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#1334589 Danterson returneth

Posted by CRASHER on 12 November 2015 - 03:56 PM

If half the stuff Frost has been accused of doing is true, he pretty much deserved it, and any time someone is pulling that kinda mind-job on someone, honestly I don't blame him for trying, calling Frost a piece of garbage is an insult to legit garbage anywhere.....
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#1331650 Around the League 15-16 Edition

Posted by CRASHER on 16 October 2015 - 07:34 AM

What exactly is wrong with that play?


Price didn't get his elbow or stick up on him :P


#GoaliesNEVERForget   ,....I know I got similar payback on some guy who slashed my foot four years ago when I was playing defense on him......it is quite gratifying :evil:

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#1302511 I really am beginning to hate our fans.

Posted by CRASHER on 29 January 2015 - 03:42 PM

Its funny, I had totally forgotten how rabid and crazed I would get about this team....until I started putting those efforts in myself.....then I stumbled onto one of puckdaddy's Brodeur articles and read this quote:


“To be a Devils fan …especially one IN the area, by nature you pick up a certain hostility and a good bit of ‘f--k you’ attitude about things. All you hear all this time ‘your team has no fans,’ ‘your team doesn't belong here,’ ‘the Devils are a nice story, but we'd talk about it 100 times more on WFAN if it was the Rangers,’ ‘your team's boring style is ruining the sport,’ and all that kinda stuff. And it builds up.


“And yes, this team has been THE dominant franchise in the East the last 10 years, and maybe some of that is why you hear the RANGERS SUCK chant all game or why ‘we're classless to other team’s fans.’ Or your little goalie has to hear 19,040 yell SUCKS at him before each game. But being a Devils fan in this area almost REQUIRES that level of attitude, and you don't get it if you're not FROM here and have to live through the day to day stuff like that. Just try to understand that we DO, and it's part of that fighting spirit and the constant feeling of it's the world against US.”


You know who said this about 15 years ago?? .....I did .....maybe it's not changed as much as we thought it did after all..... heh....

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#1299150 NFL Wild Card Weekend!

Posted by CRASHER on 04 January 2015 - 01:31 PM

Great start for the Bengals lmfao


They're responding on this second drive though.....

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#1293742 Any Truth?

Posted by CRASHER on 08 December 2014 - 08:11 AM

Kovy at 6 mil per for 4 years, I'd do it...


If this was the NFL and I could give him zero guaranteed money....sure.....in the NHL, you're just asking for it, he'd be the Russian Rolston.....the Devils already got off the hook once with his contract....don't do it.... IT'S A TRAAAAAPPPPPPP!!!!

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#1289660 NHL Teams as chain restaurants

Posted by CRASHER on 17 November 2014 - 07:11 PM

Devils shoulda been SmashBurger just to make this forum implode under the chaos it would cause :)

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#1289347 Joy joy joy bite smash joy

Posted by CRASHER on 15 November 2014 - 09:17 PM

So we're sitting here watching the Devils game after I told Jamie all about the hate on here for that commerical and how awful it is on Thursday....the commercial hits and she starts yelling "fvck YOU FOR POINTING OUT HOW GODDAMN HORRIBLE THIS COMMERCIAL IS ......AND fvck THEIR fvckING BURGERS TOO!!!!" I actually now feel better about the spot now that I passed the irritation on to someone else :)
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#1289007 Joy joy joy bite smash joy

Posted by CRASHER on 13 November 2014 - 05:35 PM



I guess you are NOT thick, juicy and named Angus sir.......

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#1237422 Devils/Prudential Center Making 'Huge' Announcement Tomorrow a

Posted by CRASHER on 09 January 2014 - 10:43 PM

So the same ownership group that doesn't want HEY YOU SUCK yelled in front of the children now has no problem handing them party poker t-shirts.... #JustSayin....

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#1227382 The Schneider and Marty disparity.

Posted by CRASHER on 22 November 2013 - 09:51 AM

it's the same problem this team has had with all these new forwards being slapped into this team, given a few pre-season games and an expected "let's go" mindset....it doesn't work, think of all the new guys brought in.... Jagr, Ryder, Brunner...all the lines that have had chemistry issues.....this team simply has to learn and get used to each other (I see it every season in my ice league....they slap 5-8 new players on our team and I'm supposed to figure out how all this crap works)....this team as a whole is more used to mb30 back there, so its simply a comfort factor and gonna take more time for this team to adapt and mesh to the new goalie.... at least the defense is mostly unchanged and the goalie is putting up AWESOME numbers in the process....but this stuff takes time.....

