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hello... ^_^

25 March 2007 - 04:25 PM

Hey everyone, my names Heather and I just joined so I figured i'd drop by and introduce myself. I live in Northern California and i've been a Devils fan for about 5-6 years now. Fav player is Marty. Infact he is the reason I started watching hockey (and being a devils fan) in the first place.

You know what sucks about living in NorCal the most? I can't find one single person who is into wathcing hockey. No seriously, NO ONE. Everyone else gets bored and blah blah blah.. it's so annoying. I don't have anyone to get drunk with and watch games with. HELL I don't even get to watch the devs play.. I always have to listen to the games on the net... saad. :evilcry:

Anywaays.. I don't really know what to say i'm kind of just rambling as is so i'm gonna leave it at that.

Cya all around the forum.. :koolaid:
(by the way, that smiley.. fvcking OWNS...)

and... i've never been to a hockey game. ever. i'm deprived.