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In Topic: NJDevs Fantasy Hockey '14-15

24 February 2015 - 04:42 PM

I'd vote for long-term, indefinite keepers...    

I just wanted to point out that it will definitely impact the mid draft where declining vets (say 40-50pt vets) will fall in the draft, whereas emerging prospects will get bumped up because of the future value they carry.


The only issue I see with holding keepers that long... eventually some become 1st/2nd/3rd round fantasy talent and that would impact the draft in ways we don't seem to want.   I think Connor MacDavid and Jack Eichel will be drafted high enough to be excluded (keeper or not); but many 1st round draftees typically wouldn't be (who could evolve into 1st/2nd/3rd round fantasy draft players down the line).

In Topic: NJDevs Fantasy Hockey '14-15

24 February 2015 - 12:57 PM

I'm with Has, IMHO the whole point of keepers is finding someone in the 7th-10th rd that ends up being a 3rd round quaklity or better, and getting to keep him, if you find a diamond in the rough that ends up being of 1st round quality you should get to keep that player, it certainly will not mess up the 1st few rounds w/ the exception of 4 or 5 players each year...


If we go keepers across multiple seasons...   it will definitely affect the draft a bit more than 1 season keeper; like Johnny Gaudreau would be drafted far higher than the 11th round...   and vets will fall in the draft.     That isn't a bad thing, it just adds a new element;  you can't focus solely on the future (drafting potential) unless you want to be the Edmonton Oilers. 

In Topic: NJDevs Fantasy Hockey '14-15

24 February 2015 - 12:51 PM

Do we have a record of draft positions post draft made available by Yahoo for our league?


In Topic: NJDevs Fantasy Hockey '14-15

24 February 2015 - 08:39 AM

That Id have to look up but doing it in a live draft (hockey) is probably different from the offline football draft. But I'd be open to that too.


Yeah, there is an option to allow draft pick trades here.  I could do it 'now' if I wanted lol...but I don't know how that would dovetail with keepers, maybe you could just reserve rounds for keepers like in ESPN so those picks aren't available for trade.


If we are doing the last three, etc picks for keepers; I think it's on you to not trade those picks or risk giving up a higher round pick for keepers (you're three, etc lowest draft picks are used for keeper slots).


Keepers based off of last years draft may mess with the front of the draft more and I'd hope to keep the draft exciting up front like you said.   Perhaps excluding the top ~100 at the end of season, or preseason Yahoo rankings (injured stars who dropped in ranking because of a lack of stats this year)  on a drop date...   This way you're keeping the role players you like for your team and not able to stash blossoming stars like Tarasenko,  Forsberg, Tyler Johnson, etc.    Players who will clearly be drafted much higher next season.

I'm not opposed to opening up draft picks now... but I'm not clamoring for it either.     It's clearly in my self-interest to support it this year; if I'm defending the #1 spot; I'm clearly opposed to it... ha

In Topic: NJDevs Fantasy Hockey '14-15

23 February 2015 - 01:00 PM

Does Fantasy Hockey support trading picks?  I assume so since it does in football:  https://help.yahoo.c...ng-sln6461.html


  • Draft picks can be traded for either players, other draft picks, or both.
  • Please check with your commissioner to find out which rounds have been designated as off-limits for trading to accommodate keeper placement.
  • In order to trade for draft picks, an equal number of draft picks must be traded away.
    • Example: You want to trade your 2nd- and 3rd-round picks to get another team's 1st-round pick. The other team must include another draft pick (e.g. a 10th-round pick) in order for the system to accept the trade.