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In Topic: NFL Week 10 Thread

17 November 2015 - 08:55 AM

If the Dolphins were in the AFC South, they'd be tied for first place.


If the Jets played in the NFC East, we'd have sole possession of 1st! :P


..very frustrating always playing in one of the best divisions in football.. if not, THE best division period. The AFC East is the only division in the NFL that has 3 out of 4 teams .500 or better. And if Miami takes care of the Cowboys on Sunday, no team will have a losing record heading into Thanksgiving! This division still legitimately has a chance to send 3 teams into the playoffs. Crazy.

In Topic: NFL Week 10 Thread

15 November 2015 - 09:06 PM

Take Edelman and Lewis out and this is a different Patriots offense.

Wild one. Makes me confident as a Jets fan that they can definitely beat the Giants if they bring their A game, and maybe we can knock off N.E. late in the season.

This is a two-part observation, that share their significance.

The Giants defense has allowed over 4,200 yrds this season! The NFL record for most yards allowed is Baltimore 1981.. widely considered the worst defense of all-time, with 6,700+ total yrds. The Giants will break that this season! THAT is how bad this Giants defense is this year. They're on pace to break the NET yrds allowed as the worst defense in NFL history.. and the Pats looked like just another team tonight. I understand the stat sheet says they generated 400 yrds, but #1. About 80 of those came from the Gronk play, and #2. These are the New England Patriots. The same Patriots that put up nearly 40 points against Miami two weeks ago. The same Pats team that score 40 points against Rex's Bills.. 50 points against Jacksonville.. and have pretty much made the rest of the league look like NCAA opposition. And lo and behold.. against a horsesh!t 31st ranked defense tonight, the Patriots offense looked, average! They scored 3 TD's.. one of which was really a punt return, essentially allowing them to run 4 yards for the touchdown.

I had no idea just how important Lewis & Edelman were to their offense until tonight. Who knows -- maybe if we get some players healthy, in front of a raucous crowd @ MetLife in December.. maybe, just maybe, we can beat those guys.

In Topic: NFL Week 10 Thread

15 November 2015 - 08:58 PM

double post

In Topic: 2015 New York Jets thread

13 November 2015 - 03:42 PM

He is a Jets fan, just trying to be fair and seeing the situation for what it is. 


..he knows me. He's breakin' balls. :P


Your point earlier on yesterday being a chink is Bowles armor was valid. I still believe in the guy, but my God.. not kicking the FG. Brutal. He got outcoached yesterday, but he's still very green. If you include his short time in Miami, that's still only 12 games worth of exp. as a Head Coach. Hopefully he can learn from yesterdays gaffes, and build upon the overall program of the season.

Like I said before; last night didn't kill the Jets season.. it just set us back. Had we have won yesterday, a playoff birth would've been almost locked-up. Now.. not so much.

In Topic: 2015 New York Jets thread

13 November 2015 - 02:24 PM

I was in no way an ass Has.. and honestly, targeting an internet post for a "combative tone" is just silly. I neither cursed nor got vulgar. If my one analogy of an 11 year old hurt your feelings, then I don't know what to say.


Regarding the Bills: I never fist-pumped the 2 game winning streak. That's not what last night was about. If that's all you see, you missed the point. I suggest watching Rex's very emotional postgame interview for further clarification on what yesterday meant.


I'm done with this now.