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In Topic: So did anyone see the Britney trainwreck?

10 September 2007 - 01:18 AM

mr. goat told me about this and I had to return from the dead to talk about it.

I thought this was the worst VMAs yet. Holy Crap it was bad. The first year they took it out of New York it was alright. But I thought putting it in an arena was a sh!tty idea. But ever since then It's gotten a lot worse.

I don't even know wtf was going on tonight, there were none of those impressive performances going on. I can't think of another VMA where each performance wasnt introduced and given a full time slot.

But this year they cut it to two hours and cut some of the awards and added new asinine ones like "MONSTER SMASH HIT OF THE DECADALENNIUM OMGBBQ" (ok not really. but close) because their ratings have fallen fro over 10 mil viewers to 5 mil in the past few years.

As if this isn't going to hurt more.

They need to go back to the 2001 format, and 2001 venue. Plain and simple.

And Britney Spears... Christ. I don't even know what to say about that one. The rumor amongst her supporters are that she knew Sarah Silverman was going to make fun of her so she refused to perform good on stage. Which makes no sense. At all. She could have just walked off, and giving a bad performance on National TV to spite MTV makes no sense. Because everyone is just going to think that you suck when its over.

Also the rumor MTV had told Silverman not to insult Britney's kids. But judging from the article on MTV.com and the fact Sarah rehearsed backstage before the skit makes it look like MTV didn't really give a sh!t.

looks like the jokes on Britney.

Granted, if i were Britney, I would want to kick Sarah Silverman's ass. But I just refuse to believe her bad performance was a result of knowing she was going to be made fun of for performing bad...

Wow, what a long post I just made about something so very unimportant.