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#1153539 2012 Jets Thread

Posted by Beezer34 on 05 October 2012 - 02:40 PM

Beez, with all due respect, you make too much of defensive rankings, and still have a way of not telling the complete story. Defensive rankings are based on yards allowed per game only. Take a look at points allowed. The Jets gave up 363 points last season, after giving up 304 the season before, and 236 the season before that. For all the heat NE took for their defense last season (because they gave up an absurd amount of yardage) they gave up 342 points...yes, they gave up embarassingly massive chunks of yards, but they found ways to minimize the damage. Now obviously, not all points are scored against defenses, but 363 is a lot to give up. And the total number of POINTS allowed is clearly headed the wrong way for the Jets...they're on pace to give up over 400 (I don't that will happen...I'd say 350 or so by season's end).
Who cares if the yards-allowed total for Jets was good for 5th overall...did the Jet D really feel at all dominant to you last season? Especially compared to the prior two seasons?

..there's not too much emphasis on YPG, there's not enough!!

The fantasy stat driven store mice harp about points.. but it's points that's the overrated statistic. NOTHING showcased this greater than the Bears\Eagles MNF game last season. Start of the 1st quarter, Vick has the ball on his own 8. Drives the entire field to Chicago's 4.. only to throw a pick. --Chicago goes 3 and out, punts the ball, Philly gets it on their own 5. AGAIN drives the ball the whole fvcking way to the 10 yrd line, fumble! Chicago recovers, goes 3 and out, punts the ball, Philly gets it at the 11. AGAIN drives the ball to first and goal, only to go 3 and out and settle for a FG. Al Michaels at this point even says during the broadcast; "and that's why we measure defensive statistics in yards."
Think about it! A team drives nearly 300 yrds at will by only the 2nd quarter, yet only has 3 points to show for it. And I'm supposed to be going ga-ga about my teams defense if I'm a Bears fan? :blush:

How about Week 1 for the Jets this year? How many actually points came from the Jets offense? 1 TD was a pick 6.. (7 points) 1 TD was a punt returned.. (14 points) and 3 FG's from Folk. (23 points) That's over 3 TD's worth of points that came against the Bills team, either without their defense allowing a touchdown.. or even on the field!!
What about Sanchez throwing 2 beachball interceptions to the Eagles last season on the 6 yrd line, and the 3 yrd line? That defense surrenders only 9 yrds, yet allows 14 points on 2 TD's.. is that fair? :noclue: My point is, in a sport where you can score points without the defense ever even being on the field (safety, punt block, fumble, pick6, return, FG's, etc.) yards allowed is the only fair way to determine a teams defense without several other variables getting in the way.

EDIT: And no, the Jets defense didn't feel dominate last season. But no one's did for that matter. It was difficult to accurately gauge any teams defense including the Jets, because of the level of drop-off. Whether it was due to the lockout or not, most fans will tell you that the majority of teams 'D fell to mediocrity last season.
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#1152268 2012 Jets Thread

Posted by Beezer34 on 25 September 2012 - 10:09 AM

We beat New England in the playoffs, in their building not even 2 years ago. A better New England team than the lucky 9-7 Giants beat at a neutral site last year

But Manta's perception rings true of the popular consensus regarding the 2 franchises. He actually proved my point without intending to.
The double standard begins and ends with 1 Championship for a fanbase.. after that you get a pass regardless of what happens. Eli Manning throws 3 picks in the Tampa game with a QBR of 59.3.. yet he gets praised when it's over for; "making the plays in the end to put the Giants in the position to win". Sanchez did just that against Miami, and threw for over 300 yrds.. yet the media\fans have been killing him since Sunday.

The Jets 2 trips to the AFC Championship are considered failures because they didn't win it all. The Patriots have lost 4 of their last 6 playoff games.. but they sing it and they bring it. The Jets FA signings in Favre, Tebow, LT, Plaxico, etc.. are "knee-jerk" type moves. Yet the Pats signings of Adalius Thomas, Ocho-cinco, Joey Galloway, Shaun Ellis, Tank Williams, Kellen Winslow, Shawn Springs, Albert Haynesworth, Reche Caldwell, etc. are savvy.. because.. well, it's Belichick!!

