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#1153472 2012 MLB Thread

Posted by nmigliore on 04 October 2012 - 06:56 PM

The WAR stat means very little to me when you're comparing different positions, of course Trout's 'value' is going to be higher than Cabrera, centerfield is not as deep a position as third base.

I'm sorry but this post is just completely wrong. WAR is designed to compare players across different positions. Fangraphs also uses the SAME positional adjustment for 3B and CF, so that argument rings hollow anyway. To take this further, Cabrera actually received MORE benefit from his position (+1.5) than Trout did (-0.2) since Trout played 67 games in LF this year. This whole idea that Trout is being favored by WAR solely because of position is completely wrong. The positional value between the two players was basically nothing and Trout was a much better defensive player.

By the way, even ignoring defense and position (so basically just looking at offense, which is unfair, but we'll throw the Cabrera folks a bone), Trout was STILL superior once you adjust for parks: 175 wRC+ for Trout compared to Cabrera's 166 and 171 OPS+ for Trout compared to Cabrera's 166.

People/voters will unfortunately get hung up in the Triple Crown and the fact Cabrera is on a playoff team while Trout isn't. Cabrera had an excellent year, but it wasn't as good as Trout's. The Triple Crown accomplishment is cool and all, but we need to stop using stats from the early 20th century as accurate measures of offense and value.
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#784510 WOW! The board looks different!

Posted by nmigliore on 14 July 2009 - 10:30 PM

hey i just noticed we dont have to say "+1" in response to good posts, theres actually an option to do it!
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