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Super Bowl 49!

01 February 2015 - 04:42 PM

Sorry, didn't have much of a write up for this....to be honest this game is as dead even and unpickable a contest as I can remember....and while I'm hoping and praying for an awesome game tonight, to be honest, the NFL Playoffs this year kinda sucked....we'd have one good game a week and a bunch of stinkers.....idiotic controversies on a weekly basis, and this whole deflated balls thing which I have NO INTEREST AT ALL IN (I've never taken a football and made it half a pound lighter, I can't tell you if it's easier to catch or if you even notice it....and hell if they're gonna let recievers wear I CAN MAKE ONE HANDED CATCHES IN MY SLEEP sticky gloves.....I honestly don't give a rat's damn about the weight of the football....and neither does the league since it helps inflate their perecious QB stats anyway....if it helped a defensive player make a tackle....oh they'd be ALL OVER IT....but the real reason this is a "story" is because it's the patriots.....case in point....as I was coming home from the gym, I heard a sports update "NFL officials looking into the Atlanta Falcons pumping in fake crowd noise to their home games"....this should shock no one....Atlanta sports fans are the most comatose fans in sports anyway....but isn't this "cheating" too?? Where's the wrath? Where's the media uprising? Oh yeah,.....it's not the Patriots and the Falcons are irrelevant....so the Fraud Fest goes on......like I said....this is a pick 'em game....and oddly enough the last time we had a game this dead even was the Titans and Rams....and we got a major snowstorm in the area THAT night too....ha.....well just enjoy the game, I hope it lives up to the hype....and we can discuss away as it goes on....once my chili is ready.....enjoy!!!


(I've actually flipped my pick like three times in thinking this up....but since when in doubt you take the team that has the least weaknesses (and I LOVE the troll value in this pick), I'll take the Patriots with a late score to win it.... 24-21