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#1221462 NFL Week 9!

Posted by CRASHER on 31 October 2013 - 05:26 PM

   Halfway through the season already??? Holy God it does go too fast (not like I need to hurry up to another birthday at Warp Speed ….though it is a Friday this year and I wanna see what people have in mind this year :D )….but this is the time to air out some of those idiotic peeves I’ve been hearing all year:


Peeve #1: “Well <team X> has been in every game this year, we’re still competing!!”

Hey dumbass…look around the league…look at the scores EVERY week….ALMOST EVERY GAME  IS A CLOSE “COMPETITVE GAME” (well unless you’re playing Denver, then close is losing by 20)….yes I’m looking at you Buffalo


Peeve #2: “That’s a typical loss for my team”….no, not really…your team is just average, or not very good at all….that’s what typical average or below teams do, just admit what your team is and accept this….and move on (yes this applies a million fold to the Cowboys….keep in mind I did say the Cowboys would come up one game short of the playoffs because I’ve read this book before)


Peeve #3: People crying about the Redskins team name?? Really, people?? It still annoys me to this day that St John’s caved and changed their name, I really can’t wait until the day that people realize words have NO power or meaning UNLESS YOU LET THEM HAVE MEANING….ignore the “offensive”….and it goes away on its own….make a big stink about it and you deserve it tattooed on your head…. Daniel Synder, I applaud you making a stand!


Peeve #4: Yeah they’ve won a lot….but who have they beat?? This one carries over to people saying the Chiefs ain’t any good, but then go and yank off to Peyton Manning, not realizing they’ve PLAYED THE SAME EXACT DAMNED TEAMS!!! As long as you’re not playing Tampa or the Parts Unknown Jaguars….you win, you earned it, you win all your games, you’re a good team!!!


Peeve #5: the NFL moves the trade deadline back to this week to promote some trades and player movement….names like Maurice Jones-Drew, Jared Allen, Josh Gordon, even Larry Fitz were mentioned….we get all this buzz, and what do we get?? The Pats trade for a backup DT from the Eagles…. CMON NFL!!!


Ahhh…anyone else feel better??? I sure do….you know who doesn’t feel better this week? Peyton Manning and Colin Kapernick owners….it’s another one of those 6 team bye week annoyances (Arizona, Denver, Detroit, Jacksonville, N.Y. Giants, 49ers)



Thursday  Oct 31:

Bengals at Dolphins:

Don’t look now…but no QB is playing better (at least stats wise) then Andy Dalton, he lit the Jets up like a Christmas Tree last week and the entire offense and defense all look like they got it going and on overdrive….not to mention a sack happy front 4 against a porous offensive line that can’t block for the run OR protect the QB like ever….yeah this is pretty much a no-brainer….hell Tannehill might not need a costume after this game… the Bengals might beat him into Zombie-Dom by the end of this game…..I’m just hoping the Miami D shows up and the QB can survive enough to make this interesting…but that’s asking for too much here….and yeah, pile in the off the field crap (Jonathan Martin going to therapy…hope he’s not using the shrink from GTA…the Pouncey issue…..yeah it’s a mess in the land of the J-Lo….)

Winner: Bengals

Game Quality: ** (this might end up in the Thursday Night HoF considering the sh!tpile these games tend to be….)


Sunday Nov 3:


Chiefs at Bills:

Look….the Brian Sanborn Super Bowl Simulation!!!! You know that’s all I really need to say about this….said Bills fan is treating this as his Super Bowl….undefeated Chiefs in “his house” …..Denver on the schedule next week….this has all the makings of a VINTAGE letdown and the big upset game….right??? But remember what I just said, this is a Bills fan treating this as “his Super Bowl”….we all know how the Bills do when the words “Super Bowl” are involved…get a healthy QB and some healthy running backs and come back with the “we shoulda had them” speech next week….

Winner: Chiefs

Game Quality: *** ½ (when you tease, you keep it interesting)


Atlanta at Carolina:

Talk about two teams going in opposite directions….geesh….injuries, crappy defense, and idiot 4th Down management from Mike Smith and it’s amazing Matt Ryan didn’t channel his inner Dennis Lemieux with the trade deadline this week (it’s also amazing the Falcons didn’t try to get like a 3rd Round Pick or something for Tony Gonzalez….New England and his old team in KC sure coulda used him….)….the Panthers are on a roll, 3 in a row and 8 of their last 11…the offense is firing up, and a tissue-paper soft Atlanta defense is only gonna make it look better….and the Panthers are in the Wild Card chase and they gotta beat down the lesser team…..Atlanta is one of those teams….

