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In Topic: NFL Off Season 2015 - Coaches, Caps, and Combines OH MY!

Yesterday, 01:06 PM

Four games for the Browns GM and his illegal texting crap as well... and $250,000 fine for the team....

In Topic: NFL Off Season 2015 - Coaches, Caps, and Combines OH MY!

Yesterday, 11:57 AM

Amazing how quick and harsh the Falcons get stomped on for "pumping in crowd noise" (which is an edge I do admit....) ....but yet we still wait on all the other ones about the big name teams we actually care about in the NFL




The Atlanta Falcons have been punished for pumping in crowd noise to their stadium.

The NFL fined the Falcons $350,000 and the franchise will forfeit their fifth-round selection in the 2016 NFL Draft, the league announced Monday. President Rich McKay will also be suspended for at least three months from the Competition Committee beginning April 1.


......your move Ted Wells.......

In Topic: WWE/TNA/ROH - Wrestling Thread

Yesterday, 11:46 AM

I was pretty disappointed with the HHH/Sting match....it really took the wind out of the middle of the show for me.....it was bad enough it was an overbooked MESS (and Sting deserved better....this looked like a TNA match in the Jarrett days)....but why in the hell would the nWo come out to help the one guy that whole purpose in life was to stop him? I know years passed, water under the bridge, but to see an nWo/D-X brawl?? Oiii.....was kinda pointless....I'd rather it had been Booker T and some other anti-authority guys (as much as I loathe Ryback's every breath, let him and Rowan kick some ass on DeGeneration X-Lax.....), and of couse Vince AGAIN has to remind you that he killed WCW one last time (even though he's the only person that still cared)......even the Rock and Ronda segment dragged wayyyy too long....take that and the concert out and put the tag match on the main show where it deserved to go..... the Rollins cash in was excellent and the Main Event did had a TON of drama since you're like "Aw sh!t, they're gonna make Roman look STRONG"....they made it damn near believable that Roman could win, there was a LOT of relief in my living room when Rollins finally got the 1-2-3, and you can see the challengers lining up for a shot at Rollins..... Orton/Rollins II at Extreme Rules could be amazing.....


the best line of the night came after from my GF "This wasn't a REAL Wrestlemania..... the Spanish Announce Table survived!!!"

In Topic: Should Daneyko continue as color commentator next year?

26 March 2015 - 08:15 PM

Daneyko would be fine....with a better play by play guy....that's the bigger problem (same one Chico had with him)....these guys need to be carried by a superior play by play guy.... the lil fella ain't it.....

In Topic: GDT: LA Kings @ Devils 7pm

24 March 2015 - 10:17 AM

zubes contract year coming up will inspire him to play better


Imagine the motivation of getting bought out then :)