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In Topic: 2014 New York Jets thread

19 August 2014 - 10:54 AM

Love what I see from the RB position. We are literally 4 deep. Richardson would be a tough cut if it got there (he's not PS squad eligible)


This preseason has really showcased our stout running game. CJ2K had 60 yrds on 9 carries against Cincinnati, Powell had 40+ yrds on 4 carries.. and although Ivory didn't play, he rushed for about 20 yrds the week prior against Indy, playing only the 1st quarter.


I'm sure Ivory & Johnson will get most of the glory, but imo.. Bilal Powell is one of the best kept secrets in the NFL. He's still only 25 years old, blocks as good as anyone, never fumbles.. and is coming off a season of 700 yrds on only 170 attempts. With a 3-headed backfield as good as the Jets have, I would not be against seeing Wishbone\Wing-T formation, where all 3 RB's can be on the field at once. Couple that with great runners in Vick & Geno.. there's no reason why MM can't get VERY creative here, and create mismatches running the ball.

In Topic: 2014 New York Jets thread

11 August 2014 - 08:21 AM

I don't know if I buy the fact that $igning $amuel was rejected due to price. Salary doesn't usually get discussed prior to bringing in a vet. for a scheduled workout. We're over 20 million-dollars under cap, and we swung and missed on DRC & Davis.. and Revis & Cro. If I'm John Idzik.. I pay Asante whatever the hell he wants, because guess what? --should the Jets fail this season because of a 2nd rate secondary.. the egg falls on the face of Idzik, not Rex. Woody is in love with Ryan as it is. He will be less forgiving to Johnny boy, if the Jets suck because of CFL quality CB's. A carpenter is only as good as his tools. Rex has little blood on his hands when it comes to signing personnel.


..what I think the "Samuel call" was for, was to see what Asante's options are over the next couple weeks, and if he'll still be available in case a Jets trade falls through. THAT's where I think this situation is headed.. I think the Idzik will go and make a deal for Claiborne, Joseph, whoever.. and use Ellis, Barnes, etc. (where the Jets are deep) for trade bait. If the trade falls through, or if the asking price is too much - because teams know the Jets are tying to make a deal out of desperation, and are looking to take advantage of that.. that's when I think Samuel gets signed.

But I think the phone call was just to see if Asante is close to signing with anyone soon.

In Topic: 2014 New York Jets thread

08 August 2014 - 02:58 PM

i to was surprised that thw company line was still geno the starter even after the jets signed vick.


..it's fvcking goofy is what it is. Frustrating as all fvck.. after 6 years of not having an elite QB (and missing out on Brett Favre by 1 season) Rex finally gets himself Michael Vick.. and he's handcuffed to a guy who, probably would've went in the 3rd round, had the Jets not drafted him.

Gary Myers put it perfectly in his article this morning..




“Rex Ryan and John Idzik are so determined to make it work with Geno Smith that it doesn’t seem to matter much that Michael Vick gives the Jets a better chance to win this season. The quarterback results were predictable Thursday night. Smith first two series, he led the Jets to three points in a relatively pedestrian performance. Then Vick came in, and after receiving a nice ovation from the sparse crowd at MetLife Stadium, he had a couple of electric moments that brought back memories of when he was the most explosive player in the league. He immediately moved the Jets 80 yards on 14 plays, running twice for a total of 19 yards and completing 4-of-5 passes for 17 yards, with Chris Johnson scoring from the 1 midway through the second quarter. Quarterback controversy? Not quite. Why? Idzik drafted Smith in the second round last year – his first draft as Jets GM – and he has a lot invested in Smith. He brought in Vick to be Smith’s mentor, to push him and be quality insurance, but he did not bring him in to compete for the starting job. He is not the Jets’ future. Smith is 23 and has a chance to be the Jets quarterback for a long time if he can take big strides in his second season. Unless Smith regresses in the next two preseason games – he likely won’t play in the final one – then he will start the season against the Raiders. If the Jets get off to a slow start, then Ryan is going to have to find the balance between trying to save his own job – it’s going to be hard to stick around if he misses the playoffs for the fourth straight year. If Smith struggles, it’s going to be so tempting for Ryan to turn things over to Vick. He can be magical and can still play and be a winning QB in the NFL. This is the first time in Ryan’s six seasons as the Jets head coach that he has a viable alternative at quarterback.Smith was on the field for just two drives and 11 plays. Nothing memorable. How would he grade his performance? “There is no grade for it,” he said. “I played two series and did OK, but I’ve got to get better.” Smith will get more reps next Saturday night against the Bengals and then the following week against the Giants. As long as he stays healthy and doesn’t fall apart in the next three weeks, the starting job belongs to him. But if Smith struggles, I don’t think Ryan will hesitate to go to the bullpen and bring in the lefthander.”




