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In Topic: Olli Malmivaara - Contract Extension

31 May 2007 - 04:55 PM

Yeah I know. The player that I already knew was Jordan Parise. Then I saw Petr Vrana and Nick Bergfors...woah hotties. lmao

not as hot as me.. lmao

In Topic: Devils beat Wolf Pack

31 May 2007 - 04:48 PM

Yeah he really is. My neice was like "My aunt wants me to give you a kiss" and I was like "...I said a hug you liar" and he started laughing and he's like "In 10 years you're my girlfriend." Then I started to laugh and I told him that my neice thought she was getting married to him anyways and he's all "Oh word, I'll set the date." Lmao. Dan McGillis' daughter was there too and she's so adorable. Her and my neice were running around and playing...it was so cute. We were leaving and she goes to Emmy(Dan's daughter) "I'll see you tomorrow best friend!" so Emmy was all "Okay" so Dan even asked where we were from because he was like they can hang out and stuff and I was like "Yeah that would be nice but we're from Bridgeport, Connecticut" and hes like "Oh yeah that causes a slight problem." Lmao

lisabanana.. gosh.. too bad ur neice didnt kiss him, that be his first real kiss.. hahaha
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