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In Topic: GDT: Washington @ Devils 7:00 PM

Today, 02:36 PM

There's really not much basis for saying this about Bernier. He's playing a fine game right now and to me is a perfectly capable 4th line RW.

Haha. You and I are simply destined to never agree on anything. I don't dislike Bernier as he tries. But he's not a positive net contribution guy much like Gionta.

In Topic: Who's worse than the Devils?

Today, 02:32 PM

Their back end is horrible. Phillips is sub-Salvadorian, Cowen is dreadful, Gryba is Helgeson in a different uniform, Borowiecki isn't good either. Karlsson's amazing in the offensive and neutral zones but I'm not sure how good he is in the defensive zone, either.

There is no eye test for goalies. The idea that there's a 'clear disconnect with the style and tempo defensively when he's on the ice' may as well just be saying 'He is giving up too many goals'.

It's more than that in terms of too many goals which is not something I'm pointing to here. It just looks like he and the defense aren't on the same page more often than not. Add in a slow and subpar forwards group and the defense isn't getting enough help too.

In Topic: Who's worse than the Devils?

Today, 01:25 PM

Great post.  Way to show all that evidence that Ottawa is better.  Here's why Ottawa is not better:


5 on 5 they're getting 44.2% of the shots, 2nd worst to Buffalo.  When tied that improves, but when the score is close, they're still 2nd to last.  Their discipline is actually better - NJ is -20 penalties, Ottawa is surprisingly 0 this year.  But they don't really have a good defenseman other than Karlsson, and several of their D are just plain awful.  Their forwards are not very good either - like NJ, they don't have a 1st line forward really, and they've got a lot of dreck playing too many minutes for them.  I don't trust Anderson to keep this up and Lehner is average.  I think Schneider is better than Anderson and if Kinkaid can be average, NJ is better going forward.


They're also in the midst of a coaching change.  I'd urge you to wait to see whether Cameron can refocus and improve that team.  I think he can.  They do have some talent up there on their forward corps.  


Their shot totals are admittedly not sufficient currently, but again, I believe that they have the talent to change that particular aspect.  I actually really like their forwards and their D while not that great is not that significantly worse than ours.  Last I checked we have Severson out likely for 5 weeks or so and we don't have Bobby Orr back there. 


I don't see where you can make the statement and have the support to clearly define and delineate that they are worse than we are.  You may think Schneider is better (I actually support you here), but right now both the stats and the eye test say otherwise. Schneider does not look confident and there's a clear disconnect with the style and tempo defensively when he's on the ice. 

In Topic: Who's worse than the Devils?

Today, 12:33 PM

Ottawa is a better team than the Devils.  How do you just casually infer this based off one game where they played us.


Also, the Avs and Flyers simply have more talent than we do.  

In Topic: I really am beginning to hate our fans.

Today, 12:29 PM

There are even some people who when they're disagreed with tell that person to fvck off.  This is really the lowest of the low behavior.


Well when you indirectly attack posters with veiled shots at their intelligence. you deserve it.