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15 October 2007 - 05:30 AM

Come to find out that Jay Hollday is from here as well as Beau Mclauhglin. Beau was actually cut from Brophy's team (Renegades) Beau was one of the best there, but Broph wanted to send a message (pissed that Beau was waiting ofr something better) Jay Holliday was playing in a beer league here in Chesapeake. He played in a prep school in Alaska. Could've played Div 1 hockey but turned it down for whatever reason. Anyway, how he got there in the 1st place was the owner of Chilled Ponds is Pat Cavanaugh, who was a teamate of Rick Kowalski both playing for the ECHL Norfolk Admirals years ago. This is being done as a favor to Pat i believe.
Why did I tell you all this? you might ask? I just thought inquiring minds want to know.

To set the record strait.

Jay Holladay played jr a in Fairbanks Alaska, and never attended a prep school.

Jay Holladay did not turn down division one hockey. He played for American International last year. He was recruited by other colleges among them Air Force

Jay Holladay Had a tryout with the Norfolk Admirals (AHL) and acquited himself well. Having an assist and a plus 2 rating During the last game of the training camp.

Jay Holladay did participate in some beer league games, mostly to skate with his friends and have a good time.

Did Pat Cavanaugh open some doors, sure, But I am sure he is not going to recommend someone who can not play. Look at Mike Piazza, Tom Lasorda drafted him as the very last player picked in the baseball draft as a favor to his childhood friend, and Mike did not do to badly