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In Topic: 2014 New York Jets thread

14 August 2015 - 12:14 PM

.Another potential worry is Amaro. I didn't think he even dressed last night until hearing he had a shoulder injury early on. Need to see more from this kid.


  • Jace Amaro
  • Geno Smith
  • Stephan Hill
  • Vlad Ducasse
  • David Harris
  • Kellen Clemens
  • Mike Nuggent
  • Justin Miller
  • Victor Hobson
  • Jon McGraw
  • Dorian Boose
  • Rick Terry
  • Alex Van'Dyke

..those are our 2nd round draft picks, since 1995. 20 years of drafting terribly in the round.. with the exception of Harris, the Jets never draft well in the 2nd.

In Topic: 2014 New York Jets thread

14 August 2015 - 10:39 AM

The 1st team offense looked good. Would've had a 1st and goal at the 3 if not for a dropped pass by Cumberland.


THIS!!!! times 1,000 --some WFAN caller tried to say the exact same thing this morning, but was cut-off and hung up on because "close only counts in horseshoes" In my mind, that was a first down.. and, most likely would've been a TD.

Yes.. it was disheartening to see the Lions score as easy as they did on the first drive. But it was fantastic to see the offense answer right back and drive down the field like they did. The play where Cumby dropped it was perfect. Great play call by Chan, great blocking by o-line, great throw by Fitz.. Cumberland just dropped it. Had he not've, it would've been 7-7.


Other bright spots I noticed;

 Marcus Williams. Nice interception by the kid. He was a player I thought played well last season, and he looked good (limited) last night.

 Bilal Powell. 35 yrds off 2 offensive drives. Great poise.. solid blocking. This is a guy I always felt the Jets never utilized enough. Let's hope Chan does.

 Coples. He's always a half second away from a sack, but he brings pressure. He had 7 sacks last season. I think this yr he breaks out even more.


Not so bright; Petty. Hot damn this kid was a mess. The Jets are bringing in Flynn today for a look. Possible they were alarmed at how dispersed he looked last night.



In Topic: 2014 New York Jets thread

13 August 2015 - 08:47 AM

this is who ryan always was. a clown.


I always thought Rex was a great coach, and I still do. What bad thing(s) can I say about the guy, honestly?? He won 50 games, and took my Jets to 2 Championship games. Outside of Weeb, he's the most successful Head Coach the franchise has ever had. With what he's done since 2009, having never had a legitimate quarterback, is nothing short of remarkable. --Having said all that, there clearly needs to be a level of growth\sophistication for a HC that he can't seem to grasp.

..it's one thing for an inexperienced rookie Head Coach to come out and do the charades he did in Year 1. (dressing up in costume as Rob Ryan to a press conference, flipping the middle finger on camera, cursing at fans, etc) It's quite another to continue such doltish parodies in Year 7.. and this "signing" is exactly that. It's a poor display of character --no matter how he tries to dress it up-- of edifying a safe haven for thug, less than 24 hours of a player assaulting another.


You want to name Matt Simms & Percy Harvin the honorary Captains when we play eachother? --fine! Or get the gatorade bath if and when you beat us this year? --no problem. I expect all that kind of stuff and antics from him. THAT's gamesmanship. Signing a player who will be suspended for attacking another, is shameless.

In Topic: 2014 New York Jets thread

12 August 2015 - 04:28 PM

I mean to be fair if it was someone who hadn't played for Rex that'd be one thing, that would clearly be only a tweak move.  You can argue he just wants one of his guys and someone who knows the system, but honestly Rex is just tone-deaf as much as anything.  Now it's like he's trying to live up to a cartoon persona...they want to be a 'bully team' and bring in Incognito who bullied a teammate, Harvin who gave Golden Tate a black eye and now this in addition to the coach suspended for the first six weeks.  Rex has become a caricature of himself. 




He's facing criminal charges for assault, and will most likely be suspended 4 games min. and you sign the guy 24 hours later?! --And you're going to try to tell me the Jets aren't on anyone's radar? :rolleyes:

In Topic: 2014 New York Jets thread

12 August 2015 - 04:16 PM

Oh please, you've accused the Pats of doing the same thing...making moves just to take digs at the Jets.  The Jets are 26-38 the past four seasons and, despite some overachieving here and there (like 2013's 8-8, courtesy of some solid coaching by Rex) and the occasional big win (like the one up in Foxboro), the Jets at the moment aren't on anyone's radar enough to bother taking digs at.  They had a very solid run from 1997-2010 and were much better than they were given credit for, but the last four years have taken a wrecking ball to that.

They're almost back to Ground Zero. 


I will give you that if Rex's singular motivation for bringing IK in is to tweak the Jets, then it's a pretty lame move, and it's much more of an embarrassment to Rex than to the Jets (who at least did the right thing by cutting IK immediately...though the stature of the player had a lot to do with how quickly they acted.  And that's not just a Jet thing...that's an NFL thing...different levels of tolerance for different levels of talent).  That would basically show almost conclusively that Rex is not capable of evolving, and will forever be his own worst enemy as a head coach.    


CR.. there's a stratosphere of difference between the gamesmanship that the Pats\Jets do to tweak eachother, vs. the Bills rewarding a 6th round player with a contract, 24 hours after breaking the jaw of Geno Smith. If you can't see the difference there, then I don't know what to tell you.

You are in the vast minority on this. Fans of Bills via twitter & message boards are even blushing over this signing. He will be suspended by the league by weeks' end. That's the difference between this and what the Pats\Jets do.


..if Buffalo doesn't claim him today, no team would've.



EDIT: And saying that the "Jets aren't on anyone's radar" --bullsh!t. They're on Ryan's radar, front & center.. and today was the proof.