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In Topic: The Devils are bad and it's time to tank

Today, 12:15 PM

Otherwise, I'm not offended by the new guy for questioning my fan bona fides.  I posted more  dumb crap when I first got here than I do now.


He should read your Tannehill hatred in the Dolphins thread :lol:

In Topic: NFL Week 12!!!!

Yesterday, 11:43 PM

Just like the Jets try every year to debunk the theory you need a competent NFL QB to win, the Chiefs are getting pretty arrogant that they don't need a playmaking WR.  I know Alex Smith can't throw the ball down the field anyway but jesus even a Mike Wallace-type would do their offense a world of good, someone that can take a short pass and make a big play on it.  Hell they might as well turn Charles into a WR and have Knile be their RB :lol:


You would think by ACCIDENT even that stiff Bowe would break one and get a TD by accident :P

Classic Andy Reid though....never adjusting.... and David Carr just pulled a Tebow, non-stop Jesus talk in his post-game.....


Fitting side note....that Raider RB Murray....as I was driving home the NFL channel was talking fantasy football, and the hosts were talking about how you had to be a desperate idiot to play Murray today against a Chiefs D who was stingy vs the run and they haven't let a rushing TD all season and you're a moron for thinking of starting the guy....112 yards, 2 TD and the 90-yyard bonus that in one of my leagues makes him a Jonas Gray kinda day (no he wasn't on the waiver wire when I looked the second I got home dammit :rant: )

In Topic: NFL Week 11!

Yesterday, 05:38 PM

how pissed would you be if you had to travel from upstate NY to detroit or pittsburgh that day


Compared to Buffalo?? :lol:

In Topic: NFL Week 11!

Yesterday, 11:44 AM

And they gave Blount TWO YEARS too :blink: ....he wasn't good enough to keep in the off-season, but now you bring him back....the frak!?!?

In Topic: NFL Week 11!

19 November 2014 - 05:37 PM

Boy is Blount gonna hate life in the real world because his last stint probably ended his NFL career.....marginal talent (well decent big man back)....but not worth the grief.....


The Vikings grabbing Tate tells you they want NO PART of Adrian Peterson in the future.....