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In Topic: Devils Den Coupon

07 April 2012 - 09:29 PM

It's confusing to me. One sentence says "Coupon valid only April 7, 2012.", then another sentence says, "Devils Den discount is on all regular priced merchandise only and expires on May 7, 2012." I didn't really inquire as to which date is correct, though, because nothing at the Den interested me at the time

In Topic: My really insignificant Jeopardy dream category

22 March 2012 - 07:42 PM

For 15+ years while watching Jeopardy (on & off), we (wife & I) would first try to guess the Final Jeopardy category before it was announced. Like 'Business and Industry' 'Famous names', etc. Then once the category was announced we'd try to guess an answer during the commercials, before Final Jeop. was shown.
Well my joke guess of a category would always be 'Hockey arenas'.
On Tuesday night's Jeopardy, a category during the first round was 'Home ice'. They gave 5 different NHL arenas and you had to guess which team plays their home games there. Unfortanately no Prudential Center. Just MSG, Scotia Bank Place, Joe Louis, TDNorth & Pengrowth Saddledome. One lady guessed the St. Louis Blues for the Joe Louis arena and no one got the Flames, I forget what the wrong guess was for the Flame answer, but when the guy guessed it wrong, Alex gave him one of those 'oh no's' like everyone should know, when in truth, probably only 2% of the American population knew.
Anyway, that's my really dumb hockey-related story for the day.

Lol, I saw this too, if I remember right, he guessed the Montreal Canadiens for the Saddledome

In Topic: Ye Olde Goal Horn, CAA-style

20 March 2012 - 12:44 PM

Yeah, thread got hijacked big time.

As far as "brilliance" goes...thanks, but to me it's just common sense. Sure, some people will see children near by and will edit themselves best they can. Others will be oblivious, others flat-out don't care. That's the cross-section of fans you can expect to get at any given game. For some reason, some people become parents and immediately expect the world around them to change in their child's presence...it actually comes off as a sense of entitlement more than anything else, that because they see their child as special, everyone else should too. Not at all realistic or fair. Is my little girl special to me? Of course she is. To my immediate family and closest friends? Definitely. But not far beyond that circle, she isn't, nor should she be, just because she's my kid. I don't expect the world to kowtow to my kid, but boy a lot of parents that I deal with sure do...because they think their offspring walks on water, everyone else should too. It's funny, I know a lot of people who aren't kid-lovers, and I understand that either having kids or dealing with kids isn't for everyone, but I find a lot of parents to be far more annoying than most kids I meet.

I agree with what you say, and in particular I'd agree that it's common sense, except it doesn't appear all that common, unfortunately(at least from my limited experience, nor your experience from what you wrote).

And in the interest of getting the thread back on track, I wish I could've heard the horn in person on Saturday. From what I understand they were gonna do the old horn last year too, but of course, we got shutout against the Caps that day

In Topic: Ye Olde Goal Horn, CAA-style

19 March 2012 - 05:02 PM

Oh well...since this thread that was supposed to be about bringing back the old goal horn has become a thread about "you suck" and proper fan conduct:

I don't parttake in the "you suck" chant. Not my thing. I stop at "HEY!" But "you suck" is not going anywhere. Admittedly I don't like hearing young children say it, but that's on their parents...which brings me to:

As a father of a three-and-a-half year old daughter, I am responsible for shaping her behavior and for teaching her manners. It's my job, my wife's job, and a few select others. I may not like other fans cursing and acting boorishly in front of her, but it's my responsibility to then explain to her why that repeating that behavior in public would reflect badly on her, and me as her father. No one else signed up for the job of raising my little girl, so I don't expect everyone else to magically start stifling themselves in her presence. The world is what it is. In reality, all I can do is try to be as positive an example for her as I can, and to point out why she shouldn't fall in with the negative ones.

Brilliance ^

(and on a side note, does it surprise you that another thread got derailed with the stupid "You Suck" debate? In the back of my head I considered jokingly asking for an over/under on when someone would mention it, but then I realized I didn't want to be the one to mention it first, of course, sure enough...)

In Topic: Ye Olde Goal Horn, CAA-style

17 March 2012 - 07:58 PM

I love the old horn but it seems out of place in the new building. That said, I wouldn't mind trying to get used to it!