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In Topic: Brian Gionta and other possibilities

Today, 01:22 PM

Don't forget the free agent pool is thin this year (as it usually is) and big budget teams like Toronto are looking for a #1 center too. I'm guessing they go all in on Stastny if he's available. Let's hope his dad really liked it here.

Toronto doesn't have the cap space.

In Topic: Brian Gionta and other possibilities

Today, 12:12 PM

The problem is that both Landeskog and Duchene's new deals kick in next year, plus they will have to pay McKinnon in 2 years, plus O'Reilly is RFA this summer. Colorado has some big money to hand out soon, and Stastny may be the odd man out.

Erik Johnson will also need a new deal.

In Topic: Lou speculation

16 April 2014 - 08:48 PM

I'm not worried about McGuire potentially taking over for Lou once he retires. Pierre wouldn't be able to get Crosby's member out of his hand long enough to sign the contract making him GM here.

Where does this come from? Don't think this has any basis or truth.

Likely next GM is outside the organization.

In Topic: Confirmed : DeBoer is back

16 April 2014 - 08:46 PM

Ryder got his shots and a bunch of chances. he was plain missing the net on a lot of shots in the second half. Id love to upgrade those positions but the truth is we cant. so they will be with us for one more year. and a bunch of us were all over zubrus. he hit a bad wall the 2nd half as well. finished out april well. and with thanks to jagr and travis he wound up in the plus territory for the year

Because Jagr and Zajac had to carry him for a good portion. Zubrus has his qualities but he's got streaks where he struggles to fit in on a line. And Ryder can't miss on so many of his chances. He only does one thing well from a skill standpoint and if that isn't clicking he is a negative value player. Getting lots of shots isn't meaningless but when you need others to create those opportunities and get you space you need to create your own and Ryder isn't capable.

In Topic: Confirmed : DeBoer is back

16 April 2014 - 01:25 PM

Both Bernier and Ryder killed the Devils this year with their play and inability as guys who could be relied on more in shoutout situations.

Winger is still a huge need for this team even if you think Boucher and Matteau could become players in the next year or two. Clowe is also a major worry going forward with these concussions and the trio of Elias, Jagr, and Zubrus are right at the end of their careers and risks with age. Moving Henrique to wing might help soften the blow but opens up the need for another centerman. Lots of issues still at forward and with the 4th line needing a reshuffle.
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