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In Topic: The College Football Thread

11 September 2007 - 03:17 PM

I am not arguing what is "more popular" (although the next time an NFL game has an attendance north of 100,000 let me know) I am arguing which is better. College is so much better than the NFL it is not even funny. You really don't want to bring up competitive games. I mean Sunday afternoon I got to see New England 38 Jets 14 and Minnesota 24 Atlanta 3. Not to mention the NFL's showcase Thursday game that featured a nailbiting 31 point victory by the Colts. Is McDonalds more popular than say Shake Shack? Sure. But there is no contest on who makes a better burger.

I love when people argue moronic points to the death....
So here are some rebuttals for your ridiculous argument that college football is better than the most popular sport in America, the National Football League

-First of all name one NFL stadium that has a capacity of 100,000....what would posess you to think that was a good point?

-Second of all, let me ask you a question, do the teams in the NFL get better or worse than in college football? answer this.

-One word for this point - Playoffs.

-Wtf is shake shack?

-16 regular season games that all mean something, and if you lose one against a tough team, you arent eliminated from being in title contention.

- Did I mention the teams are infinitely better than in college?

- While were listing blowouts......
Purdue 52 /Easter Ill 6
LSU 48 Va. Tech 7 - in what was supposed to be one of the marquee matchups of the season #2 vs #9....
Oklahoma 51 Miami 13

Some great games too, like Cal/CSU, and Nebraska/Wake

but in the NFL both of last nights games were awesome, the Sunday night game was awesome, the Chargers/Bears was awesome....
NFL=Best Players in the world, much faster, much harder hitting, much more skill
College FB = Upsets, pagentry, bands, best OT system of any sport, and a heinous BCS system

I like them both, but the NFL is king

Once again, I love college football, but to say its better than the NFL is asinine, and i think most people would disagree with you. But hey its your personal opinion, its just wrong. :boogie:

This quote will go in giant letters on my signature to show how much of a prick you are...you really should consider going to anger management classes, or get a woman, or do something. You have issues, serious issues.

:evilcry: :evilcry:

In Topic: The College Football Thread

11 September 2007 - 02:49 PM

Wow, dumping on PK? What a jackass. You remind me of that "The Yankees always choke in August" guy from the Yankee thread., And she is right. College football >>>>> the NFL. There were nearly 30 college football games on TV Saturday (just Saturday!). This was a big TV week for the NFL with 7 games. The only thing the NFL has over college is a playoff system.

You're both wrong, the NFL is bigger than College Football its not even funny, check the ratings man...
It doesnt matter if there are 30 games on Saturday when only 5 of them are competitive. and dont get me wrong, I love College ball, but the NFL is an unstoppable behemoth in this country, and is the most popular sport by far. So this is a silly thing to argue, because its a well known fact.

In Topic: The College Football Thread

11 September 2007 - 02:47 PM

At least Notre Dame is rebuilding this year. 2-3 years from now this team will win the national championship. Michigan doesnt have an excuse. Seinor QB, Seinor HB, both were heisman contenders. With a great offensive line. Notre Dame has a Freshman backfield of Jimmy Claussen and Amado Allen.

Ohh yeah, College Football live is saying Chad Henne is out for this week.

Thats been known for quite some time. With Henne....
Michigans problem is not their offense, its their defense. They only scored 7 against a good Oregon defense because of awful turnovers and bad play calling. but they do just plain suck. so does Notre Dame, i see Michigan beating Notre Dame on the back of Michael Hart (who guarnteed victory, btw)

In Topic: Poll - Who Makes The Cut? - Select 5

11 September 2007 - 01:52 PM

My selection is easy for me. Rupp, Janssen Asham will definatly be on the club. I believe Clarksonn would make the final cut. Hes definatly worthy of playing on the team. I dont think past those 4 anyone is a clear cut but Viuhkola is the best choice i believe, if not its Pelley.

Agreed. Clarkson is a classic devils mold player.

In Topic: Cop Caught on Video

11 September 2007 - 01:51 PM

Sounds like a Napoleanic complex.

Now I have to go arrest someone.

What did you find all those pot plants Im growing?