..oh well, I guess after the Jets win a Superbowl, whenever that may be, the whole organization will get glorified whenever something goes right.. and get a mulligan whenever something goes wrong.
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#1102077 Hedberg or Brodeur

Posted by Beezer34 on 25 March 2012 - 11:33 PM

yeah because marty lost them that game. zubie fvck off

Stop bro. Stop making it seem like it's 1 isolated game, as opposed to a mediocre season sandwiched around an 8 game surge after the All-Star break. Brodeur loses Tuesday he'll have as many losses on the year as wins. (26)

..this thread is completely fair by Guadana, and a very good argument to debate heading into the post-season. I don't find anything wrong with Devil fans having more confidence in Hedberg, based on the body of work he's displayed here over the past 2 seasons. (despite not being HOF bound)

EDIT: Didn't mean any disrespect Beetle.. I'm just tired of hearing Marty getting glorified throughout this season, putting up pedestrian type numbers. Playing .500 hockey for the year, with a GAA that's 2½ doesn't justify post-season play at the age of 40. (even if you're a legend)
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#1101700 Hedberg or Brodeur

Posted by Beezer34 on 24 March 2012 - 12:10 PM

They tied the game in regulation. The OT was tie. The Shoot Out started with Kovy scoring first. You know the results Toronto 3 shots 3 goals vs Devils 3 shots 2 goals. Is it Elias to be blamed for the missing a point for missing a goal?

..maybe our offense is to be blamed for not scoring 4 or 5 during the game. Or perhaps the defense should've help allow less than 18 shots. :rolleyes: Comical how everyone and everything gets the finger point, aside from Marty. *Newsflash; You're not any less a fan to acknowledge when your goalie had a bad game.. especially when he acquiesces the fact. "That was a tough game for me. It’s my job to try to get a big save somehow and try to win. We should've won that game."
Fact is Marty's won 4 out of his last 13. He absolutely needs to pick up his play, if we're to sustain any type of long run into the playoffs.

I understand the love our fanbase as for Brodeur. All-time great.. the franchise.. I get it. But he's got 26 wins in 53 played. Back on topic of this thread.. if Brodeur struggles at all come April, Hedberg will see playoff time.

..you could tell his was pissed at himself.

..and I admire that about him. It goes to show you that despite being 40, and having won everything possible there is to win, he still cares.
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#1096909 Do you think there is any truth that

Posted by Beezer34 on 05 March 2012 - 06:09 PM

I hate to throw gas on what I would have originally guessed is a made-up fire, but the numbers seem to back it up.

You have to look at the goal scoring stats in losses.. as that's where the grievance of this thread lies. Who cares if we win a 2-1 game, so long as we win. ;)
I think people seem to have a short-term memory when it comes to Brodeur's stats this season, based on the last 2 games where we got shutout and Marty only allowed 1 goal.
Marty's got 22 wins, and 20 losses this season. His GAA in losses is 3.34

..I know the MB30 ra-ra unit has been screaming foul since the Ranger\Islander games, that we left Marty out to dry (and they're 100% right to complain about those games) but I feel there's a bit too much focus on 2 games out of 20. Based on Brodeur's GAA in losses, the offense doesn't just have to score 2 or 3 to win.. they need to score 4 or 5.

I was at the game in January against the Bruins, and heard fans complain first hand; that the "offense lost the game for us.. we only scored 1 goal.. gotta score more." :blahblah:
..the game was 6-1. Even if we scored 5, it wouldn't have been enough.
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#1086384 Stuff Devils Fans Don't Say

Posted by Beezer34 on 30 January 2012 - 12:14 AM

"..did you pre-order the new third jersey yet?"
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#1076116 Just imagine a sold out rock full of devils fans

Posted by Beezer34 on 24 December 2011 - 10:58 AM

It has nothing to do with; "strength of franchise" or having a passionate fanbase. The Rangers were here first! PERIOD!
..the sooner people realize that, the better.


Today the Jets play the Giants @ MetLife (Giants) stadium. Although the Jets are the home-team, I fully expect a 60/40 (possibly 50/50) split, between the fans in attendance.

Does this have anything to do with strength of franchise? --NO. The Jets are valued as one of the highest revenue organizations in sports.
Does this have anything to do with the Jets being a competitive team? --NO. The Jets have only 3 losing seasons, since 1997.
Does this have anything to do with the Jets being a newer team? --NO. The franchise was started in 1959.

..this is because of 1 reason, and 1 reason only. The Giants were here first! End of sentence.


