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In Topic: DeBoer "Firing Watch" Thread

Today, 12:28 PM

Beezer, you shouldn't bring up Florida. You don't have a clue if he did a good job or not. But Lou thought so enough to hire him. That's all that should really matter in the equation. 

No one is saying focus on 2012.  No one is saying the lockout should be stricken from the record. You are completely making up people's arguments.


..oh no I'm not. These are legit arguments\debates that I've had with posters on njdevs and HF. EVERY failed coach can bring up a thousand excuses as to why it just didn't work out for him. Somehow PD's are the only one's with validity.


ur still talking about a gm that is very sentimental and fond of players coaches that have had success here.  


..you're also talking about a jelly-jar throwing GM with a temper.. and if this team continues winning 2 games every 7-8 played, Pete DeBoer will be gone by Christmas. Case Closed.

In Topic: DeBoer "Firing Watch" Thread

Today, 11:16 AM

People are not basing the Pete stuff on only nine games this year.


whoa whoa.. careful now!!! We're not allowed to bring up his 3 years in Florida......... or last season either!! (after all, poor Pete had so much to deal with the Brodeur\Schneider drama) Can't bring up what's happened thus-far.. this season just started after all. Can't look @ 2013 either!!!! That was a half-a-season lockout year, and should absolutely be stricken from the record.

All we will focus on his 2012. The wonderful, lovely, magnificent SCF run in 2012. Everything else with DeBoer doesn't matter as a Head Coach.. just 2012. Doesn't matter that this is his 7th year of exp. on the job.. 2012 should be the only season that gets glorified! :thumbsup:

In Topic: DeBoer "Firing Watch" Thread

Yesterday, 10:53 AM

i dont thinkoates could do any worse at this point. if hes available i can see that making sense

I don't know what Oates is doing but I would give him a try, because change is needed.

I would support bringing in Mr. Adam Oates.


..this makes sense on many levels, mainly because Oates is available currently.. but also due to the fact that Lou shows loyalty to SC\SCF personnel. I'm all in favor in seeing what Oates can do with this team.


Oates really wasn't that great for us guys, and he then went on to do worse with the Capitals, take a step back..


..since the 2011-12 season, tell me.. how many steps forward has PD taken?

In Topic: 2014 New York Jets thread

28 October 2014 - 02:29 PM

i expect vick to put up decent numbers for the jets playing with johnson ivory harvin & decker. he may make it through the rest of the season without getting hurt but thats only 8 games. would u really risk wanting him to be your starting qb going forward with how fragile hes proven himself to be?


Why Not?! That's how the Jets operated for 9 seasons under Pennington. Every single year, they went into training-camp fully aware that he could get killed any minute. That's why they always had semi-starters playing behind him as his backups. (Quincy Carter, Jay Fiedler, Vinny Testaverde, Patrick Ramsey, etc.) The Jets made the playoffs 3x during the Pennington years. --that's more than Rex can say!

..you just it: "Vick should put up pretty good numbers playing with Decker, Ivory" Kerley, Powell, CJ2K, etc. --and you're 100% right. Especially as Harvin continues to get acclimated under MM. Thus: provided Vick can stay healthy.. just sign him for next season! He's still only 34 years old, and can be serviceable for another 2-3 more years.


Resign Vick to an incentive-type contract, sign someone competent to be his backup in case Vick gets hurt, (Carson Palmer, Tarvaris Jackson, etc) and draft a young QB in either the 2nd or 3rd round in next years draft. That's what I would do with this team if I was the GM.

In Topic: 2014 New York Jets thread

28 October 2014 - 12:00 PM

But who pays the price for the Geno debacle? Geno flamed out so badly, he couldn't even be QB that's ranked 20-25 in the league. He was literally THE WORST. Who takes the blame for Milliner, and Brian Winters, and missing on a top flight receiver this year.


Idzik cannot save his skin this season. He absolutely has to go because of Geno, his other draft failures..


..at this point, I think the Rex & Idzik's outcome(s) will be the same. If Idzik is allowed to come back for one last chance to correct everything, then Rex is allowed to return next season also. If Rex gets fired, then I genuinely believe Idzik follows him out the door aswell.

It is telling that @ 1-7 they're turning to Michael Vick, because: if both Idzik & Ryan truly were coming back next season no-matter-what, you would think they would stick it out with Geno, OR.. at least see what they have in Simms. The fact that they're going to Vick leads me to believe that they're both fighting for their jobs at this point. If the Jets finish 8-8, or even 7-9.. then Idzik & Ryan can both say; "Hey, we went 6-2 the rest of the way with a decent QB." --that may indeed be enough to convince Woody that the problem all along was just Geno.


the only time the jets had threats at the position were favre & vinny, and they both werent drafted by the jets


..yeah, and guess what: WHO THE FVCK CARES?!? Chicago didn't draft Cutler, Buffalo didn't draft Orton, KC didn't draft Alex Smith, Denver didn't draft Peyton, the Saints didn't draft Brees, Houston didn't draft Ryan Fitzpatrick.... shall I continue???

I am ssssooooooooooo sick and tired of hearing about how the Jets MUST draft a franchise quarterback, so that they can have him for 20 fvcking years! Meanwhile everytime they try (Sanchez, Clemmens, Pennington, Geno, O'Brien, etc) it CONSTANTLY blows up in their face. The draft isn't the ONLY way to acquire a franchise QB, and other teams continue to prove that. JUST GET US A DECENT FVCKING FRANCHISE QB!!!! Certainly I would LOVE IT if the Jets were able to find a Luck, or a Ryan, or a young QB that they can cultivate into one of the NFL's best.. but that hasn't happened!!! It hasn't happened in 40 years! So please... STOP continuing to roll the dice every fvcking 3-4 years via the draft. If you can't find one through the draft, then trade for one. If you can't trade for one, then wait until someone is a UFA and pay them a fortune. I don't care anymore!


..if I were the Jets, I would use this time to see if Vick can be that guy. I'm not even kidding. If he sucks or gets hurt, then whatever. You're back to square one. But if Vick plays ridiculous the rest of the way, and shows he can stay healthy.. THEN SIGN HIM FOR NEXT SEASON! He's 34 years old. You might get lucky and be able to have him for another 2-3 years.