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In Topic: Fraser files for salary arbitration again

05 July 2011 - 09:46 PM

Time and time again it's proven on this forum that new posters shouldn't be able to create threads until a certain amount of time passes so they can learn the way the forums work. SO many random threads now on the main page it's getting tough to keep track of all the different conversations

Chill out, bro

The main reason I, and im sure many other lurkers/people who dont post often, visit this webpage is so that I can easily view thread headlines exactly like this thread. Why does all Devils news have to be crammed into one mega thread making it tedious to sift through the garbage to view info like this? Thats primarily why pages like HFBOARDS are becoming worthless, because of giant offseason threads with over-used memes and unfunny inside jokes between message board bros.

News about a member of the Devils filing for arbitration, on a devils message board, is far from a random thread. Cant keep up with all the conversations? bookmark the threads, dont want to know about Frasers arbitration? dont click on the thread.