I'm actually astonished that we're averaging nearly 15,000 thus-far this season. The arena holds 17,000. What the fvck do people want?! :noclue:
The NEW YORK RANGERS are ranked 15th in the league in attendance!!! And that's fvcking NEW YORK! Why should I expect anything more from a 29 year old hockey franchise, in the tri-state area?! All things considered, I am extremely proud of the Devils following!

EDIT: I also think you're missing the point of what an economic recession really is.
People can't go to games, because people can't afford it. The majority of the country is on budget. The family man no longer has any type of disposable income.

..sick and tired of these fvcking threads. :blahblah:
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#977489 Jamie Langenbrunner Appreciation Thread

Posted by Beezer34 on 07 January 2011 - 12:22 PM

I remember that 2001-2002 season very well. I was thrilled when we got Jamie. For nearly 10 years, he has been a great player for the Devils.. and an all around nice guy.
....thanks for the memories Langs. You'll be missed. :clap2:
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#975656 Marty is now the "co-#1" goaltender - sharing duties

Posted by Beezer34 on 04 January 2011 - 12:32 PM

....not sure how this topic deformed into a; Brodeur's Legacy debate. :noclue:
Marty's been garbage this season, simple as that. He doesn't deserve to be the clear starter for the Devils. He's looked sloppy, he's looked old, he's looked slow.. no two ways about it. I commend the decision to have Co. #1 goaltenders the rest of the season. Rotate them both game-to-game, and whoever plays better.. plays more. -Period.

Now having said that, how does this season take away from 3 Stanley Cups.. 2 Olympic Gold Medals.. 4 Vezina's.. 5 Jennings.. 1 Calder Memorial.. 10 All`Stars.. 600+ wins.. 100+ shutouts.. a World Cup & Challenge Bowl? :huh:
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#975058 NFL Week 17...

Posted by Beezer34 on 02 January 2011 - 09:30 PM

say what u want but it is prettyremarkable that at 10-6, the giants missed the playoffs

....it's only remarkable because it's the NFC.. where @ 7-9, you can dream about hoisting up Lombardi.
2 years ago when the 11-5 Patriots missed the postseason, nobody said sh!t.
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#973640 2012 Jets Thread

Posted by Beezer34 on 29 December 2010 - 06:41 PM

I think the only AFC team they have a shot of beating is KC. I am still predicting a swift 1 and done for this team. Sanchez is dragging them down and the D has been very suspect at times. No way this team starts out on the road and wins the Super Bowl. If they do, I will be the first to come here and congratulate them on a miraculous run.

As the season has progressed, so has the laundry list of *proof stages* from Jet haters far & wide.. in an effort to look for sufficient evidence, to discredit them to the average fan.
"Beat a REAL team, and then I'll give credit" ~ "Make the playoffs, and then I'll give credit" ~ "Get to the AFC Title game again, and then I'll give credit" -etc..

..the reality is, people like you will never give credit to the "things" in your paradigm you have abolished long ago. Your theory is; "I have a foundation in hating this _______, and I must defend it"
You've patterned your concepts on dogmatism, and will not deviate from your framework one bit. Instead.. you'd rather stand there defiantly (even in the face of defeat) and make excuses, to defend your flawed logic.

If the Jets win the Superbowl, I'm sure they'll be 10 reasons of luck & fortune, to 'why it happened'.. as opposed to kudos on skill & ability.
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#972960 2012 Jets Thread

Posted by Beezer34 on 28 December 2010 - 09:14 AM

..do you still wanna take anyone up in this thread on that "sig-bet" of yours? Just askin. :whistling:
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#972885 2012 Jets Thread

Posted by Beezer34 on 27 December 2010 - 11:15 PM

joey c called out and no where 2 b found

I'm sorry. I spent the day sledding with my kids, and then went out to dinner to have a quiet meal with my wife. I'll try to prioritize my retorts in a more appropriate fashion in the future. B )

Guess you'll have to log out to read this as well...

What I wrote was hardly a rant (and everyone except you seemed to understand it perfectly Mr. Italics). Yes, Sanchez has improved from last season to this statistically, but unlike you, I pointed out that his play AS OF LATE has not been good, which for me would put a damper on the whole "statistically better than last season" observation you made, Mr. Black-and-White-I-can't-see-shades-of-gray. Most of what's made this Sanchez season better than last was accomplished early on.