Winner: Carolina

Game Quality: **


Vikings at Cowboys:

After another VINTAGE Cowboys effort last week (and me damn near ready to get into a fistfight on one leg with some idiot Cowboys fan who kept standing in my stretch my leg out space….the fist almost threw when he couldn’t understand that yes Calvin Johnson is THIS good…and was killing the defense, unwilling to admit that getting FIVE TURNOVERS, God forbid the offense get more then 10 points off of this…or get a damn running back off the scrap heap to fill in for your brittle ass starter…*sigh* I think I hate Cowboy fans more than most fans of other teams hate them…)….but the glass running back is back this week, and the Vikings are God Awful….the only shame here is we can’t keep Jared Allen in Dallas (giving up a 3rd, even a 2nd to put him on the D-Line would be amazing…guess it made too much sense…or even making a call about Jones-Drew)….the Vikings refuse to announce who their QB is….odds are they’re having a lottery and the loser starts Sunday ….Dallas will win this to fuel the delusion….

Winner: Dallas

Game Quality: *


Saints at NY Jets:

Could the Jets look any worse last week then they did?? Probably not….but every team has their clunker once a year….that was their clunker last week….the bad news is it comes at the most terrible time possible for them, with the Saints, Ravens and a bunch of divisional games coming….the only positive spins you can add to this….the Saints are not as good on the road….Rex has never lost to a Rob coached team….but I don’t think that’s gonna be enough….Jimmy Graham is getting healthier, and the Saints weapons aside of him have not been THAT good…this might be the week Drew Brees picks on the lesser corners of the Jets….the Saints are just too loaded for the Jets to keep up with…but I do think we’ll see that “good Jet” team …they could use a rain dance or two just to hopefully slow down the Saints….just a lil bit…..

Winner: Saints

Game Quality: *** (The jets should make this interesting)


Titans at Rams:

Jeff Fisher gets to play his old team….except that most of that damn team is gone….least he can point, laugh and be greatful he doesn’t have to deal with Kenny Britt anymore right?? The Rams did play the game of their lives last week….and lost….that’s always tough to come back from (wish I could say more about this game, but I was only stat tracking the game while watching Battlestar with Jamie….I refused to put this game on and see Marshawn walk into the end zone and score not only a TD that would have killed my money league….but my opponent this week was a bit of a prick and it was nice to see Skittles castrate him from the hip :D )…the Titans had an extra week off to get healthy, especially Jake Locker and their defense is just as fierce and nasty as the Rams one is, plus they have their starting QB healthy and ready….and I can’t see the Saints going all “A game” two weeks in a row….this could get ugly, but at least the first half should be some fun, physical nasty-ass defensive football to be enjoyed!

Winner: Titans

Game Quality: DUD


San Diego at REDSKINS:

Yeah….I like that….REDSKINS…..Injuns….bring out the bows and arrows people…..I think from now on when I mention the REDSKINS I will emphasize it and say REDSKINS….it works for me! There is something offensive about this football team in Washington though…..its defense…they don’t stop anyone, and the Chargers might be the best team in the AFC to not have a chance to make the playoffs…Phillip Rivers looks so reborn I’d swear the Scientologists are gonna claim him as one of their own….the 3-headed running attack is good and the defense is better then expected….and the REDSKINS will continue offending on and off the field with their defense and spotty play out of RG III (and Shanahan not relying on Alfred Morris as much as he should)…plus the AFC West has owned the NFC East this year….

Winner: San Diego

Game Quality: *** ½ (this should be a REALLY good game)



Eagles at Raiders:

This was anti-football GOLD back in the pre-season….a few things changed since then….the Eagles won a few games….and despite the “dead money” hell the Raiders are in….they’re playing good defense, running the ball and their QB is turning running for his life into running for 95 yard touchdowns on the awful Steelers (it was run to see the bandwagon that was trying to pick up steam on their little two-game winning streak get deflated like someone stuck the sword of Omens in their lil led zeppelin….I enjoyed that :D )….all 3 Raider wins this year have been at home …the Eagles can’t protect ANY quarterback….and they don’t stop anyone on defense….even the awful Giants…the only chance the Eagles have here is to hope Dr McCoy channels his inner Adrian Peterson….and Matt Barkley NEVER leaves the bench…..I don’t like the Eagles chances obviously….

