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In Topic: 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

29 May 2015 - 09:55 PM

My goodness, with all the luck the Rangers had this postseason I was still sitting there nervous with 15 seconds left. That's probably when I realized even they can't do anything about this anymore. :P


Can't remember the last time I was so nervous watching the NHL. 2012 for sure, I guess.


What a feeling. I can sleep well at night again!

In Topic: RAY SHERO = NEW GM. Coach decision is Shero's.

04 May 2015 - 03:23 PM

WOW. Just like anything Lou-related, this came out of nowhere. 


We dont know anything about this yet. Lou hasnt been fired, he's the President of the team and is above the GM. He is been getting older, his health may not be so good, maybe he just cant handle the day to day duties anymore. We have no idea if he was just kicked upstairs or went on his own accord. We know nothing.

The man is 72 and still basically single-handedly running this franchise. How long can you go like this?


I really like this, too. Couldn't imagine Lou getting fired. We don't know exactly what happened behind the curtain, but he's staying as president, so clearly it's not like the ownership has had it with him and is kicking him out. Gradual changes, I like that. Still, an end of an era and a huge day in club's history. Can't help but feel a bit nostalgic. :)