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In Topic: Should Schneider be traded?

Yesterday, 06:31 PM

But you're missing the point: you buy low and sell high! When CS wasn't playing well the return would've been mediocre for a goalie we all know is good. Right now we might be able to get a VERY nice return for a goalie who is while very good, horribly overrated by devils fans. He hasn't won anything people. So many of your are starting to sound like Rags fan fawning over the Queen.

BTW, having an amazing goalie and a shallow, talentless team gets you what?


Now I'm sure someone is going to tell me that CS is better than Hasek, but Hasek didn't win a damn thing until he played on a team with depth.....


You get a nice return, but it sets you back years. Goalies who play as well as Cory has the last few months don't just show up. So once you get rid of him and have some forwards, you need to find a goalie all over again. 

In Topic: Jagr traded to Florida

Yesterday, 06:14 PM

Thank you, Jags. It's a good move to get rid of a guy who doesn't want to be here and bring back a possible mid-2nd rd pick plus a 3rd. No one really thinks it's a genius move, but it shows that we've moved past the idea of playoffs and we can get some return on some pieces. 

In Topic: Devils Trade Deadline Thread

Yesterday, 12:38 AM

So im curious and it's a serious question


Why is it a fireable offense suddenly to some of you to not trade a 43 year old and missing the playoffs when we are 6-8 pts away from a playoffs spot


But it was completely fine and understandable not trading a 27 years old Clarkson in his prime who just scored 30 and who was on pace for another 30 through a full season, basically at the peak of his top value in his career when we were pretty much 6-8 points away at that time too... and a guy who wanted way too much money... and then miss the playoffs.... 



sorry guys but im still failing to see and understand why a team being 7-8-9th or wtv can't talk contract and re-sign an upcoming UFA before the trade deadline? Oh right, it's because Lou has that rule that he's simply not doing it... yeah try to defend that now, Even Elias said he didnt like it.


You alllll went around it focusing on the position we were which was not really the point lol 


You guys got to be in denial about Lou's stubbornness... all his stupid "rules", refusing to talk during the season, signing old vets, not giving up the 29th pick, bringing back old devils, terrible roster and coach management etc etc.... This alllllllllllll goes hand in hand following the same mentality and we all know it's a thing.


So i really don't see why you guys keep making excuses for him and looking away about stuff that obviously fits the bill in term of decisions he's making out of stubbornness. 


The bold. That's why no one listens to you. You make a "point" that is totally incorrect, and then, since it was incorrect, you suddenly consider it to be inconsequential. You flail around aimlessly, but even after 10 posters each poke holes in your argument, you go to the tried and true "Lou's stubbornness ruined everything" rant. I mean, you even cited NHL 15 as a reason once!!!


Maybe it isn't everyone else who is crazy. Maybe you're just blinded by your Lou dislike. 

In Topic: "Transition, not a Rebuild" 15-16 Thread and Beyond

23 February 2015 - 08:37 PM

On the Cory topic, i might be wrong but im under the impression that there were better offers on the table from teams such as edmonton. i might be wrong though

Supposedly Edmonton was very upset because they offered a better package but Vancouver didn't want Cory in the division

In Topic: "Transition, not a Rebuild" 15-16 Thread and Beyond

22 February 2015 - 10:47 PM

The Cory trade leaves me feeling mixed. On the one hand, Cory is playing surreal. On the other hand? We could of REALLY used Horvat who is playing insane for the Canucks right now. He's going to develop into a number one center. I suppose it's an equal trade when you think about it but Horvat will be playing in the league longer then Schneider will, I imagine anyway. The only way I see us having a TRUE advantage (and it not being an "equal trade") is if we weren't gonna pick Horvat or Domi or Nichushkin.

But then who is playing in goal?