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In Topic: NHL Board Authorizes Formal Expansion Process

24 June 2015 - 11:26 PM

Moving Columbus west kills them since they're in the eastern time zone and getting more popular with people being able to watch at normal times. Detroit got promised to move east so they aren't going back.

Only hope for QC is probably the Coyotes or the Vegas team being a quick disaster like Atlanta became in the last few years

Detroit is in the eastern time zone as well. Both they and Columbus wanted to be eastern conference teams because being in the eastern time zone but playing in the west meant that a large chunk of their road games were being played well after the traditional 7/730 start times, rather than the 5 or 6 teams like NJ have to deal with.

In Topic: Devils 2014-2015 Off Season Thread

22 June 2015 - 09:49 PM

When does the schedule get released?

Home openers on Wednesday, full schedule Thursday morning

In Topic: 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

15 June 2015 - 08:47 PM



I really want Tampa to take this.

In Topic: 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

15 June 2015 - 08:37 PM

When the Devils were in the SCF in 2012, the lots directly adjacent to the Rock were charging $50 to park.  I really couldn't believe it, but people are willing to pay so they get away with it. 


That's why I took the train. That year was the year I really started driving to games instead of taking the train in, but I wasn't fvcking around with those scalped prices.

In Topic: 2015 Draft Thread

15 June 2015 - 08:25 PM

I'm surprised to see all of the freaking out over his comments, I took it as posturing - "We could totally take a defenseman here guys, better make it worth our while if you want one of em" kinda deal.


Of course, I COULD also see us drafting a defenseman...


Really I'd just like Mitch Marner to just fall to us, but that's probably far too much to ask.