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In Topic: Devils 11/12 line combos

29 July 2011 - 02:36 PM

ah yes, you're that big erie homer.

lemaire had no choice but to give rookies big ice time last year. he had 5 of them on the roster.

palmieri played well, but he had a PDO (shooting %+save % while on ice) of 1030 - is that sustainable? i don't think so. plus he wasn't playing particularly well in the minors, either. as i said in the other thread, he has one route to the NHL - play in front of the net. he could get to that 20-25 goal level, he might not.

HAHAHAHA you are seriously using a useless stat like PDO which is actually TEAMshooting %+TEAMsave % while on ice to determine why Palmieri should not make the team you got to be kidding a little education guys who get 12- 15 min/game that are somewhat offensive and don't play in crunch time will always have a higher PDO ie.Palmieri,JJ, Teddy your high minute guys Kovy Elias Zubby will be middle to low and your grinders Mair Sesttio Clarky will be low plus goaltending will always be an important varible THIS IS A STUPID STAT

this was tedenby's first pro season. not only did he play more games than he ever had before, he played more minutes per game, too.
This was NOT his first year playing ,he played in the SEL which is a pretty decent league for 2 years
He still didn't produce at the end of the year he needs time to develop

says you, he was albany's best player last year.

The AHL game is not the NHL ask some of the top scorers that have been there for years he is still unproven

me. i wouldn't want parise playing with elias, and that leaves elias on a 3rd line (which idea i liked when rolston was around, now not so much), or kovalchuk-elias-zubrus, which is a combination i don't really care for.
I let the devils know but that doesn't change the fact that Elias and Zubrus have great chemistry

devils can't afford salvador and larsson is 18.

Not true and Larsson may prove to be ready

Yes I am an Erie HOMER I played here and chose to make my home here ... Any time you would like to debate the merits of Erie Hockey through the years let me know - I'm sure you know less about that then NHL Hockey some advise: stop posting 20,000 times and actually watch a game get on the ice yourself you might eventually start to understand the game..

In Topic: Devils 11/12 line combos

29 July 2011 - 11:48 AM

Without Hunter buyout:


ex: Zharkov, Pelley


ex: Fraser

With Hunter buyout:


ex: Pelley, Janssen

his line up could be one of the worst I've seen >

Palmieri doesn't make the team despite being the most effective young forward we had last year - in his 43 games he was 4th on the team in goal scoring had the best +/- one of the best corsi ratings and played for a coach that has never been fond of rookies playing top 6 minutes and loves to juggle the lineup YOU DO know its harder to play on the first line than the 3rd or 4th for a rookie ( if you never played hockey maybe you don't know this) Not to mention they won with him playing a top 6 role

Teddy scored 1 goal in his last 27 games of the season so now he gets top 6 minutes ???????? I love Teddy but lets see him dominate in the bottom 6 like a Skinner did last year before we move him to a tougher role
Henrique 13 minutes in the NHL hardly qualifies him for 3rd line duty

Who breaks up Zubrus and Patrick after the second half season results

No Salvador or Larsen