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2015 Lines

15 August 2015 - 04:14 PM

I listened to that garbage preview on Sirius however many of the issues they identified are true. Here is my take on all the Devils lines and some projections.




Mike Cammallerri - Travis Zajac - Stefan Matteau/Reid Boucher

I am slightly confused on what I want for a RW on this line. I believe with the makeup you want a big body who can cycle and crash the net. Matteau also has enough speed to keep up. the problem is Matteau will likely give you 1.3 shots per game. Unless Zajac has a massive rebound season he will have 1.5 shots per game. A good season for Cammalerri will be 3 shots per game. If you use Boucher there is a possibility he is around 2.5 shots per game getting these minutes. 


Adam Henrique - Patrik Elias - Kyle Palmieri

I think this is a safe choice. Henrique has shown chemistry with Elias on the wing, however they have always had slugs on their wing. Neither is a shooter at this point in their career and adding Palmieri will add a lot of speed and alot of shots to this second line. With these linemates I expect a large bounce back season. I think this is also the year Henrique moves to 2 shots per game, Elias 1.5 and Palmieri 2.5 shots per game. A large improvement from last year.


Tuomo Ruutu - Jacob Josefson - Blake Coleman

My first surprise of the year, Blake Coleman steals minutes from one of Matteau or Boucher. His game translates to the NHL. He is a quick stocky skater who has a good shot and uses it. Josefson's speed will lend itself well to Hynes faster attacking system. Ruutu is just there so he doesn't get fined. Josefson's breakout will net him 1.5 shots per game, Ruutu 1 shot per game and Coleman 1.5 shots per game in an excellent rookie season on the 3rd line.


Stephen Gionta - Sergey Kalinin - Jordin Tootoo

There is a reason Kalinin gets this role, he is a PK'er and excellent defensively by scouting reports. He also gives good size up the middle to this midget line. Gionta is where he belongs on the wing where he is a good 4th liner and Tootoo can do his thing on the 4th line. This could be a tough 4th line to play against and may get more minutes than the Josefson line.


Mike Sislo, Reid Boucher/Stefan Matteau



Andy Greene - Damon Severson

Depending on the strides Severson has made and how his confidence improves I expect a healthy breakout season. This pairing will should get all offensive zone faceoffs since both have excellent gap control going back. Plus Severson is excellent at reading the play, picking off breakout passes. i don't believe Greene will have many shots but Severson will put up 2 shots per game.

Eric Gelinas - Adam Larsson

These are the gambles you need when you lack offense, You hope that with a confident Larsson and a new coach Gelinas can return to his rookie form. You also hope Larsson can have an offensive breakout being put in favorable positions. Teams will focus on Gelinas and give Larsson room to work in offensive zone.

John Moore - John Merrill

Lets  just say this pairing will get a lot of defensive zone faceoffs. By a lot I believe their OZone % will be 30-35%. Both have good breakout numbers both passing and rushing and will feel comfortable moving the puck out of their end. This is the pairing i am most excited about. I doubt either provides offense but that isn't what they are there for.

Vojtech Mozik



Cory Schneider

Keith Kindkaid