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“There's alot of scrutiny at this position, because the Jets had Revis & Cromartie for so long. They were consistently competitive, year-in and year-out. With those guys at corner, there was a standard that had been set very high. That's what the fans are accustomed to.. so it's only natural to be concerned. My message to them is this: don't be concerned! Fans like high profile names. I understand that. I don't have a high profile name, but my film is legit. When the season comes, I'll show everyone why I've been in the league for so long. Vontae [Davis] and all those guys, they were first-round draft picks. That's all cool, but as far as ability and responsibility, are they asked to do more than I've been asked to do over the last nine years? No. Have they been more productive on the perimeter? No. Go watch my tape. My tape shows that it's just a matter of me coming out and showing fans: 'Hey, let me show you.' Jets fans aren't familiar with me -they don't have game tape.. so they have to trust that John [Idzik] and Rex [Ryan] did their due diligence, researching me. If my resumé said: 'cover-2, zone corner' I wouldn't be here. Come game-time, my play will speak for itself. I'll show the fans.. don't worry.” --Dimitri Patterson

..confident lad. I may have to pull MD2020 in for some added intel on what to expect from DP, being that he played 2 seasons with the fish.

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24 July 2014 - 12:39 PM

I always thought the notion of league rankings was overrated. (and I'm not just saying that because the Jets weren't Top 10 last season either) It's a statistic that's relative NOT to how poorly your team may be playing.. but to how the rest of the league has improved. In 2010, the Jets ranked 3rd in the AFC.. and 3rd throughout the entire NFL. Last season the Jets defense ranked 11th throughout the entire NFL.. and 4th in the AFC.


We play 4 NFC teams this season.. why the hell should I even care where their teams rank?!   :noclue:  The important thing is where my team finishes\ranks in the Conference they play in. That's ultimately what's going to matter in getting the Jets into the playoffs. The Jets defense has ranked Top 5 in the AFC, every single season Rex has been here. THAT's what matters to me.

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24 July 2014 - 08:22 AM


This is a Jason Taylor 2010 signing.. which also worked out for a year.


You bring up a very interesting point by mentioning JT. The glitz that went into the success of that 2010 team that won 13 games, was without question the CB combo of Revis & Cromartie. But alot of the success that came from that defense, came from the depth on the front seven. Kris Jenkins, Shaun Ellis, Trevor Pryce, Jason Taylor, Bart Scott, Mike DeVito, B. Thomas, Sione Pouha, etc.. it was a thing of beauty to behold.

Now.. 4 years later, we have completely rebranded that seven-man line.. and I honestly feel as though we're even deeper than we were in 2010.


Our secondary might not be the most accomplished group in he NFL. But with what we've got upfront.. they may not need to be. If everyone on defense stays relatively healthy, we might be looking at a very special season.


babins a bit of a journey man, on the downside of his career. i doubt he does much


Two things I liked about his play last year. #1) He was healthy, played all 16 games. #2) He finished the season strong, registering 6 sacks through the last 7 games.

Yes, JB's past his prime.. but you're still talking about a guy with 50 sacks since 2010. He brings poise, and veteran leadership. Plus he's being added to an already deep front seven. Playing with guys like: Pace, Harris, Richardson, Mo, Snacks, Coples, Douzable, Barnes, Ellis, McIntyre, Davis.. we're stacked! Opposing teams won't be doubling him, because they simply can't afford to. There's too many other players to keep your eyes on.


Babin won't be asked to do too much here in New York that's for sure.

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23 July 2014 - 08:42 PM

good signing. Low risk high reward. Does he have some mileage on him? Sure...but at least he gives us a credible situational pass rusher who can bring down a QB. This is a Jason Taylor 2010 signing...which also worked for a year.
Jets still have $ to spend. Wouldn't shock me if they added another corner once cuts begin. Or we could see the return of Ed Reed as on on-field coach/mentor to Pryor.

There's still alot of veteran names out there. Jonathan Vilma, Asante Samuel, James Harrison.. and the Jets certainly have the money to add a few for depth of they wanted to.

I too think that Ed Reed with be back with the Jets this season.

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23 July 2014 - 02:06 PM

Jets sign 2x Probowler; Jason Babin. LOVE IT! :rock:



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