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In Topic: The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

22 July 2014 - 04:58 AM

No problem and I never do the grab bag as I did it once and never again.  I guess I'd rather put my money towards something I want rather than gambling on a 1 in 75 chance of getting a really nice jersey.  I don't have an issue with people doing it but I just find it funny when I read people's disappointment on other forums that they didn't win one of the prizes or didn't get what they want.  I mean the odds are stacked pretty much against you.

Definitely. I have avoided it in the past. I just figured I'd take one shot at a Marty now that his playing days with the Devils are over. I'm never going to actually buy one of his jerseys.

In Topic: The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

21 July 2014 - 04:04 PM

I doubt they care since they posted a pic of the winner at the expo on their Facebook Saturday night.



they do not want any telling becasuse the people that mail order them would like a not to know  whatr happend yet


Thanks, DevsMan84.  I saw that Barry mentioned some people who weren't able to attend not wanting to know the results, but it wasn't like MGG itself was asking people not to talk about it.  I figured it was fair game to ask because everyone talking about it here attended the Expo.  Disappointed that I won't be opening up the grand prize but still excited to see what shows up at my door.

In Topic: The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread

20 July 2014 - 08:53 PM

Did anyone open the Brodeur at the Expo?

In Topic: A pet peeve about jersey numbers

10 June 2014 - 02:37 PM

He said "for players" which I take to exclude goalies. All the #1s in NJ history have been goalies.

Fair enough.  I missed that nuance.  I would think "players" includes goalies, while "skaters" does not.

In Topic: A pet peeve about jersey numbers

10 June 2014 - 10:06 AM

Lou might have to relax on this rule eventually. Figure 26 will join 3,4,27 within the next 5 years and with the defacto ban on 1 and 13 for players, there are only 24 numbers under 30 to pick from. If 2 or 3 fall on the LTIR they won't have a choice.

Sure he could do something dull like only allowing numbers under 35 or 40, but i think the flood gates would open at that point.

13 is obvious but there is no ban on #1:



I actually like what the Ducks do.  They give rookies funky numbers (Bobby Ryan: 54, Corey Perry: 61, Ryan Getzlaf: 51, Kyle Palmieri: 51) and make them show that that they belong and have to earn more traditional numbers (Ryan: 9, Perry: 10, Getzlaf: 15, Palmieri: 21).

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