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30 March 2014 - 09:40 PM

Pretty interesting review but I have an observation on one of your lines:


"Inevitably, the film’s troubles lie in its one-sidedness.  A good documentary presents both sides of an issue and allows the viewer to decide for themselves"


While in a perfect world this line would make sense, how many documentaries that you see that earn universal praise do this?  Two examples of somewhat recent documentaries that have had huge impacts but are pretty much entirely one-sided are Gasland and An Inconvenient Truth.


My point is rarely do any modern documentaries give equal time to both sides.  They are pretty much always made with an agenda whether they are valid ones or not.  I think your review was a little unfair in that regard.


Fair enough, but there's a fine line between having an opinion and being completely propagandized.  This one felt entirely too "rah rah" craft brewers and while I agree whole-heartedly with the sentiment, a genuine POV from the big boys would have been nice.


For some excellent neutral docs, I'd recommend Lake of Fire, The Act of Killing, Restrepo and Wasteland to start.  And Michael Moore is an ass, but at least he has more film construction skill.  Beer Wars was well intentioned but too amatuerish to recommend to the masses.


Thanks for checking it ou!

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28 March 2014 - 10:40 AM

For those interested, I wrote a review for Beer Wars that you can check out here.  Sadly, it is not kind and yes, to those old school people who remember Crasher's Movies thread from many moons ago, I still review, only for actual sites now!



In Topic: BEER

09 March 2014 - 07:21 PM

Glad to see this thread is still rolling along.  Not to jump in the in Bev conversation, but I don't care where a pint comes from, so long as it's good.  I think Bud bought out Goose Island and I still like a good sampling of their stuff.  When the quality dips due to mass production, I'll mourn, but for now, I'm not tasting a difference.  The big three cater to the masses and that's fine.  Life is such now-a-days where if you want something different, the different stuff is out there.  Like anything cool, you just need to look for it, which everyone here does!


As for Beer Wars, I screened it last night for a review and it was decent at best.  Good docs have to present both sides and this one came off as a Michael Moore style smear campaign.  The bits about the lobbying was pretty interesting and I never knew about the three tier distribution system, but overall it was entirely too "beverage socialist".  It also doesn't help that it's four years old and craft beer has exploded since then.  The small guys have taken the time to grow naturally through word of mouth and good business sense and don't need the "big system" to turn a profit.  Plus, the lady who narrated the film was obnoxious as all hell.  Plus, she founded Mikes Hard Lemonade, which is a beer in the loosest possible sense of the world.


As for beer, I've been on a great trying kick lately.  Note, I now live in Austin, Texas which has an unbelievable craft beer culture.  My favorite spot only sells Texas craft beer...yeah, Texas only and they have 40 plus taps.  Even if you're the crappiest, frat boy bar on Dirty Sixth, you better have at least Goose Island, Fat Tire or something borderline crafty to stay afloat.


Atwater Brewery - Decedent Dark Chocolate


Not a fan at all.  I love instense chocolate in my brew, but this tasted like a cold cup of hot cooca with measly malt and hops.  Very blah.


Jester King - Commercial Suicide Oaked Farmhouse Mild


I've been getting more and more into sour farmhouses and this one is intense.  Jester King is nothing but distinctive and I think the mild in the description is supposed to be a "ha ha, fooled you" type of gag.  An Austin original and hard to get outside the state.


Great Divide - Orabelle


I love when a Belgian Blonde has good flavor and this one doesn't disappoint.  Sweet maltiness with some wheat characteristics make it a nice, refreshing pour.


Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale


I know this has been around for a hot minute, but this was my first go 'round with it.  I'm very hit or miss on Dogfish Head, but you have to respect their passion for brewing interesting stuff.  Loved this one as it had just the right combination of IPA hops with brown nuttiness.  Need to grab a sixer of this next time I see it.


Uinta Dubhe Imperial Black IPA


I've been crazy into Black IPA's and the craft world agrees, as it looks like the "next big thing".  This one is lovely with just the right amount of hops and chocolate to balance out an undertone of malt.  Really strong.


Also, if anybody does Untappd, friend me up!  njskaguy33 is the user name, Bill Tucker is the proper name.

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