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#1296649 I really am beginning to hate our fans.

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 21 December 2014 - 06:16 AM

These posts frustrate me.

1) why do you separate yourself from "the fans"? You aren't one of them?

2) every fan-base has morons. Going to FB and HF for fan comments doesnt do a lot of people in the fan-base justice. Go to a Walmart in any city- what you get is a collection of people you'd rather not be around but it CEETAINLY isn't a microcosm of the whole city. My girlfriend follows the team on instagram, and screenshotted a comment a few days ago that said something along the lines of "this team hasn't won anything since we traded Stevens bunch of chokers bring back Martie". You generalize the fanbase- but should I put a plastic bag on my head? Triumph? DM84? Anyone here (ok, not everyone, but the majority)?

Saying you hate the fan-base is stupid. I get the same reaction when people say "I hate traffic"... they don't realize that they themselves ARE the traffic. You hate the morons in our fanbase- the loud idiots chanting Marty's better in 233, the people on Facebook saying to fire "Paul Deberr". Don't make such sweeping generalizations, they're there for every fan base in every sport ever.
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#1295246 Reality Check

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 15 December 2014 - 12:42 PM

How is the original post any sort of reality check? If you're talking about defense exclusively, then maybe it's applicable.

As a whole we're pretty much the opposite of that video.

Swing and a miss. If you're going to try and act like a superior a$$hole to the rest of us, at least make sure you're making sense.

hahaha hahahahaha

Beetlebum make sense?

Surely you've been here long enough to know that won't happen. Dude's a moron
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#1294654 GDT: 12/11/14 Morris Moss v. Your Dad

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 11 December 2014 - 05:09 PM


unignored soley for this. I've added to it at times, SD you do too regularly; but holy sh!t its just a GDT people, not fvcking Benghazi.. No wonder the regulars don't post here anymore. We've turned this board into a high school lunchroom.


edited for shuns and


Dwight you ignorant slut
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#1294518 GDT: 12/11/14 Morris Moss v. Your Dad

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 10 December 2014 - 11:33 PM

They're supposed to be informative and at least say the fuggin team we are playing. I get it that you think you're hysterical but can we actually have the team names in the title, the time the puck drops, maybe even (ghasp) the network? They aren't funny, really, at all.

Totally agree. I mean someone should put the date of the game in the title thread or something!

You're like that fat kid that makes fun of the teacher in the back of class that gets 2 laughs and assumes they're the class clown.

How ever will we know who we play??

it's also easy to, ya know, just look on njdevs. I heard that site is cool.
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#1290747 GDT: Devils at Calgary 10 PM

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 23 November 2014 - 12:37 AM

I fvcking hate this team I fvcking hate clemmenson and I fvcking hate deboer.
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#1288730 Wild @ Devils

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 11 November 2014 - 09:51 PM

It wasn't amazing, but it still was a solid effort. Still too many brain farts though. Hegelson impressed me a lot tonight.

I'm just trying to be one of you guys so I can fit in.

dude. Shut the fvck up already.
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#1286164 GDT: Jets @ Devils

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 30 October 2014 - 08:45 PM


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#1285876 What is wrong with our fanbase

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 29 October 2014 - 02:05 PM

did you just start a threat this past week about ousting our new owners over some stupid goal song? seems childish yes

this. A million times this.

You are what's wrong with our fan base.
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#1284356 GDT: Stars. Devils. Thank you, Chico.

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 24 October 2014 - 11:23 AM

The amount of Chico stories I have, as a young fan, are incredible.

I met him when I was a season ticket holder at prudential center. Always loved him, so one day when we were sitting in the fire lounge for some STH promotion the first season at the rock, I bought him a hot pretzel during the first commercial break. Every game for the rest of the season- every single one- if he passed me in the concourse he would grab me, address me by name, and ask how my day was going.

This one time, I was walking to grab food before the game and saw him walking. I remembered hearing it was Fischler's birthday- so I told Chico to tell him happy birthday from a big fan. He grabbed me around the shoulders and told me to talk with him. We lapped the concourse, picking up fans along the way, until we had a crew of about 15 devils fans. We walked over to some door I'd never seen, I'm assuming an employee entrance, and when Stan walked out we all sang happy birthday.

On my Florida devils trip last year, I saw Chico and Bobby holik eating brunch at the hotel that I was staying. I didn't want to bother them so I just smiled and waved. Chico stood up, called me over, introduced me to Bobby, chico encouraged Bobby to flirt with my girlfriend in a friendly and funny matter. Later that day he saw us walking to the stadium and crossed the street to walk with us.

That night I met Kevin Clarke, who told me that everyone adores Chico but he is CONSTANTLY getting in trouble because he's late to everything because he's always talking with fans and being a goof.

He means more to me than almost anyone in the organization. He will be missed by everyone, but by me especially.

Love you Chico. Thanks for making a young fan feel so important.
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#1283527 GDT: Broadway Blowhards @ Devils 7:00 PM

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 21 October 2014 - 06:20 PM

I bet Hagelin sits on quite the large dickk in his free time.
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#1274148 The East is the Key

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 22 July 2014 - 05:36 PM

I think Larsson explodes as a bonifide top-2 defenseman this season.
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#1273568 Kovalchuk Retired Effective Immediately?

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 13 July 2014 - 11:22 AM

Oh my god can we not have this thread up? It's like looking at pictures of your ex on facebook from the night you broke up.
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#1273204 Schneider re-signs with extended multi-year contract

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 09 July 2014 - 03:22 PM

Yes yes yes YES.

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#1272730 Can we get some line speculation going here please?

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 05 July 2014 - 03:25 PM

If Zubrus gets first line minutes and Henrique gets third, I'll jump out of the window my my apartment.
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#1266225 Doc in NHL 15

Posted by Martyisth3b3st on 30 May 2014 - 03:57 PM

It's not a pissing contest but damn if you need to harp on something from two years ago when the rags are about to go to the finals and possibly win while the devils are out playing golf for a month now? Yeah and I'm the insecure one.

I wonder if the rags win the cup if devils fans next year do the "if you know the ranger suck" chant with the "and they'll never win the cup" part in there. I bet anything they will and that's when I truly put my head down in shame as I do not expect better from a good chunk of this fanbase. If you want to talk insecurities, then how about less whining about not being allowed to chant "you suck" to the other team and focusing half the chants at any given devils home game against the idiots who play across the river.

Funny I would have thought the three cup wins since 1994 would have erased that memory but I guess not given how focused this fanbase is on the team across the river.

Every fan base has idiots. Every fan base has pessimist sh!ts. It happened 2 years ago. I don't care if the rangers win this year; that will always be my most incredible hockey moment and the instant it went in I will never forget. I remember Arnott scoring, slightly, and I remember the 03 cup a bit better but for those of us who didn't know what it's like to be fully invested in the sport and see a Cup that moment will give me shivers for the rest of my life.

EDIT: Jumped the gun and didn't see your posts on this page. Fair enough.
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