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NFL Week 1!

10 September 2015 - 05:18 PM

   Eh, I've been trying to get myself back in the groove of doing football write-ups this year (hell there's half an AFC preview and half a full-out week one preview sitting in my laptop right now wasting away in MS Word.... i've just found it damned near impossible to get fired up for this season, and I write from my emotions, always have (better or worse :P), but I did want to start the thread and hopefully sitting through the week 1 games will get me back to my normal routines and wanting to rant, rave and insult as normal!!


    So what might have driven me to this point of football apathy I'm at? Yes the air in the football nonsense and Goodell, for lack of a better example, trying to throw the death penalty at a guy who was jaywalking just because the group he's associated with got away with a felony ten years ago and I'LL SHOW YOU DAMMIT!! (Thank God they lost in court and this might be the beginning of the end of the Goodell Error in football)....but that's only a part of it.... REAL CHEATING went on by the Browns and the Falcons.... NO ONE cared.... an NFL player assaulted another in the TEAM'S LOCKER ROOM...and oh by the way he might get 4 games for it


    .....but there's even more, you know that league that preaches safety and moves kickoffs up to the 35 for "safety reasons" now wants to make the extra point "more exciting" (translation we're losing TONS of advertising revenue on PAT's and god forbid the NFL miss a single scrap at the dollar table :P, while still allowing chop blocks and stiff-arm blows to the head....the last week of fantasy football drafts has kicked up a bit of fuel in the fire, plus I can't let this season go by without me giving JPP a high five...no wait...four? No its a high three and a half right? Or mocking the Browns for being 7-9 and feeling "mission accomplished, let's tear it down!"....so I'm trying to get there..... gimmie another week


   ....meanwhile in lieu of big predictions, i'll end this with my official "who's gonna make the playoffs" guesses


New England, Pittsburgh (bye week), Indianpolis (home field), Denver

Wild Cards: Miami (there's no excuses left, all the pieces are there), Kansas City



Dallas (bye week), Green Bay (home field), Carolina, Seattle

Wild Cards: Phily, Minnesota


I fully expect another Packer-Steeler Super Bowl, but ask me again in three months....meanwhile, enjoy the games and all the sports entertainmentzzzz before the game tonight and hopefully I have a full preview in me next week!


Note to self: :lol: never type a long rant from one's phone, it murders all the formatting :P

NJDevs Fantasy Football Smack Talk 2015

10 September 2015 - 12:03 PM

:lol:.... Laflamme got the best draft.....for MJ's team :lol: