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#1329796 Devils Survivor 2015

Posted by RunninWithTheDevil on 02 October 2015 - 11:22 AM

I'm bored. Cory will obviously win.



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#1323865 Lou is New Toronto GM

Posted by RunninWithTheDevil on 23 July 2015 - 11:45 AM

But wow. Arguably the best coach in the NHL, and now one of the best GMs ever at the helm.. the Leafs might actually turn things around now.

If DM or MSweet has any intention of keeping this forum running, he won't be here - via Beetlebum, WD'A, or any other account he tries to make.

He was probably happier than a pig in sh!t when he got to break the news here. Beetle is one of the main culprits as to why I barely post anymore. We've lost a lot of good people from this forum because we for some reason like to tolerate trolls and give them a fair shake. People criticized me last time I called for his IP to be banned, but its so painfully obvious his endgame is only to troll.

We will lose more regular members again this year and eventually this forum will just be Triumph and CR yelling at each other in every thread while PK cries in a cob-web covered corner with her Stevens bobblehead.
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#1323666 I maked you something

Posted by RunninWithTheDevil on 22 July 2015 - 03:28 AM

I hope you like it



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#1307371 Gary Glitter Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison for Sex Offenses

Posted by RunninWithTheDevil on 27 February 2015 - 12:13 PM

I can separate the two...the fact that the guy is a degenerate scumbag doesn't mean its not a catchy song. 


Nope sorry, every time i hear the song I think of it.  The guy you hear singing has tried to fvck little girls for the past 40+ years.


Ferris Buellers Day Off is my FAVORITE movie, but I can't look at Ed Rooney the same way knowing he tried to fvck little boys IRL

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#1303563 RNRP2: Gary Glitter found guilty

Posted by RunninWithTheDevil on 05 February 2015 - 04:30 PM

Guess there won't be a...




Rock and Roll Part 4




I hope this POS gets shanked in prison honestly.


and thats awesome ^^^ i dont think I've ever been to a Devs game where the crowd has joined in singing

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#1298601 'The Dancin' Larry discount'

Posted by RunninWithTheDevil on 30 December 2014 - 10:25 PM



fvcking douchebags kept 200+ people waiting in the freezing cold in 2012 for the Praise signing while they spent 2 hours letting friends and family skip the line and walk from warm car to front door. Then told everyone waiting to leave and that Zach was leaving. fvcking unorganized douches. I wanted to bite the guys dumb nose off his stupid face.

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#1285875 What is wrong with our fanbase

Posted by RunninWithTheDevil on 29 October 2014 - 01:58 PM

did you just start a threat this past week about ousting our new owners over some stupid goal song?  seems childish yes

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#1284392 Join the revolution oust Hugh

Posted by RunninWithTheDevil on 24 October 2014 - 01:44 PM

That's fbook though. It's like reading comments on Yahoo news articles and then declaring that everyone on the planet is either a racist, sexist, an a$$hole, idiot or all of the above. That's not he way most people are though. On the internet there are just certain places where there tends to be high concentrations of those kinds of people or people who get their kicks by acting that way while hidden behind a keyboard.

This forum isn't fbook though and no need to argue here over what you read there.


have you BEEN to a game?

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#1265587 Confronting the Nightmare - UPDATE: NIGHTMARE OVER, KINGS WIN!

Posted by RunninWithTheDevil on 26 May 2014 - 11:12 AM

I'd be cool with the Rangers beating the Kings.  It would serve Hamden right. (my home town if you haven't read the background)



are you joking? the team the Devils lost the cup to? and the Rangers beat them?  They still talk about 94 like it was last year, like they have some sort of dynasty.  We wont hear the end of it

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#1213978 Devils getting rid of R&R part 2 as their goal song?

Posted by RunninWithTheDevil on 06 October 2013 - 12:38 PM

all of you are seriously fvcking ridiculous.  just reading all this existensial BULLSH1T about a fvcking goal song not being "classy" or "celebrating the other teams failures" you all sound like a goddamn college-level philosophy class.  


ITS A FVCKING CHANT to celebrate a goal I DONT THINK ANYONE ELSE THINKS "HEY the devils just scored, this chant TOTALLY means that we are taking the attention off the devils"  :blahblah:  give me a fvcking break.  Youre taking this sh!t waaaaaay to literally.  Its a goddamn hockey game.


changing the song back to RRp2 was one of the few things the devils have done right to the fans in these past few seasons, and if 2 little words after HEY really piss you off that much then dont go.  you look like a fvcking idiot if you're actually debating the semantecs of this to THAT extent.  Casting the attention on the other team MY ASS.  We are celebrating like Jerseyans its the most JERSEY chant ever. We are Jersey right?


As for the people saying that the Devils shouldnt have to cater to us......... uhhh, yeah, the fvcking should, they aren't paying me are they? we pay them. so yeah they should do what the fans want. morons.



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#1172137 Random lagging, forum developer say they fixed it.

Posted by RunninWithTheDevil on 18 February 2013 - 10:17 PM

at first i thought it was the banner ads but i noticed it when i manually disable them too.


also dont forget, if you guys are using FIREFOX or CHROME with AdBlock Plus like i do, or any other ad blocking software, disable it for NjDevs.com so the board can earn ad revenue for your visits.

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#1160565 LETS GO DEVILS!

Posted by RunninWithTheDevil on 06 January 2013 - 09:11 AM



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#1141028 on November 11, when Minnesota comes to town, what do we do to Zach?

Posted by RunninWithTheDevil on 05 July 2012 - 02:03 PM

Devils vs Wild cup final. Devils in 4.
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Posted by RunninWithTheDevil on 30 May 2012 - 04:19 PM

What intangible, what x-factor do we have that is going to make us tougher to beat than the top 3 teams in the West? I'm curious.

a clutch team with clutch players and clutch heart :koolaid:
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#1125247 How many times have you watched "IT"S OVER"?

Posted by RunninWithTheDevil on 28 May 2012 - 01:06 PM

can i just leave this here?

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