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In Topic: Who's worse than the Devils?

Today, 01:49 PM

This is what would make me think the opposite of your statement. I think he is off to a fast start but I want to see him how he does on his 15th-20th starting game.

This. A rookie coming in is pumping adrenaline. I want to see how he does after a few games, and how he reacts to adversity. Let's see how he plays the game after he gets blown out for the first time

In Topic: I really am beginning to hate our fans.

Yesterday, 11:11 AM

A lot of good points in this thread. The way I look at it, no matter how good you are the bottom with eventually fall out. It has for the Devils and now it's time to take our lumps like every other team in the league has.

Any team with top talent had to lose first, and now it's our turn. It's the natural cycle of sports.

PDB: I think he has a job because it doesn't matter who the coach is right now. I think management can tell he doesn't have much to work with at the moment.

Lou : He's done the best he could trying to duct tape the team together, but if you can't build through free agency and sooner or later winning will catch up with you. I'm sure if he had his way, he'd have signed Parise and Kovy would be an LA King.

Cory : one of the top goalies in the league the last few seasons and still an absolute steal. Let him back up an actual good team before we sell him down the river. And good for Kinkaid, I love him, but let's just give it 20 games before we annoint him.

I don't mind the losing. I think any long term fan of the league and hockey in general knew the bad days were coming as they do for all teams. I may voice some frustration from time to time, because losing sucks, but looking at the big picture it's what is best this year.

I think we have to remember that a lot of fans have never dealt with real losing. Others will never be happy so it doesn't matter. I get the OP's need to vent, though. I think a lot of us have had similar thoughts

In Topic: We aren't getting McDavid or Eichel, it's time to realize this

Yesterday, 10:40 AM

lol, though the above wouldn't come as any great shock (just because), once Lou starts unloading some of the vets (at the very least, the ones on expiring deals), the fill-ins coming up from Albany are going to be just as bad, if not worse. This team is now 9-17-6 since the 3-0 start, and there is absolutely nothing to suggest that they'll start winning at an improved pace...even if Cory kicks it up a notch and Glass Mike can find a way to stay in the lineup, they can't overcome all of the deadwood taking the ice. Can't seem them finishing outside the bottom five.

Haha that may be my Jets fandom coming into my Devils fandom. I just fear Lou trying to "fix" it. As much as I enjoy the Devils winning, a top 5 pick would be great and could do wonders

In Topic: We aren't getting McDavid or Eichel, it's time to realize this

20 December 2014 - 09:41 PM

so we're 4 pts ahead of the Coyotes who's 28th and have 3 games in hand on us.... and there's 47 games left and we're not gonna get any better.

so how is those 2 guys out of reach exactly?

Because when the playoffs are out of reach and we are all ready for a great draft pick, the Devils will reel off a bunch of wins and finish with the 12th pick instead of the top 3.

In Topic: GDT: Tampa @ Devils 7 PM Kinkaid in net

20 December 2014 - 07:59 PM

Yeah thats really amazing. Marty could text me "I want to slice your dog in half and eat it" and i'd still be fvcking excited just to be getting a text from him. So i can only imagine how thrilled Kinkaid was considering it was super positive

I won't be using Martys dog walking service anymore.

That's awesome for Kinkaid, a text message from your idol, who's team you now play for