Winner: Raiders

Game Quality: ** ½


Tampa Bay at Seattle:

As we all know I have an inhuman level of loathing for Greg Schiano (though he has earned it)….a big part of why I despise this overrated fool is from those three years of going to those Toilet Bowl games during that lil glory run while I was dating a vintage front running alum of the school….and I was subject to such unwatchable football games like Rutgers vs Balls State in Toronto…..and as you’d expect, Rutgers was pounding on this even more irrelevant college team, and there he is throwing 60 yard bombs at the half already up 28 points….I was done with that….the only thing worse than an overrated clown….is an overrated bully clown….so with that in mind…I CAN NOT WAIT to see the Seahawks run the score up on Schiano and show that douche-machine what it’s like….plus Marshawn Lynch bailed out my fantasy team by sucking on Monday night…he’s allowed a big game here :D

Winner: Seattle

Game Quality: ****-DUD (this game will suck, but yes I will love every second of it!)


Baltimore at Cleveland:

I guess I’m waiting for the day that some black guy finds the name Browns offensive too since I’m sure it was once used as an EVIL RACIST SLANG too and goes crazy about that…..at least Jason Campbell wasn’t offensive as their quarterback last week and he held his own against the Chiefs last week and their defense kept things interesting….the Ravens on offense are a lot like the Chiefs…they don’t go deep well, or often, but they don’t run the ball anywhere near as good as the Chiefs do (Ray Rice could be the most disappointing offensive player in football this year)….I started writing and out of habit was all ready to pick the Ravens and go on….I’m not so sure as I type this and think about the Browns D being good…. Josh Gordon is still on the team and the offense is balanced…..if someone can run the ball with any level of useful….I can smell upset here….and FINALLY Cleveland gets some revenge on the ex-Browns….

Winner: BROWNS

Game Quality: *** (upsets are fun!)


Steelers at Patriots:

So it’s not enough that people think highly of the Steelers based on recent nostalgia, even their schedule has gone on a nostalgia trip….the Raiders last week and now the Pats, who’s next…the Cowboys?? I tell you what’s NOT next…a victory….the Steelers looked old and slow against the Raiders…and yeah they did try to mount a comeback at the end….but we know how I feel about “making it close”….it’s STILL a loss….this ain’t your year oh mighty Tin Foil Curtain….and this is actually a “feel more betterer” game for the Patriots…hell Tom Brady might even throw a TD pass or two….

Winner: Patriots

Game Quality: ** (loses a star since the Tuck Rule is gone…)



Colts at Houston:

The Colts are an interesting team to keep an eye on the next few weeks…no team has more “impressive wins” (yes it’s a stat I totally made up and it probably only matters to me anyway)….but now how do they adjust to life after Reggie Wayne….and still with Trent Richardson…at least on the bright side…they’re not the mess known as the Houston Texans….Matt Schaub is riding pine….the running game is going nowhere and now it’s all up to Kasey Kaseum…. Errr…Case Keenum….and to make it worse both Foster AND Ben Tate are all banged up…..I guess JJ Watt is gonna be giving another PIST SPEECH OF RAGE about losing again this week (my God that guy scares me when angry)….plus the Colts need to win this just so we don’t hear “well they had a letdown after winning the most important game of the year with Peyton Manning in their building” garbage….at least the pick 6’s have gone away with #Schaubbing….for now…

Winner: Colts

Game Quality: ***


Monday Nov 4:

Bears at Packers:

This would have been an awesome game if Jay Cutler were healthy and still brings back memories of large drunk black dudes going “The bears gonna lose….that’s Jay Cutler ….HE SUCKS”….and by the time he finishes the thought….the interception is magically thrown….the Packers on the other hand are doing an amazing job of playing through injuries….much credit to their front office for drafting and developing awesome player after awesome player to fill in…..Eddie Lacy is also giving them a badly needed power running game….when this offense is full and complete like this it’s damn near unstoppable….that’s a scary thing….not to mention the Bears defense has been leaky the last few weeks….the offense not being able to stay on the field is only gonna make that worse….this doesn’t end well for Chicago….and another Cutler injury makes them fall off the map (ironic isn’t it….as bad as Cutler is and can be at times….this team is dead man walking without him….)

