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In Topic: Sutter says he'll decide soon

08 June 2009 - 05:59 PM

I really want Sutter back. I like the system he has in place for the Devils. However, I don't want him to be here if he isn't 100% behind this team.

Believe me, he wonīt be behind the bench next October, if heīs not ready to give his best.

It has been a frustrating process for us fans, but itīs nowhere near the agony Sutter is going through. It is a good thing that he is openly weighing his options. Iīll rather see him go through his obligations in NJ and his obligations in Alberta. It is far better for all parties involved if he leaves than being miserable and stay here just because he has a contract. And thatīs what this is all about, is he ready to give hundred per cent or is he cutting ties with the Devils.

I really hope he will be back. But Iīll also respect that if chooses otherwise.


08 June 2009 - 04:09 PM

TSN usually has good articles but this text was a disappointment. Not much insight there or giving thought for the issues of the forthcoming summer. Departing with Gionta and/or Madden, trying to lure in a high-profile d-man? To fill in the blanks from within or to hire temporary labour force like Asham and Hävelid? How to address the fortcoming draft - go for a d-man, center or a goalie?

It was like reading a list for the grocery store; milk, bread, butter and cheese. Of course, there are a certain structure in these articles, but I wouldīve hoped much more than just listing our returning players and their statistics and the list of free agents.

In Topic: Thrashers sign Salmela to multi-year deal

05 June 2009 - 02:40 AM

This is a good thing for Anssi since in Atlanta he doesnīt have to play over his head to surpass seasoned veterans to earn a regular NHL job. Anssi is a diamond in the rough with razor-sharp edges. He has potential to be a top 4 -defenceman, heīs yet nowhere near that level, but needs to mature and get his head into the game along his heart.

Hävelid on the other hand wasnīt a success, but not a disaster either. You canīt put blame on Lou for making that trade. It was a good move that in principle gave Devils more depth for a reasonable price.

But anyways, Onnea matkaan*, Anssi.

*Good luck.

In Topic: Playing Lou

04 June 2009 - 03:30 PM

Ummmmm... that is 4 things.

Sorry for paying attention!

Hmmm... I always thought that Iīd have some problems with my grammar since English is my second language. But being able to make errors in basic math too is beyond me :rolleyes:

In Topic: Playing Lou

14 May 2009 - 05:19 AM

First to put it short; the three most important tasks during the summer are (stating the obvious):

1) Re-sign Zajac and Oduya

2) strengthen defense

3) Promote new faces, first and foremost Corrente and Bergfors

4) look at a center for 2nd/3rd line, if possible

Hereīs some armchair-managing, to be taken with a grain of salt. Right now there are so many doors open, so it is pretty much just giving a mere thought of things.

It certainly isnīt easy be in Louīs shoes right now, as if ever. The Devils have a number of free agents to be signed and then alaready a couple of big paydays around the corner during the next two offseasons. Plus there are some significant money tied up til 2012. And I wouldnīt even dream of getting any of the forward juggernauts (Hossa, Gaborik etc) on the free agent market since there are already enough money tied up to forwards.

Iīd like both Zajac and Oduya to get signed with a three-year-deal worth 9-9,5 million. Oduya might be due to a slightly bigger raise, since puck-moving d-men are in demand. Iīd also depart with both Gionta and Madden. Itīs not about hating them or whatnot, but more of a question doing a facelift and preparing for the forthcoming years and the inevitable retirement of the current core of skaters, namely Elias, Langenbrunner, Rolston and White. Since there are already almost 34 millions tied through the season 2011-2011, this team cannot afford to carry a load of expensive veterans, but select the best among them (and settle with what they have) and try to fill in the blanks with young and cheap players.

It stings, since Gio has been a consistent playehttp://www.njdevs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=45063&st=260&gopid=761645&#r (outside scoring, that is) while many others havenīt like Zubrus. Besides Gio would have to take a hometown discount to stay, while some other GM is likely to throw a bigger offer for him. Departing with Madden is a double-bladed sword as well. Itīs not like he couldnīt handle the 3rd line duties, but more of a question to not anymore giving the team a chance to fall back into its old habits such as line matching. Madden would be ok for one more year, but weīll see. And on the other hand, the team needs to promote new faces and let go of the sentiments of the glory days of the late 1990īs and early 2000īs.

The first priority outside signing the key free agents is to strengthen the defense. It includes renewal from within and namely promoting Matt Corrente. Thatīs one step, but the defense really needs another top-4 d-man, preferably a first-pairing player. It is easier to say this than actually get this done without handcuffing the team furthermore with another big contract. The thing is that the market for decent d-men is thin.

Throwing in some names: Jay Bouwmeester? In fantasy land, yes. If this team was actually getting him, it would mean absolutely no chance to wiggle and would probably mean losing one of the trio Parise, Zajac and Martin or leaving empty-handed if trading Zubrus or Rolston. Mattias Öhlund? A good option, but is he willing to move out east and is he affordable as well? Weīll end up probably signing Milan Jurcina or Jaroslav Spacek. Or no one outside the organisation. But someone is brought in, let it be someone with a right-handed shot.

While waiting for Patrice Cormier, Zharkov and such to turn in bloom, and realising that Zubrus isnīt necessarily at his best playing center, a stop-gap center might come in handy, if thereīs actually cap room. Jason Williams wa s brought up as one possibility, but Iīd go with Steven Reinprecht if he was available. He can also play wing and contribute on 2nd pp too. It is totally lateral move and wonīt make the center department better than last year, I guess itīs better to put a patch on a wound than let it bleed. Or then weīll see Madden vacate the 3rd line furthermore, which has its virtues as well.

It is really hard to go anywhere the way this team and contracts are structured right now. The vets will perform and provide a playoff-spot, but to get the cut above of being a playoff team and turn into a serious contender canīt be done right now. Of course it is negotiabel, is that even a question of doing trades, though there are obvious holes in this teams.

And in the end: Iīd like to see something like this, though purely made with fantasy hockey logics.

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