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In Topic: Around the League 15-16 Edition

24 November 2015 - 04:41 PM

Eh. You play who's on your schedule. It's like Parcells says about your record. During the 9-game win streak, they were opportunistic cashing in on team's mistakes. NYR lead league in shooting percentage at almost 11.0 percent. They also aren't too good on Corsi/possession. There's room for improvement. Particularly from Stepan and Kreider. Neither of who have been consistent. McDonagh and Girardi have picked it up.


Regarding the Bolts, even minus 2/3 of the Triplets, Callahan, Paquette, Drouin, they still boast a great tandem in Hedman-Stralman. Also have checkers like Boyle who mixed it up with Hayes. And gritty guys like J.T. Brown. They know how to play them. Limit the stretch pass and stand up at the blue line. That makes it more difficult for their transition. Particularly Zuccarello. Funny aspect is it was winnable. Kreider got in for a break and had a penalty shot but shot it into Bishop. Moore tied it on a rare Stralman miscue. And they had a power play in the final 80 seconds. But just terrible execution from Stepan forcing a pass which handcuffed McDonagh. Brown made the perfect dish across to Filppula and bang. Game. Set. Match.


Rangers with 2 costly turnovers. Both in net. Yandle to Killorn who beat Hank from way out. Maybe he has his number. That's what they've been doing so far. Capitalizing on mistakes. Their next one is Saturday night at Florida. I bet their speed gives them problems. Luongo vs Lundqvist too. 

The Rangers strategy when it comes to offense is to make the extra pass(es) to set up for a higher percentage shot.  They do not simply fire at will on goal.  So, with that in mind, they are going to have less shots and shots attempted which will lower their Corsi.  As for possession, you have to look at that with a grain of salt.  They have trailed for only ~130 minutes this season, have led for over 300 minutes and more than 150 they have led by 2 or more.  While, they have only trailed by 2 or more for about 10 minutes.  Teams possession numbers tend to tank when they are up by 2 or more and tend to sky rocket when they are trailing by 2 or more.  So, put that all together, and it is not a surprise their possession numbers are not so hot.

In Topic: Around the League 15-16 Edition

13 October 2015 - 09:24 AM

Union members do the bidding of what union leadership demands, whether it affects their livelihood or not.  The point is that they are a motivated bunch while the Islanders fans are not.


Wang and co. agreed to pay for a brand new arena with the county and municipality chipping in a little to pay for the inevitable infrastructure improvements.  At this point it didn't even come up for this vote at this round (I believe this is in 2010) as Kate Murray nixed the idea from the beginning citing that it would take away from the "suburban feel" of Nassau county.  The next and final attempt Wang and co. made was where public money was used for the arena and that was shot down.


I stand by what I said that Islanders fans had a chance to get a brand new arena.  The voters decided to vote it down (more than once over the years) and their elected leaders also wanted nothing to do with it.  If the Islanders fans hated this much they could have galvanized their fanbase and either voted for the measure of vote out the politicians.  Neither happened so they reap what they sow.  Fine that you don't want to pay extra taxes.  I wouldn't want to either.  However, don't whine about what he end-result is.

I lived in Nassau County for 17 years and know all about Nassau politics.  The problem is voting these people out are easier said than done.  Kate Murray is the Supervisor for the Town of Hempstead, not everyone in Nassau can vote on her elections.  Murray is also a republican and Nassau County is a VERY Republican county.  People are not going to vote for a democrat because of her stance on the Islanders.  Only way she would lose to a democrat is if evidence was unearthed that implicated her in sending money to ISIS.  Also dealing with joint jurisdictions. The Town of Hempstead is part of Nassau County, but within the town, the Town is responsible for certain things and the County responsible (financially responsible) for others.  For example, The Town employs and is responsible for residential trash removal.  County hires and is responsible for the Police Department.  Some areas have their own police department, but nobody within the town of hempstead does.


Secondly, Nassau County has approximately 1.5 million people. Figure roughly 1 million voters?   How many do you think are Isles fans and of those how many do you think are big enough fans to actually make the effort to vote or drum up support for a new arena?  Not nearly enough.  When they had the last vote (might have been 2010, don't recall off the top of my head) I had read that only about 10% of eligible voters actually showed up.  Point is, it is not the Islanders fans who voted it down, it is everyone else.


As for unions, why do they vote how the union leaders tell them?  Because the union leaders convince them their livelihood depends on who is in office.  I'm part of a union, but rarely vote for whom they endorse.

In Topic: Around the League 15-16 Edition

13 October 2015 - 08:42 AM

No but the fanbase was not exactly galvanized either as their rallies often drew at best ho-hum support.


If unions can pack polls to tip the scales in races, so can Islanders fans like in the case of Kate Murray.

No, they can't.  Unions will do so because they feel their livelihood depends on who is voted in.  When it comes to tax dollars, only the most hardcore Isles fans are going to agree to any increase or base their vote on what a candidate will do with the Isles situation.  Most would rather have someone else (another municipality) build them an arena and then travel a little to the game. And, don't count on Nassau and Suffolk counties ever doing this as a joint project.

In Topic: Around the League 15-16 Edition

13 October 2015 - 08:39 AM

The difference now is that the team is good. You'd be surprised how that gets people out to the polls on these sorts of things.

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No, Wang's Lighthouse Project or fantasy did involve tax dollars and the resident of Nassau County will vote down anything that causes them to pay an extra dollar in taxes.  You should see the fights that happen over school budget votes.  

In Topic: Around the League 15-16 Edition

13 October 2015 - 08:36 AM

Let's all remember when we're talking about the already failed Barclays experiment that this building is in the biggest city on the continent. They'd be better served with the colosseum falling down on top of them. Or in Quebec. I read that 30% of ticket sales were coming from Nassau and Suffolk, which is even worse than I had anticipated.

As for the Devils attendance woes, where is the god damn marketing. Lou is gone. Billboards, events, promote this team. They're all we got, sell it.

I saw that article and I am not buying it at all.  Remember, they were quoting an Islanders rep.  I think the number is much higher and their bread and butter on weeknight games will be the Isles fan who lives in Nassua/Suffolk and works in Manhattan.  Will they be willing to take subway to Brooklyn and then LIRR home?  A friend's brother went Friday, said it was a mostly LI crowd based on the number of people on the LIRR after the game.