Winner: Packers

Game Quality: **


Week 1 Power Rankings:

1. Chiefs…you are what your record says you are….

2. Denver…better get some blocking…..

3. Cincinnati….a few more wins and they might jump up a spot or two

4. Colts….time to see how they do without Reggie Wayne….

5. New England…4-0 at home, but still finding themselves



1. Seattle….made it interesting, and I owe them some skittles!

2. New Orleans….just scary good….

3. Green Bay….flexing depth and muscles now….

4. Detroit… QB SNEAK OF DOOM…. *sigh*

5. Carolina…on the radar…..

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#1217357 NFL Week 7

Posted by CRASHER on 17 October 2013 - 05:03 PM

            Week 7 begins as most of these weeks do….a mediocre (nice word for crappy) schedule on tap this week….but did you know the Colts are hosting Peyton Manning in his return to his old stomping ground?? I mean not like anyone mentions this like every 90 seconds…there’s a few other good games this week and a TON of inter-divisional matchups as we come to the meat and potatoes part of the season!!!



Thursday  Oct 17:

Seattle at Arizona:

So I was watching NFL AM this morning (what am I gonna do…watch Sportscenter?) and they have this segment called ‘naux your role with Justin Babenaux…and he goes on and on about how the Chiefs beat the crowd noise record Seattle set against the 49ers and how they gotta win it back tonight on Thursday Night Football….small problem…THE GAME IS IN ARIZONA IDIOT!!! KNOW YOUR ROLE *pfbbttt*….asshat! Anyway….some football thoughts here…Seattle is 1 for their last 7 in the desert, but Pete Carroll is 6-1 in prime time games as a coach….(Arizona was 0-2 and got killed a combined 41-6 in those two games also…wheeee stats!!)….and just to back the stats with some facts too….Arizona doesn’t protect the QB and can’t run the ball well….Seattle eats WRs alive, stuffs the run and makes the QB screw up….Carson Palmer doesn’t need much help there, and Seattle needs to keep rolling to stay pace with the Saints…who also are on a bye this week….good for Seattle, this bye gets you into the W column…..

Winner: Seattle

Game Quality: ** ¾  (Just the Fitz vs Sherm matchup will be fun and I love seeing Carson Palmer get pummeled)


Sunday Oct 20:


Tampa Bay at Atlanta:

Is there a more desperate team then the Falcons now??? They begged Gonzo to come back for one more year and a chance at a Super Bowl….shame for Mr Gonzalez they meant that they bought some tickets and matching winter jackets to sit in the stands in the frozen nothing-ness this Feburary…haaa… oh yeah…there’s the Bucs…winless, clueless and now maybe the beginnings of the Zombie Apocalypse with this disease running rampant in the facility….oh wait…no it’s just that Schiano is still there….as much as the Falcons are a flawed mess (and maybe the worst team on 4th and short in NFL history, it’s probably cost them two wins already this year)…and all the injuries….and bad defense…..they’re still better then Tampa on the road…just circle Atlanta in your pool and run the hell away from this one before you catch Schiano-it is….

Winner: Atlanta

Game Quality: * (not exactly an NFL replay candidate…)


Rams at Panthers:

A matchup of two teams miserable to figure out, one week the Rams are getting rolled by Dallas, the next week they rolled the Texans (given a big chunk of this is that Gary Kubiak can’t figure out pressing the ball with Tate and Foster is better than the pick 6 trio of DOOM at QB for them…. #InsertFireTheCoachRantHere)…and the Panthers…left for dead after that awful showing in Arizona, now seem back in it after thumping the Vikings in Minnesota (and with Atlanta coming apart at the seams, the Panthers probably are the second best team in the NFC South now)…both teams have awesome front 7’s…the Panthers have a better offense….wow….DeAngelo Williams is averaging 4.3 a carry…damn…sCam can at least get the ball to his receivers….the Rams are struggling at all of that…enter new RB…Zac Stacy (Jesus sounds like a WWF Jobber’s name from Wrestling Challenge)….its hard to trust either team…but I like the pieces that Carolina has more….and home field….I’ll stick with that….

Winner: Panthers

Game Quality: **


Bengals at Lions:

Calvin Johnson is beat up….Suh is getting fined again…all seems normal in Detroit eh?? (though funny that my Madden 12 find of the century in Kris Durham is making the most of his chance playing across from Calvin (hey a 6’6’’ dude who can catch…ya I’m in on that!)….but the Lions defense is weak where the Bengals are strongest (the Lions are allowing 5.4 yards per rush…oi)….and this is what the Bengals need to do, since Andy Dalton popped his Madden-Cheat last week to hold off the Bills…..the AFC has been beating up the NFC in head to head games so far…and this might be closer then I first expected it to be when I was thinking about this game….but if Calvin is healthy I can’t see the Bengals D slowing down the Lions offense (they’ve also done an excellent job in protecting Stafford and letting Reggie Bush do his thing)….Lions are unbeaten at home, and I still have my doubts about Marvin Lewis and his team in a big spot…plus Suh needs his weekly NFL fineable hit….maybe he should just borrow Brandon Marshall’s shoes??

