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In Topic: The Happy Devils Post

03 November 2002 - 10:04 PM

Hell, this one's easy.

-Team defense. There is no better defensive team in the league right now. The only question mark on D was whether or not Tverdovsky would be a defensive liability. He has proven he is not.

-John Madden. It's sad and mind-boggling that this guy never got PP time prior to this year.

-Colin White. Solid D, no penalties.

-Martin Brodeur. So far the guy has done enough to win 7 of 9 games. He hasn't allowed any long, super-soft goals. We can only hope this continues.

-Sergei Brylin. 100% effort, 100% of the time.

In Topic: Trouble

02 November 2002 - 10:37 PM

Niedsfan, it wasn't meant to be funny if you've seen this poster's other posts over the last few days.  These posters' whining are getting real old real fast.  If we won the President's Trophy, these people would whine we'd surely lose in the first round.  If we won the East, they'd say we'll surely get swept in the Finals.  I am sick and tired of this whiny negativity from the vociferous few that overshadow the great posts of many.

Who's making you read them?

Seriously, who is forcing you to read posts you don't like?

About 90% of the topics I see on this BB do not interest me, so I don't read them. I surely don't just post on those topics telling those who post there that they shouldn't post simply because I don't like or agree with what is posted there.

In Topic: Trouble

02 November 2002 - 07:23 PM

Some of you are missing the point.

John Madden will not continue to score at this pace.
Ditto Brylin.

Where has Niedermayer been?
Rafalski and Tverdovsky, no goals?

Pandolfo just got his yearly score.

Will Schwab ever play?
10 goals vs. Tampa and Chicago backup goalies.

Now with Zyuzin gone, what on earth wil Lou use as trade bait?

Contrary to the record, this team is not in good shape.....

In Topic: If A, Then B...

01 November 2002 - 05:55 PM