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#1235623 Stadium Series Game: Are you going?

Posted by Devil Dan 56 on 03 January 2014 - 03:26 PM

This is a reflection on the fan base. This should be a hot ticket among Devils fans because they were bitching and moaning about never, ever getting a outdoor game. When the Devils finally get one of these games (to the surprise of 99.9% of the fanbase) in typical Devil fan fashion, there's always issues involved. The problem is these are issues that are intrinsic to the experience and these same people who bitched and moaned and said they'd go....aren't. 


If it's purely financial based not to go, of course that's an important decision and with the prices, you can't fault people for putting bills and everyday living over a hockey game (even though they had to know this wasn't a $50 ticket based on the WC). 


CR or anyone can be a conscience all they want, but that still does not change that people in this fan base (inclusively) turned their back on something that they all clamored for.



If you start naming specific posters and bring up their past posts, then imagine the sh!tstorm that will follow when that happens here.  I purposefully didn't want to name names just for that reason alone but I do have a few names in mind.


People change their minds all the time so yes you are right about that.  However, I really can't imagine a fan base other than ours who keeps saying for years how much they want a WC and then when pretty much the only way we will get one through the SS, suddenly issues like prices, weather conditions, and the context of the game get called into question.  I really don't go on boards of other fan bases really, but just quickly looking I do not see this from the other teams.


Honestly, with all of this… so what??? Who cares if someone said "boy I'd love to see an outdoor game for the Devils! I'd be great!" four years ago and then decided not to go to it? Why does that matter so much to you? Why does it matter if someone decides that sitting in cold weather or risking poor site lines for large amounts of money isn't their cup of tea? That means they are 'turning their back' on the experience as a whole?


And you 'can't imagine a fan base other than ours who keeps saying for years how much they want a WC' would decide not to go when getting one?  I'm sure thousands of people liked the idea and 'would go in a heartbeat' but ultimately didn't go in the other cities. Does that make Buffalo, Boston, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago etc etc all bad fan bases? Saying you'd like to go to a hypothetical game on a message board isn't a legally binding contract. 


You guys go on and on about Devils fans having a long way to go, as if every other fan base in the NHL flocks to all team events with their hands clasped on their laps and nary a drop of alcohol between them.  Well… all fan bases have the same kinds of people. All of them. From Boston to Miami to Anaheim to Vancouver to Montreal, all of them.  Some fans are drunken cursing morons. Some just want to enjoy some hockey. Some are eternally negative. Some are nauseatingly positive. Some go to every game. Some watch on TV. Some just check the box scores. Some ask for big ticket games and then complain when they get them. And some sit on their high horse with this narrow list of standards and practices that they want everyone else to follow because they believe that's the only way to be a 'good' fan. People shouldn't be persecuted for not attending a hockey game. 

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#1235459 Stadium Series Game: Are you going?

Posted by Devil Dan 56 on 02 January 2014 - 03:48 PM

Shhhh! Remember you're not supposed to make this an argument where one doesn't exist. There's no right or wrong choice here. <sarcasm>


It doesn't exist. I've yet to see one person pointed out who previously would 'definitely go no matter what' who is now complaining about the cold. In fact, only a handful of people even cited the weather as a reason not to go in this thread. And even if they changed their mind, who the hell cares why they don't want to go??

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#1230704 Would This Ever Fly In The NHL?

Posted by Devil Dan 56 on 05 December 2013 - 04:18 PM

It's really the same two, three people who must make an entire arena feel how they feel. Everyone else I know likes or doesn't care about YS chant. And the same two, three anti YS people are now comparing sporting events to shouting at potatoes at the supermarket! Lmao I can't argue w them anymore, I give up lol

If I wanna yell at the damned potatoes, so help me god, I'm gonna yell at the damned potatoes. I don't who those potatoes think they are, staring at me like that.

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#1230693 Would This Ever Fly In The NHL?

Posted by Devil Dan 56 on 05 December 2013 - 03:46 PM

This is always such a tough argument. I can't stand people who go to a game for the sole purpose of getting drunk and cursing and acting like morons. If you can't be a normal human being, stay home.... But on the other hand, the snobby, holier-than-thou attitude of the people on the other side of the argument is so over the top. It's one rung below "i'm a better person than you so I get to decide what's ok".


Devils Pride 26 has it right. You can't pretend you can stop all of the naughty words of 16000 other people. You need to understand that's part of a sporting event, however, people should also have the responsibility to know their surroundings, realize that they are in a public place, and try to act accordingly.


Having said that, I must add that heckling players, coaches, and the dirty evil cheating refs is every fan's god given right, and can be done quite creatively without having to drop f-bombs.

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#1230619 Would This Ever Fly In The NHL?

Posted by Devil Dan 56 on 05 December 2013 - 01:36 PM

Goal song argument in 5...4...3...2...

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#1230302 2013-14 OOT Thread

Posted by Devil Dan 56 on 04 December 2013 - 01:53 PM

Thats simple. By knowing youre gonna lose him and choosing long term instead of short term. 29 teams doesnt win the cup every year, yet they come back the next year, they survive. How many team lose 3 30 goals scorers for absolutely nothing withing 2 season but yet the GM is not to blame at all?


That would put you in a perpetual state of trading assets for fear of losing them, and then turning around and trading the assets you received again. You have to go for the shot at the cup. We all know that anything can happen once you get into the playoffs.

