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In Topic: GDT: Montreal Canadiens @ NJ DEVILS 7:00PM

30 November 2007 - 03:00 PM

Go Devils! I'm nervous about this game, they are 1-3 when I attend so far this year but hopefully they improve upon that.

Brian, I finally found my luck devils hat in the bottom of my closet! That thing has an amazing undefeated record(38-0-5-0 at CAA)! ...no wonder I started out 1-2 at the rock. Things are looking up >=]


In Topic: Avery to meet with Colin Campbell

12 November 2007 - 10:00 PM

If it is true that he said anything to Blake about his cancer then that is just absolutely disgusting. That is really sinking to another level.

Didn't think it was possible for that scumbag to sink lower... White needs to come back and deck his ass again asap!


12 November 2007 - 11:37 AM

(N)Đ„verson just has to throw that in there... What a little bitch

Of course he does... But hey, it's not like Roy had an ENTIRE season in his prime locked out coming off back to back Vezinas.

The way I see it the shootout victories will make up for the wins Brodeur would have had if the 04-05 season existed.

In Topic: GDT LEAFS @ DEVILS 11/2/07 7PM FSNY/HD XM 207 660AM

03 November 2007 - 09:08 AM

Great game and a great night. I decided to meet up with my girlfriend and my friend Jeff at Fanwood for the 5:35 train. Luckily, we were able to get some $10 seats despite arriving a half hour before game time. After getting in I toured more of the arena that I didn't see on opening night. The cigar stand looked cool but I didn't even bother to check prices on that. I once again was loving the food. The best part of the night was moving down from 233 to one of the $100 sections. I noticed there seems to be a lack of ushers there/caring and took advantage of the situation. It left my with prime time seats for some of Marty's great saves, Madden's awesome shorthanded goal and Parise's goal.

I really liked the line up up and down tonight. Its only going to get better when Langenbrunner comes back. Hopefully they keep playing strong and beat the Rangers tomorrow.

Yeah, it was a great night with 'perfect timing' all around. Making the train, getting a free ride, getting tens, sneaking down to the 2nd row of the end ice balcony, it was a great night. We'll definitely have to do that again sometime. I not sure about Monday night yet, but if Marty is gunning for 500 I'll try to make it.

In Topic: How was your experience getting to and leaving the arena?

29 October 2007 - 03:39 PM

I took the 6:37am train from Bridgewater into Newark Penn, arriving at 7:15am. It was still dark outside and pouring, but did not feel threatened by anyone while walking a few blocks to the arena. i got to the arena at 7:20am, right by the box office and saw a kid my age there(20) with younger kid playing cars on a camping cooler. I asked them if they were waiting on line for the $10 seats and they nodded... I was #3 on line. They, Matt and David, were from the Bronx, but love the Devils. First thing they said to me was "At least we're not the only crazy ones doing this." I laughed and said "Hey, gotta support the team!"(my favorite Seinfeld episode). The kids interviewed by nhl.com actually showed up a little over an hour after we did.

At 11am the box office opened. Everyone on line, about 15-20 of us, were given the option to go inside and see what tickets were available for the game... I was able to snag a $25 ticket in section 231! (A ticket that was originally held for a potential 8 game flex plan package that didn't sell). So with my ticket secured, not having to stand on line in the rain anymore, and having 8 hours to kill before the game, the three of us went exploring around Newark. I bonded pretty fast with Matt and David and we plan on going to a game or two together this year(Matt was wearing a personalized White Devs jersey with Butterworth on the back, I was wearing my white Pro Player Elias Jersey).

One funny moment from Saturday happened when we walked into a local shoe store. A sales associate immediately showed us that they had the new Jordans in and asked us if the Devils still had "Bookers". "Bookers?" Yeah Bookers...that goalie." Lmao

The game was pretty good up until the third period, but the arena is amazing. I had a pretty easy time getting home on the Raritan Valley Line, so I'll definitely take the train in when I go to my next game. It was worth the wait to be a part of history.