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I wish Rangers fans knew SOMETHING

14 October 2009 - 02:52 PM

Living amongst Rangers fans, as we all do, is not always easy. A few weeks ago I was introduced to a guy and this is how the conversation went..

Him: Girls dont know anything about hockey. And what team do you like?
Me: Devils.
Him: Yea, being a girl AND a Devils fan you dont know anything
At this point I had to laugh because I know more hockey stats than most guys I know, but I just let him ramble. Later on...
Him: Thanks for letting go of Gomez he's one of our best players
Me: Oh really? Then I guess the Canadiens are happy considering he doesnt play for the Rags anymore
Him: WHAT when did that happen?

and then heres the best
Him: You have to admit getting Gretzky was one of the best things they did
Me: What did he do for the Rangers?
Me: Not at all, so tell me.
Him: Ummm a Stanley Cup
Me: You know he wasnt on the team in 1994, right? That was all Messier
He made me wiki it on my phone to prove to him that I wasnt kidding. But again, he's right- females, especially Devils fans, dont know anything about hockey

AND TODAY i was talking to a guy in class..
Him: Marty isnt even good anymore. Especially for 8million, they could just put Clemmensen in
Me: 1. Marty doesnt make anywhere near 8mill and Henrik makes 2mill more than him. 2. I dont think the Panthers would go for that idea

He didnt believe me that Marty didnt make $8 and that Henrik makes more.