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14 February 2007 - 09:22 PM

R&R part II is unbelievable. So many memories of important goals scored to that song. I say the social benefit and good feelings of the song being played outweigh the pain of monetary compensation going to a creep. He may be a scumbag but he still wrote an amazing song, and I want to hear it.

I agree completly with this. I'm so bothered at the fact that the nj devils goal song is no longer r&R pt II, that it's making me sick. I can't get used to OLE! nor will i ever, it doesnt fit in with the hockey atmosphere at all. Hockey is not soccer, and not only does this song not fit but it's not the same anymore. Ive grown up with this song playing every time a devil has scored a goal. I think its one of the best feelings when i hear those horns and the beginning of that song play in continental. i can hear it right now and i miss it so much. Seeing the entire place standing up with their fists in the air singing along was always a great feeling. I really have no desire to stand and sing along to OLE!, not once in my life have i seen the majority of fans in that arena sitting after a goal has been scored, its rediculous. I dispise it. im also a bouncing souls fan, that doesn't even change my mind about the song.