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In Topic: Your All Time Devils Team

07 August 2014 - 02:37 PM

whoa whoa whoa... you guys are forgetting some key positions here.


Coach: Larry Robinson


Booth: Doc & Chico.  (really the only acceptable answer here right?)


I just don’t know who to pick as the manager

In Topic: The 2014 World Cup- Brazil

17 July 2014 - 01:37 PM

Holy sh!t!! James Rodriguez and Toni Kroos join Real Madrid. Talk about a powerhouse!


They will be overloaded on Offense, Bale, Falcao, Ronaldo, Rodriguez and Kroos. It seems like the they might be lacking defensive midfielders.

In Topic: The 2014 World Cup- Brazil

15 July 2014 - 02:09 PM

How Messi won that award is absurd. All of his goals came in group play right? Meaning hr didn't score a single goal in elimination play? That's unreal


Usually the Media voted for the player of the tournament. The only flaw used to be that the vote took place before the final. That explains why Zidane got it in 2006 and Kahn got it over Ronaldo in 2002. This time around FIFA decided to make the call the themselves. They probably engraved his name on the trophy even before the world cup started

In Topic: The 2014 World Cup- Brazil

15 July 2014 - 02:00 PM

I disagree however about the statement that say that "Germany got a team and no Argentina that got only Messi"... That's not true... I mean the Argentine part. They do have a strong unite core. Just a lot less talented as Germany. And what a bench... seriously.. the deep bench make them win the cup.


They totally deserve it. No doubt... But damn i would have love for a third title. (More than a second title for France to be honest ; ) ) 


Anyway... Happy Bastille day everybody... 

oh wait.. ; ) 

Of course Argentina are more than Messi, but they seemed to depend on him to create offense. Hats off to Argentina, they played a hell of a game. Surprisingly unlike 2010, it was their defense that that got them that far, while there offense failed them. You can't win a tournament without scoring for 320 consecutive minutes.

Losing Khedira 5 minutes before the match really hurt Germany. If forced Kroos to be more defensive and prevented him from being the creative offensive force. The best chance he created was for Argentina. Götze used to be referred to as the German Messi because of his unbelievable talent. There are still some aspects of his game that need improvement, which is why he lost his starting role during the tournament. Germany has unbelievable depth in the Midfield at the moment which was the different maker in the end. They is can afford to have players like Götze and Schürrle on the bench even though they were missing some world class player due to injury (Reus, Gündogan).
Germany didn’t play their best game, but thankfully they made it due to luck and Götze.

I don't think I ever scouted as load as I did when Götze scored. It even topped Henrique's goal

In Topic: The 2014 World Cup- Brazil

13 July 2014 - 06:26 PM

It would have been meh if Argentina won back to back games on pks after 0-0 it was nice to see both teams trying to score in extra time though. I'm glad it didn't go to pks. Didn't care who won but congrats eaglejelly have fun celebrating over there.


Thanks, I already quite drunk



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