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#1230142 2013-14 OOT Thread

Posted by Devil Dan 56 on 03 December 2013 - 07:32 PM

I know you don't see it this way, but you use a LOT of 20/20 hindsight in your plans.
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#1229829 BuffaLOL @ The Rock

Posted by Devil Dan 56 on 02 December 2013 - 04:00 PM

I've said it before, but the fanbase has gotten much younger as the people who were kids when the cups were won have started buying tickets for themselves. Add in public transportation, and it's going to be a different crowd than the CAA. With a younger fanbase comes less maturity and less subtlety. These are just younger people who want to yell and make noise in support of the team.


I'm a little older now, and much less interested in standing and screaming like a banshee after I just worked for 9 hours and then drove another hour in traffic. Personally, I like to just sit back and enjoy the game itself.


However, I do understand that these things come with a younger fanbase, and it's not something unique to New Jersey. The Islanders have a similar group, in section 329 in the Coliseum. A friend of mine was one of the ones who started and lead that group 6 or 7 years ago. Now he's older, and he can't stand how obnoxious they are.


It's the same thing in Jersey. It's not the kids getting louder, it's that there's a lot more of them now and we have gotten older. I'm not a fan of the whole 'sucks/swallow' thing at all, but I do like having some life in the building at times. Sadly, a lot of the noise now feels manufactured. I think their hearts are in the right place, in that most of them truly believe they are helping the team or the atmosphere. Unfortunately, you do have the occasional one who thinks he's hilarious and original and that we paid to listen to him all game. They tend to be the loudest of all (and drunk). All in all though, I prefer natural crowd noise of people who are enjoying the game and not trying to be the star of it.


That being said, the horn and cowbell should really be used in moderation and to the beat of the chants. It tends to sound like a 'noise for the sake of noise' type of mess. Last Monday, I thought a lab monkey was hitting the cowbell every time he wanted a treat.



Edit... and once again, CR1976 puts a similar idea together in a much more concise and less-rambling way. Read his post instead haha....

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#1222792 Devils Waive Olesz

Posted by Devil Dan 56 on 04 November 2013 - 07:03 PM

i dont even know why we picked him up in the first place


He was a former #7 overall pick who had some pretty nice numbers before a real bad knee injury. It had potential to be a solid addition if he found his game again.

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#1219861 Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

Posted by Devil Dan 56 on 25 October 2013 - 05:29 PM


And before those last 5 years, things were going pretty smoothly for the previous 25 or so years.  What happened that this fan base can't accept to act like it did just 5 years ago?  Has this fanbase turned into a bunch of man-children who have the incredible urge to curse and chant dumb chants and cannot fathom going to a game without them?


Also in that link there is this:


  • Guests shall comply with the direction and instructions of Prudential Center staff.

That means its their rules or out you go.  It's their building so they can do what they want and people seem to have trouble grasping at that.

First off, you are having a terrible time understanding that I mostly agree with your point about it being their building and their decision. I'm saying they are doing an awful and overly heavy-handed job of putting their ideas into action. You can't please everyone, but they have to understand they are going from pleasing one group to IMMEDIATELY pleasing another with no transition process. This will create backlash. It's natural. The only voice fans have, other than their physical voice which is now being silenced, is their wallet.


As for the lowly fans you can't stand, the fan base has gotten much younger with the move to Newark. Younger people act, well, younger. It's part of a growing fan base.  I'm not a huge fan of the overly rowdy drunken crowd either. That's why I almost always sell off my NYR or Philly tickets. The worst seem to come out for those and it's not worth the hassle. But I understand that they enjoy the game differently than I do. As childish as they come off for demanding juvenile chants and drinking until they are sick (and it is childish), you ALSO come off in a childish manner by demanding that everyone see things through your prism and not acknowledging other peoples ideas of 'fun' just because it doesn't match your own. If they don't want to spend their hard earned money on a slightly cleaner experience than what they are used to, that is their prerogative. And again, I say this as someone who probably enjoys games in a very similar manner to how you enjoy them.

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#1219126 For those of you who thought Marty would object...

Posted by Devil Dan 56 on 23 October 2013 - 03:00 PM

Brodeur should be in denial... he's a pro athlete that's how their ego works.


That's exactly it. The same mentality that they need to succeed is the one that makes it hard for them to go. It happens a lot with people on the top of their sports.

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#1219045 Gelinas at Devils' Practice

Posted by Devil Dan 56 on 23 October 2013 - 11:22 AM

Rich Chere @Ledger_NJDevils 4m

Lou Lamoriello will speak with the media shortly.





"Everything is status quo. You did not see Gelinas at practice. When you have time you use it. Marty is our starter. Elias has the flu. Clowe is fine but he's on IR just because."

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#1219036 Gelinas at Devils' Practice

Posted by Devil Dan 56 on 23 October 2013 - 11:15 AM

Nice! I'm very excited to watch Deboer scratch Gelinas every game and drive is all insane!

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#1218755 Lundqvist 2013 - new pad rule?

Posted by Devil Dan 56 on 22 October 2013 - 04:22 PM

This is why the R & R part II song is going away - because we have a tiny minority of immature Devils' fans that worry about stupid classless things, such as Henrik's pad size...

Are we serious people?

Who cares really. Let's worry about our own team and not about the Rangers. We both have lots to worry about.

Could you post a list of things that are acceptable in your eyes? We wouldn't want you going into threads you aren't interested in by accident.
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#1218125 Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

Posted by Devil Dan 56 on 19 October 2013 - 08:00 PM

To all the "you suck" people: are you actually trying to ruin things for everyone else, or is there just some sort of impulse you can't control?



This is why we can't have nice things.

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