. If any of you, and I'm sure '7' wasn't, was at the game last night, you could see the checks away from the puck, the stick-holding, the hooking. Patrik Elias was hooked on his breakaway. It was disgraceful. Granted, the Devils went 0-5 on the PP, but they should have been awarded 5 more. Would they have scored? Who knows, but when you play every 3-5 days I guess the PP can get rusty.