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In Topic: Theo Fluery Released By Flames

25 September 2009 - 06:08 PM

I really dont understand why they couldnt make room for him on the third/fourth line. I really thought that he could bring a lot of positives to that team. Oh well, go figure

In Topic: Devils Sign Andrew Peters To 2-year Contract

25 September 2009 - 04:12 PM

I dont understand, is P3L not good enough?

In Topic: Corrente - What's My Point?

25 September 2009 - 12:45 PM

Please let me stop after this one summarizing post :pray:

So I said he's a German Shepard - he needs a very specific job or hell find a nice destructive one for himself. Working on this problem or that problem within himself is NOT good enough. he needs an outside job -- and outside goal. He needs to be trained to make the correct choices. I dont know if that can be done. Is that what's going on?

What I see -- he has a very quick mind that jumps to the wrong conclusion. You can count on that. Immaturity. Well news flash -- his maturity will come when he's 37 - do NOT expect it any sooner. He's the dad that you wonder why he never had the successful hockey career.

I know the organization sees it... but Scott Stevens is from a very different cultural place despite making a few unorthodox not going to college choices... Scott Stevens didn't go to college because he's an artist. Corrente didn't because he's impatient. ANYHOW so -- I worry Lou wont have any patience for the kid because he thinks he knows where he's coming from. It' just not the best blend for Corrente because I suspect he's got a touch of something Lou finds disdainful knows it can be changed and puts it down to lack of effort or brains or desire if the kid can't find the work around. I hope I'm wrong - but it's a path I can paint out from my imagination. It's the only one I see.

I have ZERO idea why I even care. I think just because I can't figure it out or see anything clearly. He sucked in camp last year -- his on ice choices made no sense to me and did not mesh with what he appears to be and that confused me. But he obviously doesn't just suck because he is being given every chance -- so I have it all wrong --- but I can NOT see what's RIGHT! so... anyhow... whatever I have to just step back and let it go and get back to hockey... the season can't start soon enough for me I tell you! When is Corrente's birthday... March 17... sh!t.. I think he missed the boat.. yeah -- he's a hockey dad - a wonderful perfect thing to be mind you -- soften the blow guys and teach him how to teach -- that's all ya got there! :evil:

I kill me! :rofl:

Have you been drinking?

In Topic: Devils Sign Center Rob Niedermayer

25 September 2009 - 12:35 PM

Hmm, i am really not sure how this is going to be helpful at all. In the last 3 seasons he generated a total of 53 points. I really dont see him putting up more than 25 (very optimistic) points this upcoming season. Also does this mean that they threw in the towel on Swift, who i think can at least do a little better than Niedermayer?