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In Topic: NFL Week 16!!!!

Today, 08:33 AM

CR....for lack of a better term, the Pats are less vulnerable than anyone else in the AFC....don't really have a weakness (especially when compared to the rest of the AFC)


...the Ravens are weird....so up and down....Jeckel and Hyde with home vs road games and such an inconsistent passing game....they should be dangerous but they have to have their "on games" all playoffs, I don't think they have the weapons to do that


I don't doubt fired up, motivated and all that....but the first long 12-14 play TD drive the Pats have Sunday is gonna delfate all the bravado and then things might get ugly


I was disappointed in last night's game....nothing is worse than two 2-win teams in December playing mistake-free football....that game needed some epic mistakes....you know like Brodeur letting in a red line goal :D

In Topic: NJ Devs Fantasy Football Smack Talk 2014

Yesterday, 10:38 PM

Wait....Leon Washington was available???


you're the only person in ALL of fantasy football shocked by this :lol:

In Topic: NFL Wek 15!!!

Yesterday, 09:20 PM

:lol: Jamie just Bronx Cheer'ed and yelled HOLY sh!t THEY GOT ACROSS THE FIFTY....HOORAY!!!!!

In Topic: NFL Wek 15!!!

Yesterday, 09:07 PM

I thought you couldn't wait to preview the anti-football game to end all anti-football games lol


Did you see the schedule for Saturday??? :wub:

In Topic: NFL Wek 15!!!

Yesterday, 08:11 PM

No, the Week 16 Preview isn't late.....since it's painfully obvious there is no NFL Football on the TV Tonight I do not feel the need to rush out a preview :lol: