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Devils Survivor 2015

01 August 2015 - 06:35 PM

I'm bored. Cory will obviously win.

Old rules:


Ok, so we have not done this in awhile, but I figured we could try it again, being that we have this LONG extended off season.


So every player starts with 10 pts.  you can "vote" once a day by talking a point from 1 player and adding it to another.


for example:


Elias                10

Hedberg           10


I decide I want to take from hedberg & give to Elias, it would not be


Elias                11

Hedberg           9


When a player gets to 0 they are out.

Please make sure you update the list evertime you vote, also it helps if we keep the players inorder of their points.

So here is the starting Point..

Begin your voting!




To start, im using the current nhl.devils.com Roster, minus the Clowe-bar.

NEW RWTD RULE:  You may add a prospect/farm player using a plus sign and bold, and one point per day.

EDIT 8/3: Added players cannot be down-voted before they hit 3 points  will start with 10 points.

If they hit Zero again, they are out for good

For instance--   
MIKE CAMMALLERI                    10
MIKE CAMMALLERI                     9
+SETH HELGESON            10

MIKE CAMMALLERI                      10
PATRIK ELIAS                              10
STEPHEN GIONTA                        10
ADAM HENRIQUE                         10
JACOB JOSEFSON                       10
KYLE PALMIERI                            10
TUOMO RUUTU                            10
JORDIN TOOTOO                           9
TRAVIS ZAJAC                              10
ANDY GREENE                              10
JON MERRILL                               10
JOHN MOORE                               10
DAMON SEVERSON                       10
YANN DANIS                                 10
KEITH KINKAID                              10
CORY SCHNEIDER                         11

I maked you something

22 July 2015 - 03:28 AM

I hope you like it