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Building a Contender

08 April 2015 - 08:31 AM

I had a much better post written out last night and when I went to post it deleted. Anyway:

The premise was despite the Devils needing an entire top line, that could take 3 years or longer to build. The fastest way to improve is to remove the blackholes. Idea was sparked by SM in chat last night. Remove Fraser, Zubrus, Gelinas for starters and replace them with "replacement level" players. Someone who can at least pull their own weight.

NJ is in a tricky situation. Half the fanbase sees the glass half full; 2/3 full actually, as BB keeps saying. Defense and goalie have been gutted over the course of three years into a strength. Schneider, Merrill, Larsson, and Severson here now with a platoon of others (Santini, Jacobs, etc.) waiting in the wings.

Others have an opinion of NJ being beyond doomed with no forwards, no significant forward prospects, and no reason to believe that'll change with Conte's draft record of the last decade. They feel the last drops of water have evaporated a couple years ago.

The Devils should be doing everything they can to acquire top talent. Whether or not they are able to land it, NJ should focus on improving the bottom five players on the roster as Bill Parcells was obsessed with. The forward corps is weak right now. If they can be improved to mediocre, add the right coach, and Schneider posts a .925% this team will be in the mix next year.

Back to Basics

19 March 2015 - 12:46 PM

Say what you will about how the Devils have been playing lately, one thing is evident: they are much harder to play against. I've been MIA for a lot of the season not able to watch a whole lot being tied up with my own team.

Watching the last few games, it's easy to see the lack of breakdowns. Very few odd man rushers, few breakaways, strong structural in zone defense. Cory seeing most shots, stopping everything and rebounds as well. Defense has been limiting second chances.

Offensively it's been ugly but we're getting back to the interchangeable parts system where no man is relied on more than anyone else. Hell, we shut out the Pens with Gelinas and Fraser playing together.

Point is, this is a good sign for next year. I don't worry about the shot totals, I think that is more evidence of lake of talent in the system. As we increase the forward talent, shot totals will balance out