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In Topic: What NHL forward is currently worth the 6th pick

Yesterday, 06:22 AM

There was some discussion over Twitter last night about how the Devils would be inclined to trade the 6th pick for a current NHL forward. While I don't believe there is an NHL forward that another team would trade for 6th that makes sense for NJ, I wanted to list any forward that I would consider trading #6 for knowing exactly the shape the Devils are in - namely that they are far from one forward away from being a successful team.


Here is a list of forwards that I think you could conceivably link to #6


Corey Perry - would. no chance he's traded NMC

Ryan Getzlaf - would. no chance he's traded NMC

Patrice Bergeron -  30 years old. 7 more years on his contract. no thanks.

Milan Lucic - even though this is Neely 2.0 and that's who runs the team and wants more guys like him, i suppose he'd be considered. one more year until UFA so can't even consider it.

David Krejci - intriguing - but gets expensive quickly. basically what the devils were hoping zajac would be.

Johnny Gaudreau - would. no chance. why would calgary do this?

Sean Monahan - would. no chance. why would calgary do this?

Eric Staal - expensive, older, UFA in a year. downward slope of his career - would be a mistake of epic proportions

Jordan Staal - overrated, not offensive enough - makes no sense.

Jeff Skinner - coming off a terrible year - devils don't need LW. not worth the gamble

Marian Hossa - very good player but a lot of miles already on him and wouldn't be enough on his own. also very expensive and has cap recapture on him if that matters.

Patrick Sharp - starting to slow down, older. screams of a team not realizing that they need to rebuild and thinks they're better than they are

Matt Duschene - would. don't know why Colorado would though

Ryan O'Reilly - i like him, but i think 6 is too much. the fact that he is unsigned after next year is also a big time flag.

Gabriel Landeskog - would. no chance Colorado would.

Nathan MacKinnon - would. no chance Colorado would.

Ryan Johansen - would. no chance Columbus would.

Tyler Seguin - would. no chance Dallas would.

Jamie Benn - would. no chance Dallas would.

Val Nichuskin - intriguing but would pass. not enough of a track record to know if it's worth the gamble.

Taylor Hall - probably would. but miles and injuries already on him worry me. i don't think edmonton will deal him.

Ryan Nugent Hopkins - would. who knows how edmonton is going to play this out.

Jordan Eberle - no. way overrated and would be the type of move that someone sees more than is there and gives too much for him.

Sasha Barkov - don't think FL would and I'm not convinced that it makes sense for either team at this point.

Jonathan Huberdeau - would. don't see why FL would.

Anze Kopitar - would. no chance. LA won't move him.

Jeff Carter - would, but wouldn't be happy about it because there's already age there and he's proven that when he's not happy, you don't want him.

Zach Parise. Ha. won't happen and wouldn't want it to.

Max Pachioretty - would. don't love adding another LW to the mix but he's very good and worth #6.

Alex Galchenyuk - not good enough for #6.

Filip Forsberg - would. no reason for Nashville to do this.

James Neal - would not. doesn't advance the ball enough for NJ to part with #6.

John Tavares - would. no chance he's traded

Kyle Okposo - i like him but not enough for #6.

Ryan Strome - would think about it but in the end, probably not enough for #6

Derek Steppan - would but why bother discussing.

Mika Zabinijad - no - hasn't proven that he's the real thing so why gamble #6 on this.

Claude Giroux - would but why bother discussing.

Jakob Voracek - would but why bother discussing.

Gino Malkin - would. will never happen

Sidney Crosby - would. will never happen

Patrick Hornqvist - not remotely enough for #6

Chris Kunitz - absolutely not. this would be a fireable offense.

Joe Thornton - no. too old. devils are too far away for his impact to really help

Patrick Marleau - no. looks like he is on decline.

Logan Couture - would. can't see SJ doing it.

Joe Pavelski - would but age frightens me.

Thomas Hertl - not fooled by rookie campaign. too risky.

Alexander Steen - too old and not fooled by last year's good year

David Backes - no. one more year until UFA. wrong side of 30

TJ Oshie - no. just not enough offense of out him on his own.

Jaden Schwartz - would. don't see why blues would though.

Vlad Tarasendko - would. don't see why blues would though.

Steven Stamkos - would. will never happen.

Jonathan Drouin - probably would but lack of shot totals scares me that he might not be a goal scorer in the NHL.

Phil Kessel - discussed ad nauseum. would not. expensive. would be the type of salary that could stop devils from doing other things eventually. saving grace is he's a RW who scores. Devils #1 priority.

James Van Reimsdyk - would rather it to Kessel but still not sure. borderline if I'd go with this. but he's another LW, the one thing the Devils do not have open roster spots for right now.

Nazim Kadri - not good enough for #6.

Tyler Bozak - see Chris Kunitz only worse.

Bo Horvat - i don't see that this is a move that makes sense at this point. wouldn't even know what to think of it.

Alex Ovechkin - would. will never happen

Nick Backstrom - would. will never happen.

Blake Wheeler - not nearly enough for #6




In a previous thread, Triumph stated that the Devils should not be trading this pick for a player and I have to agree. If they want to turn 6 into say, 8 and 38 from Columbus, I think you have to do that.


if toronto want to go into full tank mode and deal say, kessel (with retained salary) and JVR for #6 and gelinas, ok. but i just don't see it happening.

I think you are greatly over-valuing the 6th overall pick.  Looking quickly through your list, only guy I could see the Devils getting for the 6th is Kessel and a big part of that is because I think Toronto would love to rid themselves of his contract.  


Otherwise, unless any of those players are entering the last year of their contract and they are on a fairly bad team, I do not think they could  be had for the 6th pick.  Devils would have increase the package.

In Topic: 2014-2015 Around the league thread

23 April 2015 - 12:10 PM

Damn, was hoping Berube would get another year

I was hoping he would be their coach for the next 15 years!

In Topic: 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

23 April 2015 - 12:08 PM

Pens have seemed to slow the rags down all series, and they haven't blown the pens out at all at any time. So people to slow the truck when it comes to them going all the way when they seem to mentally struggle with the an injury ridden pens team as it is

The Rangers have not dominated as I expected, but the Pens have pretty much played an all-out defend game as if they were a soccer team.  They know if the game opens up they will get killed.  Rangers have still gotten it done.  Plus, Fleury is playing the best he has played in years.  Win this series first, and then I expect the next series to open up a bit.  

In Topic: 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

16 April 2015 - 12:15 PM

Great quote. More coaches need to have that mentality. I still don't get why someone from the Habs didn't plant the Queen in the fifth row last year. It's the playoffs. Eye for an eye. If the league doesn't take action, we take action. Atta boy Dave Cameron.

I guess you missed game 3 when Prust tried to decapitate Stepan?

In Topic: 2014-2015 Around the league thread

13 April 2015 - 09:00 AM

Buffalo fired Ted Nolan. @BuffaloSabres: NEWS: #Sabres GM Tim Murray today announced Coach Ted Nolan has been relieved of his duties as head coach.

Absolutely ridiculous.  As if there is a coach anywhere on the planet that could have done anything with that team.


Reminds me of when the Royals were terrible for so many years, yet fired managers.