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In Topic: Boston Vs Nj Game thread!

31 December 2002 - 02:46 AM

[quote]Pat Burns has a proven record in his first year as a coach.  [/quote]

and AlMo is a proven 40+ goal scorer

[quote]What is the big picture BFett?  I'd love to know.  [/quote]

i am telling you but you are'nt listening

[quote]Most of it seems to involve looking to the past.. there's a certain bit of powerlessness in your current world view.. seems rather absurd.  [/quote]

not really, it's just that thats the part of my argument you like to harp on to try and prove me wrong. if you took my arguments in their totallity, theyd make moer sense

[quote]You hate the Devils being in first place, [/quote]

looks like someone's been hitting the ale barrell a little too much

[quote]you've maligned Brodeur for his many regular season shortcomings in the past[/quote]

what are you tsalking about? when have ieve r so much as uttered an unkind word in marty's direction? way too much ale umph

[quote]you despise the Devils putting out this kind of effort in every game, [/quote]

you know what? yeah I do, cause come april they wil be spent & have zilch left

[quote]your vitriol towards the 'effortless' Niedermayer is ceaseless. [/quote]

you obviously have me confused with another poster, maybe JFett? : )
i may not be the bigest nieds supporter out there but 'vitroil' and 'ceaselee'? wowser

[quote]The Devils need a scorer[/quote]

Now yo're talking!

[quote]yet don't have the capability to get one now[/quote]

i disagree

[quote].. so who's looking at the big picture?   [/quote]

nobody that is satisfied with teh team to date, i'll tell you that much

[quote]The big picture implies looking towards the future.. no, in short, you have nothing to gripe about.. [/quote]

wait, let me get step back so you can set up your :soap:

[quote]if the Devils have the capability to get a big scorer before this year's playoffs, they will do so[/quote]

they do have the capability and I hope they make a deal, but i doubt it

[quote]but Lou will not overextend his resources to get one.. [/quote]

right, like all his other recent trades of youth for age and tehn watching teh age walk?

[quote]you dislike Lou's dealing of the ostensible 'future', but you say they need to magically produce scoring out of nothing.. [/quote]

how do you think that? 'produce scoring out of nothing? the way I see it, the Devils have 3 top shelf offenseive d-men and the worst PP in the league to show for it. how would trading one of them for a scoring forward be producing "something out of nothing'? you throw danton and Bicek or Berglund in the mix and you should be able to get at least an established 20-30 goal guy in here.

[quote]who is being realistic?  who is looking at the big picture, i.e. what is real and within the Devils' grasp?[/quote]

I know i am being realistic, i don't know what to call what you are being. Fooled by teh team's success from Oct-Dec. maybe?I am confident I will be proven right come playoff time if a deal isn't made for a scorer. this team will be out in the 1st round, a la last year, a la '98, and '99 and '97 premature exit as well.

In Topic: Brendan Morrison

31 December 2002 - 02:27 AM

how would AlMo's 40+ points look on the Devils this year?

I don't know, but that Stanley Cup sure looks nice.

I agree 100000000000000000%, it's just such a shame what might have been had BreMo or AlMo stayed.

In Topic: Brendan Morrison

31 December 2002 - 02:26 AM

The Devils didn't have the money to sign AlMo, so they didn't.  

naivity at its finest. the guy got a $500,000 raise. I guess teh $45 mil offered to Holik 2 years later appeared out of thin air.

They also didn't have the desire, seeing as he decided to go through a cold streak when they needed him most.  

along with teh rest of the entire roster

Morrison had to go, so going for #89 was the perfect deal.. and it worked out.  

BreMo did not have to go anywhere. at teh time I loved teh trade, but you cannot trade a player of BreMo's talent and then let what you got in return walk a season and a half later.

In Topic: Boston Vs Nj Game thread!

31 December 2002 - 02:00 AM

There's just no pleasing some people.

I'll take wins over losses.  

Bitch, bitch, bitch.. is that what the B stands for in BFett?

i prefer to look at it as "looking at teh big picture, looking at the big picture, looking at the big picture".

Pat Burns's teams in their first year have gone to the Cup Finals, the semi finals, and the conference semi finals, respectively..

hmph, talk about if A then B

In Topic: Interesting

31 December 2002 - 01:56 AM

come playoff time when all teh teams crack down big time on defense, the PP can win (or lose) the game foir you.

Same can be said for a teams PK in the playoffs. Playoff time is a totally different world. A PP thats sad now, can just as easily suddenly come to life with the help of deflections and a good bounce or three.

I do agree about the talent on our Blue line with the "D" on the PP and from the last few games where the Devils were moving the puck better and getting the rubber on net, I am faithful that our luck is changing and that @##$% puck will roll or fall in for us. :evil:

I agree, but we cannot "hope" things will come arouind come playoff time. If the PP was maybe middle of the paqck, then yeah I could see this mindset going into the playoffs, especialyl with teh big 3 back on D, but dead last?

No, dead last has to be morew of a concern and somehting more proactive(i.e. trade) must be done about it. you cannot "hope" hte PP turns around after 82 games and you're ranked near the bottom.
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