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In Topic: Aaron Voros

12 September 2006 - 03:15 AM

I'm completely familiar with Voros and he is exactly that; a completely non-descript, dime-a-dozen, journeyman. Ther are plenty of guys you can pull off the scrap heap that will give you exactly what Voros does. He's a five minute a night guy in the NHL, AT BEST. The problem is too many people have crushes on guys they see play in the minors and they think every forward from a terrible Albany team is going to be a good NHL player. It's pure fantasy.

...Your opinion

Mine? He's far from scrap heap. A Tikkannen/Leclair of sorts in the making.

Have you seen him anywhere but in Albany under Ftorek? You'll see. :ph34r:

A crush? No. Admiration and respect? You betcha!

In Topic: Aaron Voros

11 September 2006 - 03:23 AM

I've seen him play a few times for last 2 years. He started the year on fire then tailed off. Could never tell if he was in Ftoreks doghouse. Cause he played on everyones line, settling onb the 4th midway through the season. He has a decent shot, but most of his goals will be espo-esque. Hard to say what he'll do. But he plays his role pretty well.

He was, as you've mentioned, in Ftoreks dog house. But... with him gone I think we will see Aaron presented with the opportunities he wan't given last year. Aaron is a devoted team player and will sweat blood for someone he respects. I've seen him play since the little leagues. He has fire!

And to respond to the comments, "JAG (just a guy), completely non-descript winger that every organization has a number of. He'll probably be a career minor leaguer, maybe an NHL fourth line journeyman"...

... non-decript?? You obviously aren't too familiar with his play. Especially if you only know him for the few minutes a game Robbie would play him on most nights. A guy you hate to play against but would give anything to have on your team. No, he may not be 'the next one' or anything but he's character, defined. An attribute, along with his talents, every team wants.

Good luck in camp!!