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Andy Greene's Linemate

10 November 2015 - 10:02 AM

Ok so we all know how awesome he is but how much is he personally responsible for how his linemate's play? The reason I ask is because Severson looked awesome with him last season, and now Larsson is playing awesome with him. Neither of them, however, played or are playing as well without him though. 


My real question here is should Larsson and Severson be splitting time with Greene or should we just leave it alone because of how great Greene and Larsson are playing right now? Hell, should Gelinas get some time with him for experience or just to inflate his trade status (not really)? I'm not really worried about Severson's development because I still think he's going to be incredible one day, but getting some time with Greene could really help. I should note that I have seen them paired up a couple of times this season but I think it could have been on special teams.