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In Topic: Brodeur Article, name dropping where he might want to play, reveals wh

28 March 2014 - 03:56 PM

Agreed. The other thing is it just seems like no progress is being made. Like, I can't even find silver linings in this season and it feels like we're just spinning our wheels so I'm sure others feel the same. We get a new franchise goalie and don't use him like one. We keep our top prospect in the minors in favor of guys way past their prime. We sit our young guys for seemingly no reason and ruin their confidence. I mean, yes, Merrill looks great but it'd be nice to see the team make a bit more progress. Instead they go to the same dried up well over and over (shootout choices, Marty, Sal, CBGB).


Don't forget the draft pick penalty that cast a dark cloud over most of the season.  It was infuriating watching us not play players, that at least as fans we felt gave us the best chance to win when the stakes were as high as they were with regards to giving away a top pick for nothing.  I guess it will still be a bit of an embarrassment but I guess at this point most people are just happy to have a pick at all.  It still wasn't fun.      

In Topic: Brodeur Article, name dropping where he might want to play, reveals wh

27 March 2014 - 03:51 PM

I don't think DeBoer is being forced to play Brodeur tonight, I really, really don't.  Nothing about how the starts have been split this season suggests that.



DeBoer is obviously off his rocker when it comes to personnel decisions but I really do think the goalie rotation recently has a lot to do with whatever meetings or promises or whatever took place between MB41 and Lou leading up to the deadline.  I never agreed with it but when DeBoer was using wins as justification for playing Brodeur over a guy who was playing far superior hockey based on stats and the eyeball test, I could at least see the other side of the argument.   This just gets crazier by the day.  

In Topic: Brodeur Article, name dropping where he might want to play, reveals wh

27 March 2014 - 02:19 PM

Sean Avery is still a douche.


He couldn't have teed that one up any easier.  


Given how much he's been running his mouth it's actually pretty funny seeing Avery put him in his place.  Ugh, did I really just write that?  :yucky:

In Topic: 2013-2014 Lineup/Roster Thread

26 March 2014 - 04:50 PM

No, I really don't think so - I mean, I think maybe Brodeur playing against Long Island came from above, but everything else has just followed from there - Schneider wouldn't be sitting if he hadn't played poorly in most of his games recently.

How about Detroit at home the day before the trade deadline? Yeah, Cory lost to San Jose but he beat Columbus coming out of the break and Marty beat the Isles. Why should MB41 have gotten the first Detroit game? He stood to get one of the back to backs the following weekend anyway.

In Topic: 2013-2014 Lineup/Roster Thread

26 March 2014 - 04:21 PM

This is inexcusable. It's like we're not even trying to make the playoffs anymore.  The season is literally on the line and they are still trying to appease Marty.  I'm not going to blast DeBoer because this has to be coming from above him   You don't have the balls to pull Brodeur after two bad goals in the playoffs against Florida and then play him now when the season and probably his job is on the line.  As others have said, I think this all goes back to promises Lou must have made at the deadline to MB41 and at this point it should be the end of the line for Lou.   

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