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#1319062 Friedman: Devils Could Take Run At MSL

Posted by Lateralous on 03 June 2015 - 04:46 PM

If we somehow end up with Marner in the draft which I think is more likely than some think (AZ - Strome, TO -Hanifin, CAR - Provorov?), it wouldn't be a bad idea to have MSL around to tutor him, even if it's just the pre-season and a 9 game stint before being sent back to London. I know Tyler Johnson gives MSL a lot of credit for his development and putting Jagr with the young guys in Florida seemed to do wonders for their games at the end of the season.     


Also, as brutal as he just was in the playoffs, MSL did just have a 50 point season.   Jagr looked pretty washed up too after the run with Boston.    

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#1256683 Brodeur Article, name dropping where he might want to play, reveals wh

Posted by Lateralous on 28 March 2014 - 03:56 PM

Agreed. The other thing is it just seems like no progress is being made. Like, I can't even find silver linings in this season and it feels like we're just spinning our wheels so I'm sure others feel the same. We get a new franchise goalie and don't use him like one. We keep our top prospect in the minors in favor of guys way past their prime. We sit our young guys for seemingly no reason and ruin their confidence. I mean, yes, Merrill looks great but it'd be nice to see the team make a bit more progress. Instead they go to the same dried up well over and over (shootout choices, Marty, Sal, CBGB).


Don't forget the draft pick penalty that cast a dark cloud over most of the season.  It was infuriating watching us not play players, that at least as fans we felt gave us the best chance to win when the stakes were as high as they were with regards to giving away a top pick for nothing.  I guess it will still be a bit of an embarrassment but I guess at this point most people are just happy to have a pick at all.  It still wasn't fun.      

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#1254951 Psychotic lying Minnesota fan got us onto Deadspin

Posted by Lateralous on 21 March 2014 - 03:16 PM

Hmmm, those seem to look and act an awful lot like Rangers fans. 

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#1197030 Summer 2013 UFA/RFA Thread

Posted by Lateralous on 25 June 2013 - 12:09 PM

I haven't spent the time to read all of the background on this disagreement but the main point Sterio seems to be making is that Lou needs to be a bit more progressive in his approach to free agents which I would agree with.  I understand that Lou believes the players need to focus on playing during the season but I don't think there's any argument that he's limiting his own options with respect to re-signing the player by waiting until the offseason to do deals.  Regardless of moving rights for a pick, I have yet to see the harm in at least discussing the framework of the type of a deal a player would be looking for.  We obviously don't know everything that happens behind the scenes but we've certainly heard enough players come over at different times over the years to say that there had been no contact at all about a new deal with a tone that seemed somewhat miffed if not frustrated by it.  There were a couple of posts by Guilitti this season where Elias seemed to be begging to discuss a new deal sooner rather than later.


Since the 2005 lockout, Lou has been a middle of the pack GM at best.  His ways of doing business, including player management, should certainly not be above questioning like it might have been in 2002.  


On a side note, I've seen a lot of people speculate that Lou had a few deals in place and was waiting to announce after the finals ended?  I have my doubts about that but I've admittedly been somewhat pessimistic about the direction of this franchise since last off-seasons debacle.   For anyone that thinks Elias, Zubrus or Clarkson already have a deal in place, when should we expect some news because I'm dying for something?    


Edit:  haha, looks like I'm late as usual to add my .02 cents  

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#1188859 Let's Give Elias His Due Tonight

Posted by Lateralous on 25 April 2013 - 02:43 PM

Most underrated player in the NHL in last 15 years.  All indications are that he really wants to stay and finish his career here, so there's no reason for Lou to drop the ball on this one.  Besides, with his vision and hockey IQ, he will age gracefully.  It's not like he's been a burner since the groin surgery a few years back anyway.  

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#977265 Langenbrunner to Dallas. 3rd round conditional pick coming back

Posted by Lateralous on 07 January 2011 - 09:43 AM

It's not over for Jamie. Any sort of disillusionment is a two-way in this case - so I don't feel so badly either. Both sides seem to be very much on the same disappointed page. Madden was annoying because he was so defensive about it all - we're not happy with each other but it's all your fault.

Langs seems to feel at the heart of it that it's just how it is and neither side is going to do anything to change anything so -- it's pretty much done. OR... it can float along like this with each side keeping their passionless end of the bargain up.

My biggest worry is that Lou is bluffing to get teams interested and that his bluff yet again is being called - no takers and Jamie has to come back to the team with a HUGE "we're so fvcked for the next decade" sign on his chest.

How Lou responds will tell me if he's lost it or not. His balls are indeed seeming more and more like they are made of flesh and blood not the titanium I had supposed.

After all of this, if Langenbrunner has to come back and play for us after being asked to waive his no trade clause and being scratched (with Rolston also in the same lineup after being waived twice) Lou should just be given his pinkslip and maybe we can get someone in here who can start to turn this thing around.
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