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In Topic: World Cup of Hockey

21 January 2015 - 01:11 PM

Every game? No.  Every game that I could?  Yes.  Did not just watch US, Canada, Sweden.  Do the same for the WJC.


My only complaint about the Olympics is the 3 pools and with the top-8 to the knock-out.  Would rather see two pools and the top-4 in each move on like the WJC does.  However, the went to the current format to cut down on the meaningless games, which I can understand.  


The whole premise of the World Cup was this was supposed to replace the Olympics as the premiere International Tournament.  Adding these 2 gimmick teams ruins it.  If they change the name like one Canadian journalist suggested is under consideration, that would be fine.  Still would not watch.  But this tournament will not be taken seriously by the fans or the media and eventually the players.  This is going to be a pre-season exhibition tourney. No different then if they chose 8 captains of different nationality and had them draft teams.  Could be fun, but really not many will care.

In Topic: World Cup of Hockey

21 January 2015 - 12:47 PM

I'd much rather see a team of young stars that has almost no chance then see an international team that has almost no chance of winning getting swept off the ice constantly.  It's going to be bad enough if the Czech Republic isn't allowed to pair up with Slovakia.  The point of this tournament is both to be a competition but also to make money, and again, no one wants to see Germany play Canada.  The Olympic format sucks, people just accept it because it's the Olympics.  This to me makes every game watchable.

The Olympic format sucks?   Haha, too funny.  Do the people on this site really buy into your B.S. or do they just nod their head in agreement while laughing at you behind your back?  

In Topic: World Cup of Hockey

21 January 2015 - 12:11 PM

So wait - you believe that if this tournament got rid of the Best Of The Rest team and the U23 team and instead went with Slovakia and Switzerland that the KHL would push back their season 3 weeks in order to accommodate this tournament, a tournament in which almost no KHL players would be playing in anyway?  Okay.


This isn't the NHL playoffs.  Stop making dumb comparisons.  It's a short tournament.  If there were 8 hockey nations, those 8 hockey nations would get in.


Your final point - Friedman just said in his column today that they're not sure what the protocol is.  To me it doesn't make sense to have it automatic, but again, the odds of that kind of final are quite remote and obviously Canada roots for the team that is entirely from Canada.

You obviously missed where I said, they would still send their best players. Just like the CHL sends players to the World Jrs, but still continues the league.  


Might as well choose 8 captain, all of different nationalities and let them draft a team. Crosby, Parise, Lundqvist, Rask, Jagr, Chara, Ovechkin, Kopitar.  Obviously, I am not the only person who realizes this is no longer a World Cup, but instead a pre-season exhibition tournament:


NHL exec also tells me NHL & NHLPA have contemplated changing World Cup of Hockey name b/c of young guns and Euro teams. Centennial Cup?

In Topic: World Cup of Hockey

21 January 2015 - 11:33 AM

It is not going to be great hockey.  It will be All-star games for a trophy.  Secondly, you can bet your ass Russia would send their best players.  Especially after the disaster at the Olympics.  They have a lot to prove and would want to show the KHL has top-level talent.  


IF run correctly, the hockey world cup would never match the soccer world cup as soccer is far more popular and played in more countries.  Hence why they can have a qualifying tourney.  How would they have a qualifying tourney for hockey?  Have the US play Mexico, Panama, and Brazil?  Give me a break.  I get it, you want to see Kopitar, but the whole concept is ridiculous. 


How ridiculous would it be for the NHL to change the play-off format to top-3 teams in the division get in, and then an all-star team of the bottom 5 gets the 4th seed?  Would make sure the best players are all in the play-offs.  This idea is just as bad.  


You do realize, if the Olympics did this, Crosby would not have played for Canada, he would have played for the NA Children's team, right?  Best player in the World can't play for his country.   Yes, the u23 team gets the player first.  Why?  No idea, but that is how it is set-up.  Now, suppose the final is Canada vs NA Children, and the NA Children are 75% Canadian.  Who do most Canadians root for?  

In Topic: World Cup of Hockey

21 January 2015 - 11:00 AM

World Jrs has 10 with 8 going to the knock-out.  Guess that is a waste?  Switzerland?  It would get exposure for their players and they have held their own even in games they lost.  Tell Russia they wouldn't have a chance by sending guys like Radulov, and Kovalchuck.  You give them a piece of the pie so they DO send their best players from their leagues.  Do you want this to be a best-on-best?  The Soccer World Cup has 32 teams.  More than half of which have absolutely no chance of winning it all.  Yet, they still all go.


Bottom line, by having a mixed team and a "young guns" team, it turns this into an exhibition and not something that is going to be taken seriously.  Might as well just name 8 captains and have them draft teams.  Going to make a farce of the tourney, so that Kopitar can play.  Ridiculous.