Winner: Lions

Game Quality: *** (not name value but potential)


Chargers at Jaguars:

The Chargers are another “up and down” team that is hard to figure out….Phillip Rivers is having a pretty damn good comeback year here in this new system and new coaching staff….Ryan Matthews is still kinda healthy (dumb sideline dives when trying to run the clock out)…Antonio Gates is still a weapon add in Keenan Allen and you can see why this is the 5th rank offense in the league….and then you have Parts Unknown, they don’t do nothing right….hell even England doesn’t want them….no QB, no hope at all there….they might win one by accident this year….it ain’t this one….

Winner: Any team playing the Jaguars shall be victorious!

Game Quality: DUD (no love for Parts Unknown!)


Bills at Miami:

A good division rivalry here….Thad Lewis saw Matt Flynn sign with the Bills and he learned the magic formula….seems like anytime a mobile, black QB unseats Flynn from the starting job and he becomes a star (Russell Wilson and Terelle Pryor say hi!), so he hurries his ass up to get healthy to play this week….the bad news is he’s going against a pretty rough Miami defense that can get to the QB or least push them into mistakes (only 13 sacks…I expected that number to be higher)…the Bills lost a standard heartbreaker last week….down 14 and Lewis rallies to tie….only to have the defense not hold up in overtime and the field goal ices it…this seems to be the Bills MO for like…a decade….add in a crappy in-AFC East record for the Bills…and I just can’t see it happening, sometimes trends matter more than matchups….I think this is one of those times….it’s really bad when the first thing my GF asks me after how are you is usually “how did the Bills do??” …oh…poor Sanborn…you talk him off the ledge yet?? This seems to be a weekly habit….sorry about yo’ damn luck bud….maybe Miami can fake a running game this week (I could rant for twenty minutes on the crap O-Line play from the Dolphins)….this is a toss-up game…almost…..

Winner: Dolphins

Game Quality: ** ¾  


Patriots at NY Jets:

You know, people are giving Rob Ryan too much sh!t for the Pats winning that game last week (and no this isn’t gonna be me kissing Brady’s ass, and the Saints are off this week and I needed to get this out)….that high-powered Saints offense had the ball TWICE with 2:46 to go in the game….ZERO first downs, and a chip shot FG set up on the interception (hrrmm, defense doing its job)….give Tom Brady THREE times in the last 3:00 and he’s gonna beat any defense….offense needs to find a way to get some first downs and end the damn game…..anyway….back to your normally scheduled preview….the Jets had the classic letdown game last week and let the Steelers sniff the sweet air of victory! While the Pats took their lil blankie and smothered the Saints like a small baby in the crib like I just ranted about…..I know Mayo is out, Wolfork is done….Talib may not be playing …but like I just said about Miami and Buffalo…the Pats make a living winning games like this and its too good a trend to even try to fight….plus when I have to pick between Brady and Geno Smith…how can I not take Brady?? This might be another sh!t show like the  Thursday nighter was…..maybe Gronk will finally show up and make this damn game interesting?? I doubt it though

Winner: Patriots

Game Quality: ** (can it be worse than the Thursday Night disaster was?? Ack!)


Cowboys at Eagles:

Nick Foles has come in the last two games and done a heck of a job for the Eagles…he’s more accurate then Vick is….and amazingly Riley Cooper is catching TD passes now (anyone wanna call coincidence that the white guy is throwing the ball and he’s catching it?)…it’s also good to see that the Eagles have slowed it down on offense and realized Warp Speed is NOT the way to go anymore….and add on top of this…the glorious icing on the cake…they showed up Schiano’s idiot “bum rush the QB on the kneel down play” by taking a knee from a shotgun!!! That’s amazing to me!!! See this is how a college coach steps up to big boy football!! And then on the other hand….we have the Cowboys….stepping up from key injuries…big plays on offense….Dumbo’s being Dumbo again…and I mean the good Dumbo this time…. Dez Bryant is a factor in every game and the 3rd receiver is making big plays….and even the off the street RBs and D-Line guys are making good plays….Gods help me….are the Cowboys actually being a well-coached machine??? If they are, they win this one and put a foothold on the NFC East….in all reality this game should end in a tie so that no one in the division is over .500….don’t tell Donovan McNabb that :D

Winner: Cowboys

Game Quality: *** ½   (Dumbo vs Foles = shootout!)