To me, the Jets are doing what's worse for Geno. By starting him for the season.. you're going to make the fans boo him, and cheer\push to start Vick. Then when the inevitable finally happens; the Jets will #1) Be in a hole they have to climb out of.. and #2) They will completely destroy Geno's psyche. But by starting Vick, you can let Geno sit and watch.. something he should've done LAST season. -And if Vick gets hurt, or plays like sh!t.. then Geno can come in as the hero.


So God damn upsetting.. only the Jets could screw this up. :soap:

In Topic: 2014 New York Jets thread

08 August 2014 - 12:41 PM

Agreed on the good and the ugly (Patterson's been bad in camp by all accounts) but let's put the brakes on godding up Vick, his TD drive came with the Colts' second team D on the field while he had the first team offense. And they went for it on 4th down cause it was preseason.


..it's true a few players Vick was playing against were 2nd stringers.. but my God, that 20 yrd dash for the fist-down on 3rd & 10? C'mon now, that doesn't have much to do with who you're going up against.. that's God given talent. Geno Smith simply can't do that.


Reg. DP; awful! He's been playing so that WFAN is actually speculating we'll be bringing in Asante Samuel for a look by weeks end.

In Topic: 2014 New York Jets thread

08 August 2014 - 08:27 AM

My thoughts on pre-season game number 1


Jets first team offense looked alright. Geno went through his progressions quicker...and you could tell we were getting more guys open across the field. Very small sample from Geno, but he looked good


Man did the Colts blitz us like crazy. Not something you see now very often. Don't think the Jets were prepared or handled it very well


On the other hand when the Jets picked their spots on the Rex "Bring the House" blitz...the Colts picked it up and hit some big plays


Run D was stout as usual. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stringers.


Milliner had a nice pass defense early on. Probably could've had a pick there.


Too many penalties.


No horrible injuries thankfully. Ivory had some sort of rib issue but Rex said in the post game that he was fine.


The Good:  The Defense. I knew the running 'D was going to be good, but 59 rushing yards?! :blink: Simply put.. the Colts couldn't run the ball, and although it's only preseason.. I feel like this trend will continue into September. 3 sacks by Barnes, Coples, & Harris.. and only 1 TD allowed between Matt Hasselbeck & Andrew Luck, two pretty good slingers. If everyone stays healthy, this defense could be special.


The Bad:  Geno Smith. Yes.. I just that. Coming off a year where he lost the "competition" to Sanchez.. he's losing yet again to Michael Vick. Smith's failed to electrify thus-far in training camp. He failed to score a touchdown in the green\white scrimmage last week. And last night, he failed once again to lead the offense down for a TD. In 14 plays (off 2 drives) he moved the ball for 43 yards, with 1 punt and 1 FG. Meanwhile Vick in 14 plays (the same amount as Smith) moved the ball for 80 yards, and scored a touchdown. The coaches body language on the sidelines for that TD drive told the story. They rallied behind Vick. The offense\team rallied behind Vick. The fans rallied behind Vick. Vick is the better quarterback.. case closed. I want a long-term solution @ QB.. I've never said otherwise. But after 3 seasons of missing the playoffs.. I also want to win now! --Vick gives us the best chance at that. He's the most legit QB this team has had since Brett Favre.. and it's time upper-management see's that and names him the starter. With his history of injury(s) odds are Geno will get the rock sometime during the season anyway. But until then, pad a wins cushions large enough to get to a point where even .500 football can keep you competitive enough for a playoff run.

The starting job is Geno's to lose. He keeps playing underwhelming football, and he'll do just that.. lose! --rant over.


The Ugly:  Dimitri Patterson. ENOUGH said.

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