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In Topic: What are the positive you're gonna look at next season?

22 July 2015 - 08:13 AM

I'm looking forward to Palmeri.  I don't think he was brought up enough.  He's a young RW that was stuck behind players in Anaheim and would very much like to see him play well; not to mention he is from NJ (albeit not a Devils fan).


Agreed. Honestly, I keep forgetting he's on the roster!



And the Devils will be in the Matthews sweepstakes, given that NJ is not expected to make the playoffs and the new lottery system will be in effect for picks 1-3... plus, it's not like the last-place team wins the draft lottery all that often.


Between 1995 and 2005, the last-place team won the draft lottery only twice: Ottawa (1996), and Boston (1997).


Since the lost lockout season, the last-place team won the draft lottery four times: St. Louis (2006), Tampa Bay (2008), NYI (2009), Edmonton (2010).



In Topic: Is This the Patty Elias Swan Song Season?

21 July 2015 - 04:59 PM

If he stays healthy, I'd love to see him accept -- and be happy with -- some kind of a mentor/elder statesman role for the rebuild on a yearly basis. If he can still help out on the third/fourth line and be a veteran presence, that's great. The Devils have the potential for a very young team next year, especially if Elias leaves... and teams do need vets to provide leadership. We also know Zacha has great respect for him. It would be nice to see him pass the torch.


Next season the oldest Devils under contract are Mike Cammalleri (he'll be 34), Andy Greene (33), Ryan Clowe (33), Travis Zajac (31), and Corey Schneider (30). That's two veteran forwards -- can't really rely on Clowe -- out of a group of 12 taking the ice on a nightly basis... if Elias doesn't get re-upped, they'll bring in some other vets to help out.

In Topic: What are the positive you're gonna look at next season?

20 July 2015 - 03:46 PM

I was thinking the same thing, someone hopefully someone surprises us at forward. 


I read HF sometimes just because of sheer amount of people posting and most are predicting the Devils to battle Canes for last in the conference.  While I don't think that will be the case with CS in net, I get a little less enthusiastic about the upcoming season.  I do look forward to the young D, and also do have hope that someone will surprise us at forward.

I'm excited for this season - but fully expect another top-10 draft pick kind of season. I think battling it out with the Canes for last place might be a bit much (...he says with rose-colored glasses...) but I expect to duke it out with Philly for next to last/third to last place.


I'd like to see the Devils beat the Flyers & Rangers in every matchup, and then finish next-to-last place in the division to further the rebuild. Of course, that could alienate/piss off Schneider...

In Topic: What are the positive you're gonna look at next season?

20 July 2015 - 03:44 PM

After reading about his contract status, I think that he may be going back to his Czech team and that juniors was for one year.  I could be wrong, but that would make sense for having the exchange agreement having the Devils pay 100k since the NHL would be blocking him from playing in the Czech league and his contract with them, no?

My understanding is that he's under contract for Sarnia next season, as well - but if he changes and moves to the NHL, then the Devils are on the hook to his old team in the Czech league for a transfer fee. What I'm unclear about is whether Sarnia is required to pay that fee next season (and this past one) or if it's strictly an NHL clause.

In Topic: Do the Devils Have a Moses?

20 July 2015 - 12:54 PM

I like the inclusion of Greene in the discussion. I'm hopeful that Schneider will still be with the Devils when they experience a championship again (but I'm an optimist)


Similarly, I feel like Zajac could be in the mix, especially if he posted better numbers post-Parise, even 50 points/82 games consistently. The guy's a consummate professional, just doesn't have the skill to really be a first line center. Works his ass off every shift, does everything the coaches ask, never complains. Maybe he's the guy who helps younger forwards in the organization (Henrique, Boucher, Matteau, Zacha, etc.) learn the ropes and guide the way, only to be bought out/traded when the team really pulls it together.


Then again, his contract is long enough -- and I'm an optimist -- that maybe he's the older veteran presence on the 2nd/3rd line anchoring the forwards behind some of the aforementioned guys when the Devils are consistently contenders again. At least, I hope so.