Bears at Redskins:

This game does bring back anti-football moments of glory from the past! But that’s not for this week…the Redskins are pretty much on life support (to be generous)…the running game is making improvements, Griffin is still spotty (and again, maybe Shanahan should have been a bit smarter and let Kirk Cousins play week one or two while Griffin was getting healthy and back into football form and now it’s really bit them in the ass…)….the Bears got a nice “feel more betterer” win against the Giants last week (I know…who doesn’t this year??) and while their offense isn’t setting the NFL on fire…it’s certainly getting the job done….the defense gives up yards, but it takes the ball away…the Redskins defense only gets the ball back to its offense after the kickoff and points have been scored…I am pulling for RG 3 to get better (I can relate to the knee injury now more than ever)….but it’s not there this week….time to start the fire Shanahan rumors :D

Winner: Bears

Game Quality: **




49ers at Titans:

This is gonna be a fun game….two in your face VERY hard-nosed football teams that line up and punch you in the face as many times as possible during a game…also both teams also have stinky QB’s who make a lot of mistakes and can only make plays in limited ways (I’m still not sold on Kapernick, shut down Davis and put a pylon on Boldin and he’s kinda useless too…..and we’ve all seen the turnover factory we call Fitzpatrick), this game feels a lot like the Seattle game to me (minus the injured kicker)…and if this game wasn’t in Seattle I really think the Titans might have pulled this one off….hell they almost did anyway…..and I do see Seattle as a lil better then the Niners…add in some home cooking and you might have a holy sh!t moment by 7pm-ish…I’d feel a LOT better about this game if Jake Locker was in the game…and Kenny Britt wasn’t….but sometimes you gotta show some balls and make the crazy pick!!!

Winner: Titans (UPSET SPECIAL!)

Game Quality: ***


Texicans at Chiefs:

Today the Houston play “the pick-6 is right!!” Our next contestant: Case Keenum…. CMON DOWN!!!! Lets see if he actually learns this new football technique called the HANDOFF and uses his two big backs to his advantage….dropping back and throwing falls right into what the Chiefs want, and if any team needs a nice simple managed game to make their defense feel better….its the Texans right now….no turnovers, lots of safe smart accurate plays to the guys in the RIGHT JERSEY….least it’s a road game, and no one will show up at his house with rage and pitchforks….or cheer if he gets hurt…but all that hope and promise aside…the Chiefs are too good (even though their passing game is too short-range for my liking), and they don’t make mistakes…and Jamaal Charles is playing like an MVP Candidate too…..its the right idea in Houston…just the WRONG week for it….

Winner: Chiefs

Game Quality: ***


Browns at Packers:

The Packers had a gutty win last week against the Ravens….they survived being down to only 2 receivers and let Eddie Lacy carry the mail…the defense stepped up without Clay Matthews in the game…and A-Rod was just A-Rod….but the Browns have a tighter defense then the Ravens do and short Cobb and probably James Jones is gonna be a tough haul…. The Browns play good defense and control the game and pray Joss Weedon doesn’t get killed back there (he really is Bernie Kosar 2.0, minus the drunken announcer comments…)…and while Josh Gordon is as dangerous a player in football now and stretching the field for everyone else….even with the beat up Packer wideouts, I just feel the Browns are bringing pebbles to a gun fight and the Packers will eventually outgun and put them away….

Winner: Packers

Game Quality: **


Ravens at Steelers:

Ah, the classic AFC North dogfight….the rivalry is there…even if the talent isn’t on the Steeler end…it’s not like the Ravens offense is bringing up mentions of repeats and dynasty as well….the passing game is empty…the running game is horrible (maybe all the years and carries caught up to Ray Rice….but not like Pierce is doing anything either) ….at least the defense is playing solid and held the Packers in check…well before they started smacking down Packer receivers like domino’s ….the Ravens should be able to bust through the tin foil Steeler line and maybe control this game on their own…it’s just up to the offense ….if only Joe Flacco spread his dollars around like he should the football…plus the Steelers won their damn game…lets move on with this…NBC is slipping me $20 to overhype the Sunday Night Game….

