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Landing Spots for Brodeur

01 May 2014 - 01:38 PM

Instead of working on my thesis, I was compelled to look at potential landing spots for Brodeur - should he not re-sign or retire.

It should be noted that this is pure speculation. Keep in mind Brodeur was quoted saying he wants to play "more than this year" and on a contending team. I don;t think there is a team that can give him both. I think he'll have to pick a pure backup role on a good team or play 50 on a bad one.

San Jose? Niemi has put up pretty good regular season numbers, but wasn't so hot this postseason. Perhaps SJ gives Marty a look.

Pittsburgh? We've seen what happens to MAF in the postseason, and if he has another round like that again, I could see them looking for a veteran with experience they could lean on as a backup instead.

Montreal? Hometown reasons obviously, backup Carey Price play 20 or so games.

Washington? Holtby is the current starter, and didn't have the greatest season this year. Although seems like the Caps view him as the starter after moving Halak's rights.

And most interesting of them all... Philadelphia... Mason is the current starter but I bet Brodeur could get a decent amount of games. Couple that with the fact that he said in his book he thought Philly would be a great city to play for while having their front office making head scratching decisions - I doubt it, but it could happen.

Again, this is all pure speculation but I'm starting to feel weird about Brodeur wearing another jersey. Please retire.
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