I'll make it easy for you:
First 5 games: 8 TDs, 0 INT
Next 5 games: 7 TDs, 7 INT
Next 5 games: 2 TDs, 6 INT

And did you really think Sanchez wasn't going to improve on last season's 12 TDs, 20 INT, 2444 yrds and 63.0 rating?
You made a list of things that dispute the "nothing to be proud of" stance...all I did was point out that some of the things you seem to want to make sound good aren't quite as good as you're making them out to be. I get it, you're a homer and a blowhard, you always have been. NJDevs4978 and Devils Dose made more sense in their responses to me than you did...no surprise there.

"..a 'last word whore' is a person that responds to someone on impulse, without the benefit of logic. Their replies typically provide nothing other than reiteration, and immaturity. -Example: I know you are, but what am I." -Jon Stewart.

...The last time I tried to get into a meaningful conversation with you, it turned into this..

*Beezer - Out.

*CR76 - Also Out.

...In a little over a year, has anything really changed? Let's see..

In your 1st post you stated your opinion regarding: *how you'd feel if your team did just enough to get into the playoffs, after starting the season so strongly.. You reiterated the same point, in your 2nd post. You commented that my "points of pride" weren't "quite as good" as I was making them out to be in your 1st post.. and essentially said the same thing in your 2nd post. In your 1st post, you responded with "the last 5 games" schtick for Mark Sanchez regarding his season.. and then further broke it down some more in your 2nd post.
I was called a blowhard in your 1st post... I was called a blowhard in your 2nd post.. etc. --You beginning to get the picture here? :mellow:

..so let me ask you, what exactly was the point in posting your 2nd response? :noclue: What was it you were trying to prove?
You laid it all out quite clearly the 1st go around, and I responded. I brought up why I was pointing out the positive's of the Jets season.. commented on the Sanchez last 5 games routine.. and I even sprinkled in some reasoning as to the "low standards" crack.
So please, tell me.. what on earth did the 2nd post provide? :huh:

Now hold on. I'm sure your answer is going to be; "because you didn't understand me the first time" ..but here's the thing.. I DID! I got it.. loud & clear. There's nothing that you said, that I didn't either already know, or couldn't look up on ESPN. My post was me explaining my point of view, and you interjected.. explaining yourself like a semi retard by saying; "well, Beezer just went way overboard.. and I had to step in." --who the fvck are you?! What are you, the judicioual police.. patrolling njdevs for what you feel are homer\objective posts?! I'm supposed to take you seriously or something? You have; enjoys-hating-the-Jets, in your profile.. and your unbiased opinion is supposed to mean a damn, to the people in this thread? :rofl: You should've simply opened your drivel with; "My opinion is better than yours, and here's why." That at least would've been honest.

The REAL answer to the question of "what did the 2nd post provide" is.. nothing!
..the 2nd post provided nothing. Nothing more than recycled bullsh!t, in a feeble attempt to try and get the parting shot. I'm sure you must've taken great pride in writing your post, ---which you then went on to edit 3x, over the course of what was a half hour later, most likely rereading it over and over again.. adding empty statistics no one other than yourself could give a sh!t about. But here's a tip going forward.. THINK! Like the old adage goes; "look before you leap". I know the knee jerk reaction for people like you is; `QUICK, RESPOND! I MUST HAVE THE LAST WORD! -But stop and think a little. `What exactly is it that I'm writing?? Is it something worthy of posting.. or is it just rewording of what I said prior? If it's the latter.. what's the point? :noclue:
You're allegedly 40 years old, and this is the 2nd time you have attempted to get into a tit-for-tat game with me. (God only knows who else on this board) And make no mistake about it.. your 2nd post is the definition of tit-for-tat. Beyond the garnishes of; *Mr. Black-and-White.. *Mr. Italics.. and finally, *Mr. I-can't-see-shades-of-gray.. what was the true difference between your 1st & 2nd post, Mr. Reiterate? Was is something(s) of prominence and knowledge.. or just more emphasis on everything you said in the first post?
Furthermore.. my post of: things to be proud of, was retaliatory. I was defending my team with multiple points of facts. I didn't just say; "Hey everybody.. look how great the Jets are!!" It was a post in DEFENSE.. something both NJDevs4978 & Devils Dose (2 people you sited as agreeing with you when they never did) in fact pointed out to YOU!

