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In Topic: Under-the-radar players to watch in training camp

13 September 2007 - 03:43 PM

no offense, but really, how many of us have seen him play? viuhkola could be a 4th liner, a checker, a solid face-off guy, or maybe a great point producer in the NHL. Most, if not all of us dont know this guy at all. The coaching staff will be trying to figure out how his game translates to NA now, during camp. We will have to wait and see before we just assume he gonna be on the 4th line.

Sorry, I'm new here. I know Viuhkola well, I've seen him play for about 5 years now. Please take in consideration that he has to change his style a little as he will be trying his wings in the NHL so it might take time, but this guy's a stud. Actually, he's more of a god here in Northern Finland. For his old team, he's been the guy who would never let you down (he was also the Kärpät captain). He takes the face-offs, (was in the top 3 if not the best in the league) does the PK and PP and he was on the ice during the last two minutes in the playoff semifinals 2007, when we were down one goal, one man and when our goalie was on the bench. And he scored.

He doesn't really hit often, so he can't be called a grinder. But he does hit hard. And he's a "defense first" - type of player, but definitely doesn't lack any offensive skills. He practices hard, was always one of last to leave the ice.

His only flaw - his skating looks lazy. He isn't that slow, he just looks like he is. In Finland, he had no hurry, rarely was he challenged with the puck, and if he was, nobody could get it away. Sometimes he'd just float through the whole ice with the puck just for fun, and then pass the puck away to a winger. We Kärpät fans knew him as Maestro. He can score, but his best weapon is his great eye for the game and those passes. I don't know what it's called in English, but in Finnish they're called "lätty". They're flat, low-flying hard shots straight to your stick blade.

I'll repeat it once again, I don't know how he will turn out in the NHL. But the guy's a legend here. And he's a nice person off-ice too, very down-to-earth and friendly (might be shy when speaking English though).

Here's some of his accomplishments:
World Championship Silver 2007
World Championship Bronze 2006
Finnish Champion 03/04, 04/05, 06/07
IIHF European Champions Cup Silver 04/05, 05/06
U18 European Championship Silver 1998
Matti Keinonen Trophy for best +/- stats 03/04
Finnish All-Star Team 06/07
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