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In Topic: Viukhola Back to Finland?

27 November 2007 - 01:45 AM

Finally some facts about Viuhkola´s situation in this new article.


He is not going back to Europe. He was injured already in the training camp, but tried to play in order to reach his dream of playing NHL – and got his back even worse. Finally after 10 games at Lowell he was not able to play anymore.

He tells to live one of his toughest times as he expected so much about this season –and so far was not able to give 100% since his injury. However, there are progress in his health condition thanks to the treatments and full rest. He is looking forward to get back on ice within two weeks, and that feels better day by day – “but you never know whether it takes one or even couple of weeks”. Good think is that he never had back injury before.

“ I came here to stay” !!!
“I really hope to get a new chance later in spring as my dream of NHL is still living strong”

Good news to me. He is the great player and he is not giving up. Tsemppiä Jari!

In Topic: Viukhola Back to Finland?

24 November 2007 - 06:52 AM

You are right, article is not saying he returns to Finland. It´s only about his difficulties even at Lowell.
Here in Finland there are rumours that he injured weeks ago: some problems with his back, and that he goes to operation. That would explain a lot. But somebody has to know what´s his real situation!
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