Winner: Ravens

Game Quality: *** (reputation inflates quality)



Broncos at Colts:

ZOMG, DID YOU REALIZE PEYTON MANNING WAS ONCE THE COLTZZZ AND NOW HE’S COMING HOME TO PLAY THEM FOR THE FIRST AND MAYBE ONLY TIME EVERZZZZ???.... well of course you did….and if you didn’t NBC shoved this down your throat about as damn hard as Bob Costas turns his lil segments into insufferable cures for insomnia and meaningless political debates and commentary (not to mention looking like a moron mentioning the Chicago Blackhawks in the “inappropriate names” snore-fest I dare not call a rant, since the Blackhawks were named after the infantry division their first owner served in during World War I….but that doesn’t make you look like an elitist intellectual prick when you say that….facts…they’re a good thing Bob J )…add in the dumb comments by Jim Irsay (and this guy is the biggest fool on Twitter this side of Scott Steiner)….I could write three pages and not mention football at all…..it’s a shame the Colts lost last Monday, this game needs more juice…right?? But I like what the Colts have on the field…maybe they looked a little bit ahead to this one last week (Lord knows ESPN and NBC did last week)…this game is like a Super Bowl and a passing of the Torch wrapped all in one here….yes the Broncos get Miller back and that helps the pass rush (Luck does get sacked a bit too much for my liking)….and the Colts just gotta play the game of their lives…you can only imagine how intense and wanting to not see the crowd turn into a Peyton love-fest (God knows I don’t want one)….there’s gonna be a TON of points and plays in this one….I think the Colts can go shot for shot with the Broncos like the Cowboys did, and there’s gonna be a “just as good offense” that’s gonna pick them off….why not the Colts….in Peyton’s homecoming game??

Winner: Colts

Game Quality: **** (worth all the commercials for the crappy prime time shows they want you to watch after the game)


Monday Oct 21:

Vikings at Giants:

Oh boy…this is pretty brutal…and a letdown after the BEST GAME OF TWO MILLENA THE NIGHT BEFORE….right?? Josh Freeman gets the start here and the way the Vikings have played the last few games….this is a winnable game for the Giants….but you can damn sure say that for the Vikings too….Jesus these teams are a combined 1-9….good Christ…or not so good Christ maybe…the Vikings seem to have more pieces though…not to mention Freeman with a chip on his shoulder…not to mention that Peterson guy who starts to turn it on come this time of year….*sigh* and I don’t have a damn ice hockey game Monday….this is cruel torture….good luck figuring out…or enjoying this one….at least we still have El-INT, and his constant is throwing to the other team….yeah turnovers…they matter!!!

Winner: Vikings

Game Quality: ** ¾  (hey AP, it’s close to the 2nd half…lets go!)


Week 6 Power Rankings:

1. Denver…copy/paste…..

2. Chiefs…from the last week…..

3. New England….Patriots, Aliens and Unicorns…..

4. Bengals…bleh

5. Colts….bad game last week, time to bounce back…



1. Seattle….winning ugly, but also winning in different ways

2. New Orleans….time to work on that 4 minute drill eh??

3. San Francisco….3 in a row, and still minimal QB production….

4. Detroit….I’m still amazed by this….

5. Dallas….run the table in the division….profit?

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#1212313 NJDevs Fantasy Football 2013 Smack Talk

Posted by CRASHER on 29 September 2013 - 12:33 PM

It's probably out of place in this thread, but I agree...I was astounded there was even talk of benching him.  Problem with RG3 and really a lot of the read option guys (Kaepernick) is the read option ain't surprising anyone this year, and coaches are getting a little more antsy about using it now that defensive guys are going after the QB.


I'm still amused CRASHER gifted me a win in Week 2 by benching RG3 for El-int, otherwise I'd be 1-2 with the highest point total in the league :P



I will gladly lose every week to blow up the Giants season :P

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#1209004 NJDevs 2013 Fantasy Football draft finished!

Posted by CRASHER on 03 September 2013 - 11:08 PM

Brian's fired up....he's breaking backs....he's clicking.....oh wait....he's making jokes only Laflamme gets.... :doh1:


He takes the Chiefs D

and the Seattle kicker....hooray!!!


Dogs and cats can stop mating....



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#1208747 NJDevs 2013 Fantasy Football draft finished!

Posted by CRASHER on 31 August 2013 - 09:21 PM

its funny cos the ravens used to be the browns so its an indirect manta block


Nice Big Ben impersonation :P

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