If you took any litigation courses in college, you'd know.. the proceedings are equal. Ergo; the defense rests! Yet, that doesn't apply to you here on njdevs does it? Your train of thought seems to be bully mentality. ie: *You started it, I finish it* -or- *I started it.. I still finish it*
So please, say whatever it is you have to say, because I know you won't be able to leave it as is.. despite the fact that YOU attacked me... and then go away! I swear I won't respond again.. just go away. You can go on continuing to "enjoy hating the Yankees & Jets" ..and we'll all go on ignoring your posts, right here in this thread. Is that a deal?

..now be a good trained seal, and prove me right. :thumbsup:
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#930839 2012 Jets Thread

Posted by Beezer34 on 14 September 2010 - 11:33 AM

24 hours after the tailgating.. after the rain.. after greenday.. and after all the heartbreak last nights game fed the Gang Green faithful.. I send one message to my fellow Jet fans: *We will be fine!

After a week hearing about *all-the-weapons* the Ravens have.. "Heap, Boldin, Rice, Flacco, Houshmandzadeh, McGahee, " :blahblah: ..this star-studded cast of ProBowlers.. managed to score.... one..... single.....touchdown! Thus.. their 1 touchdown was, ultimately, enough to beat the Jets offense. (which really isn't saying much)
..and as much as that sums up what an utter disgrace the Jets offense is.. it's also a testament to our defense. A defense without 3 of our starters I might add. (Pace, Jenkins, & Pool)
Not-withstanding.. when you give your opponent over 100 yards in field position, off 14 penalties.. you make it extremely difficult to mount any kind of momentum.

I maintain however, in the end, this is the first game of the season. Pump your brakes.. take a deep breath, and relax. Take a step back, and look at the overall picture. We lost to a Superbowl caliber team by 1 point people! Excuse me, if I don't echo the doom-&-gloom outlook that some others may share.
Someone once said; "It's not how you start, it's how you finish." Let me translate beyond that --> WEEK 1 MEANS NOTHING!! Yes.... the Jets are 0-1. As are the Vikings... the Cowboys... the Colts... Atlanta.. Philly.. SD.. Cincinnati.. etc. Call me crazy, but I believe, these teams will be just fine come November. :thumbsup:

EDIT: I'm not sour grapes. Congratulations to Baltimore. Their defense is awesome.. Flacco is unquestionably the real-deal.. and yes, they may very well be the best team in the Conference...
...but let's not fool ourselves here folks.... 10-9?? This game could've went either way.

I am leaning towards Sanchez just not being very good.

He's 23 years old bro.. give him a break\some time. Yesterday was his 19th career game, against quite possibly the best defense in the league. You remember what Giant fans were saying about their beloved quarterback after he was taken to the woodshed? It took Eli 4 years to develop. Can we give Sanchez at least half that?
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#928037 2012 Jets Thread

Posted by Beezer34 on 05 September 2010 - 10:10 PM

Great read Beezer. I agree on a lot of points you made. I also think the rb situation will be better this season. Sanchez worries me. He's either been over throwing or under throwing the recievers and is still trying to force the ball into double coverage. The INTs need to come down this season for this team to succeed.

Sadly these are the growing pains of drafting a 22 year old kid, and him thinking he's invincible.. and able to make any throw. He'll learn..
..and besides, there's always Brunell. ;)

nicely written beez.
the record is about right. 10-6 sounds a tad better though.
just make sure you update the offense section. not sure if you know this or not but tony richardson was released tonight

...yeah, I did hear about that.
However, I really feel this move was just another way to save a buck. *AKA; He'll be back in time for Week 2.

This appears to be the latest craze the Jets have been manipulating throughout the entire offseason. They release a veteran (after he goes through training camp\preseason) just to resign him again after the first game of the regular season, for the sole purpose of having his contract non-guaranteed.. thereby paying him $50k per week, and being able to cut him off the roster at any moment during the year.
After hearing RR's quotes regarding the team (and watching Hardknocks) there are 3 players I feel the Jets will bring in, come time for the Patriots game. Adalius Thomas.. Laveranues Coles.. and now, Tony Richardson. I'm even hearing Ty Law's name being thrown around. (as he is best friends with Darrelle Revis) Really not sure why they're looking to save all this money here and there. Maybe they're ready to cave into DR's demands.

*Edit: You want to talk about CBA circumvention? (in regards to Kovalchuk\NHL) The NFL needs to squash this gimmick ASAP. It's disrespectful.. it's dirty tactics.. and it's just plain lame.
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