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In Topic: Rock Band - Video Game

03 December 2007 - 05:05 PM

what do you suggest we play mr.oatmeal

A song that you wrote. As in, not someone elses song.

And hey, I play hockey, and I love playing NHL 08..The difference to me is that I know I could never be in the NHL.....But if you spend a year really practicing and learning an instrument, youll be good enough to get in a band and play out....which is much more rewarding than playing someone elses sh!t in your living room, you know?

And I have friends that love this game, my one friend Ive seen spend at least an hour or two a day on thie freaking game, and I tell him all the time "if you spent this amount of time learning the acutal guitar, you could play half the songs you learned on 'guitar hero' on a real guitar."
He doesnt care, but I digress.....
For someone in their mid 20s and up I understand how it would not be attractive to learn an instrument, because you work full time, etc....and its easier to learn the game, obviously
But if youre a younger person or a little kid....for example...if I had a 10 year old who was addicted to this game, I would cut him off, and make him learn a real guitar...he would thank me later. or at least make him split video guitar and real guitar time....

This way, you can play all those classic rock songs and whatnot, but the beautiful part is when you make something up yourself and somebody else wants to play what YOU wrote.....

In Topic: Rock Band - Video Game

03 December 2007 - 04:54 PM

You could totally play at a bar - oooh that stage presense :)
So do you think we shouldnt play Rock Band or Guitar Hero for fun?

Just curious since you play out and are certified and learned the instrument etc... if your opinion is the same as the other poster or different.

And believe me..Im all for kids learning music and to play, because really my favorite thing to do is listen to music...pretty much my whole life, but I dont get why a game like such is so bad. :)

You know what youre right....Im barking up the wrong tree, because if I actually inspired one of you to form a band you would just cover oasis and coldplay songs anyway. :lol:

In Topic: Rock Band - Video Game

03 December 2007 - 04:45 PM

I dont really see the difference between me playing music in front of a tv or hearing some local band play those same songs at a bar.

This is an increasing problem in America.

They play real instruments and sing the same songs that I twice ever played in front of the tv with friends

I suggest you go see some bands that play original songs......
Do your live music experiences consist mostly of wedding bands or something?

In Topic: Brodeur autograph signing

03 December 2007 - 04:42 PM

Martys better.....

Explain how you are a Duke fan, Cowboys fan and Devils fan...
Did you just pick the best team at the time and run with it?
:noclue: :giggle:

In Topic: Rock Band - Video Game

03 December 2007 - 04:40 PM

Already very evident from the 3 posts Ive read of your 7 that youre gonna be a fun poster

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Also, if you can already play an instrument, get better and start a band as opposed to sitting and playing someone elses song.
This sh!t is ruining music, along with mp3s and the notion that stealing music for free off of the internet is the 'norm'

Buying real albums and playing real instruments in front of real people at a real bar/club>>>Stealing compressed crappy sounding mp3s and playing a 'guitar' with plastic buttons for a virtual audience.