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In Topic: Zach Parise: We're getting tired of losing

01 May 2009 - 06:49 AM

He could play for the Red Sox-Mets-Braves etc. He's got that stupid smug grin. it's got nothing to do with being on the Yankees.

Another prime example of an arrogant player who thinks he's better than he is is Kobe Bryant.

difference is, kobe backs it up most of the time :rofl:

In Topic: This is for you Martin Brodeur, you know what to do with it

01 May 2009 - 06:34 AM

i guess i was the only fan thinking that 4 minute penalty extending from 2nd to 3rd period was f'in huge because no one in the arena was pissed when they did nothing...bury the game then and it's done!!!

In Topic: Lamoriello: Devils won't be able to re-sign all of their UFA.

01 May 2009 - 06:27 AM

clemmer, gio, oduya - all the rest, buh bye (thanks for the memories, madden). Holik and shanny just do not have it anymore. Havelid was a stupid trade - the Thrashers definitely got the better of the deal - showed me nothing from day one. Rupp is physical which we can always use - maybe if he doesn't ask for that much...

In Topic: Fire Brent Sutter, Broduer please retire

29 April 2009 - 06:14 AM

Why doesnt he?I think if he didnt want to be he would of resigned as coach already...but i personally think his time is up here we need a more strict defensive minded coah....Jacques Lemaires please turn in your contract from the Wild and come back to the Devils!!

lemaire resigned his post with the wild

In Topic: When did the Devils become such scared gutless coward losers?

27 April 2009 - 07:46 AM

Things are much different when you're playing with a huge lead, they dominated the first two periods of Game 4 like nobody's business but then sat back and Ward had his only bad period of the series (other than maybe Game 1). Plus they started to roll again the last five minutes after we tied it and probably would have won in OT.

Even on good nights we get hemmed in our zone way too much, I swear if this team could ever clear a ****ing puck out of the zone, we could cut down shots against by like ten per game. Martin, who's supposed to be a very good defenseman has had a nightmare in this series clearing pucks (witness the end of Game 4)

and if madden scores and the puck does get cleared they win...no point in dwelling...we all know they need to kick it up in their zone, tho

The only reason why we lost last night was because we got outworked. Simple as that. When the Devils outwork the Canes, they're the better team. All those problems that we complain about - not being able to clear the puck, stopping Staal, out-hitting them - that all comes from outworking them.

I'm not sure why so many of you seem convinced that this is the worst team the Devils have ever fielded. It's one game. This is a tough series, and Carolina is a very good team. Most of us knew this wasn't going to be easy. Relax. After Game 1, so many of you were convinced that the Cup was coming to Newark that night. After last night, now you're convinced that we're the worst team ever? Come on.

The Devils are capable of beating every team in the playoffs (and they have, throughout the season). And lest we forget, we went on a nice tear when we looked unstoppable. There's reason to believe we can go through that again.

Of course, we could lose game 7 and go home early. But hey, that's hockey. That's part of what makes the playoffs so damn hard, and a huge reason why winning the Cup is really, truly that special of an accomplishment.

i swear, half the time it sounds like a bunch of yankee fans on this board