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Pitchfork Tees

29 August 2014 - 04:10 PM

Hi everyone, I think this is a good spot to post this but does anyone have any experience with Pitchfork Tees? (http://pitchforktees.bigcartel.com/)


I was curious because I ordered the Jagr Bomb tshirt about 2 months ago now,  emailed them before ordering and they responded quick and seemed really professional about it. So I decided to order and then I haven't heard anything from them since they confirmed the order and took my money. I've sent 3 emails and gotten no response to any. Its "only" 20 bucks, but it still bugs me.


I was wondering if anyone has dealt with them and had similar experiences or knows of any other Devils fan merchandise like this that they have dealt with and had a more positive experience?