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NJDevs FF Draft - Crasher OTC (2:41 pm) - VALUE, Clown, NJDevs on deck

30 July 2014 - 08:02 PM

With brian and laflamme here we did the super duper secret double-tiered pre-draft selection, so now people can start picking where they go in the draft (you can declare your keeper now too)


Aylbert: (1st pick, likely Keeps Manning [2] )

Laflamme: (2nd pick, keeper to be picked out of a hat from three people on draft day :P )

Manta: (6th pick)

Masked: (3rd Pick)

MJ: (4th pick)

RSC: (12th pick)

DR33: (11th pick)

me: (10th pick)

Brian: (9th pick)

red: (5th pick)

Has: (7th pick)

LCB: (8th pick)


.....let the shenanigans begin gentlemen!!!!!

NJDevs Fantasy Football 2014....PRE-DRAFT DRAMA!!!!

02 July 2014 - 03:39 PM

Its that time of year again....almost :P.... well it's time to prepare to prepare for all the drama and silliness that comes from the best damed fantasy football draft in all of sports and entertainmentzzzzz



and as always to be fair....we have about 6 weeks till the picking begins.....so any rules changes....ideas....suggestions....or just to practice your bickering and in-fighting.....here ya go....have at it!!!!!

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