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In Topic: Assorted Memorabilia w/Prices (post #7)

27 September 2013 - 05:22 AM

These prices are based on what I've sold similar items for so PM me with any further interest please.


Daneyko plaque - $20

Daneyko 95 lithograph - $30

Elias plaque - $30 (will fix nameplate)

Langenbruner - $40 (sold nearly identical Friesen for that much)

02-03 - there are 19 signatures so $5 each makes it $95 (not sure if I have a COA as this was a gift)

*05-06 - same as above makes it $55

*Team Signed Jersey - discuss via PM only

Neidermayer - not sure yet, have to ask my brother as it is not mine


*Possibly completing a deal for these two items on the weekend but if that falls through I'll let you all know.

In Topic: Assorted Memorabilia w/Prices (post #7)

21 September 2013 - 07:38 AM

The signed one or the Niedermayer?

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